Occasionally I discover awesome acts on social media, their songs pop up on my timeline. Other times, I find email attachments in my mail and post them to social media if the songs are legit.

The first time i Saw Dee Moneey’s content, it popped up on my timeline on Instagram. I reposted it with the caption ,“ he is a mix of Akon and Loso

Born Desmond Kwame Amoah, Dee Moneey is a gifted songwriter, rapper and performer who started making music at a really young age. For a generation raised with hip-life, hip-hop, and pop music, Dee Moneey has created a style that blends hip-hop, techno, dance, house cadence, and Hip-life inflection to make such a unique sound. He is going to be a force to reckon with if he keeps spitting these fire barz. E.L also comes correct on his verse. This is some heavy tune


It is my opinion that the yoruba culture is the god of party music . You may say this is stereotypical, but the yoruba people are known world-wide for partying a lot — a term popularly referred to as Owambe. Party music is fast tempo, energetic and full of life . On the contrary, I believe Igbo music is better suited for love songs, worship songs or break up songs; Slow songs that are meant to get you all teary-eyed or put you in a reflective mood.

Slim Brown’s song in a way is just an exaltation of the Igbo culture. I am in love with the Igbo culture (Attire and music) depicted in this video. It is rich and buoyant full of color and pride. The video depicts Igbo traditions such as parenting, marriage rites, and mostly lifestyle. Nkem is an Igbo word that means My Own, and is dedicated to people who have been together forever since childhood. Many people find their life partner so early in life, both parties grow up together for years and end up starting a family. This is everyone’s dream but only a few of us are that lucky. Life happens …

Love is a beautiful thing, and it is even more beautiful when you find your better half early in life. Although it also poses its own challenges like immaturity, the advantages may outweigh any disadvantage if both parties are mature.

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Dreybeatz drops the ultimate love song titled Dolapo. I remember the days when love songs used to serve as the inspiration for many pick up lines. Toasters would ransack love songs looking for impressive love quotables to use on our girlfriends. Fast forward Today, music content is not really as intellectual.

Dolapo is reminiscent of the good days when music made a lot of sense. The video explores virtual reality as it applies to relationships, making it conceptual and futuristic. I am a fan of artistes who think ahead and do things a bit differently but still find a way to tie it to their reality. I do not really encourage acts to deviate a lot from their reality. This is an amazing song, check it out.

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I was telling a friend that there is a musical revolution going on right about now in Nigeria. Quoting the words of DJ Whoo Kid “ This is the first time Europe and America are slow to music ”. I am suprised they have not noticed this Coup d’état that is going on in music. Afrobeat is a beast !!!. From the footage of Kanye west bumping his head crazily while listening to Mystro and Wizkid , to Drake posting pictures of him and tecko in the studio, and Timberland flirting with Teniola’s elder sister Niniola , Bro the signs are all over the place for all to see.

But that is not the only on going revolution ,the internet is on fire, these independent artiste are giving full fledge brands a run for their money. I can confidently play 1000 songs from emerging artist and not even flinch one bit . The only issue is are they actually making money from the Internet . This is a topic for another day..

Fireboy who has recently been snatched up by YBNL is making his second appearance on the blog and oh my god i am loving his sound. The first was Sing  featuring oxlade ; a song that caught the attention of Davido. His new video jealous is so dope . Watch below

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It almost seems like Port Harcourt Nigeria has its own music Industry.  The songs that blow up in PH remain in PH. Only a few PH songs make it outside of the region, but the ones that do become a national problem. Do you Remember when Mtrill surprised the world by bagging the award for Best African west in the Channel O awards ahead of Dbanj and co. , or when Waconzy’s single Celebrate occupied Nigeria and all of its radio stations. Even Duncan Mighty was a household name in PH for several years before his music slowly broke into Lagos. The Music Industry in Port Harcourt is very healthy and spiritual like it comes from the river goddess .. Hehe scratch that!

Home to acts like Duncan Mighty, Burna Boy, Timi Dakolo, Mtrill, Frank Denero, Agbani Darego, Tonto Dikeh, Adasa Cookey, and emerging talent Efezino, Port Harcourt has never been short of talents . It has a special place in my heart. It is home to a lot of my friends and family and I spent a very significant portion of my life growing up in Port Harcourt especially the time I spent at the University of Port Harcourt.

Bukwild is on the same path, his songs are heavy tunes in River state and like Duncan Mighty, he is slowly breaking into other parts of the country.  Gum Body is a Song off his EP (My Music & Sound).

The Video was Shot in Port Harcourt by Renowned Filmmaker Cleroydaboss from Lagos Nigeria, The Video is Simple and Lovely. “Gum Body” is Produced by LXE, Watch and Enjoy

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Beautiful music is not difficult to identify. It is food for the ears and liquor for the soul, it takes your day to a new high. I am describing Kezar’s debut single Let’s talk about you. Many big things are expected of Kezar after dropping this single. I have no doubts that he has the talent to match the expectations.

Let’s talk about you is directed by Sarah Wilson Thacker. The song and video are amazing

Toby Grey continues to showcase her amazing talent year after year. She is an artist I have been following forever but I have been waiting for the right time to tell you all about her.

Her name is Adeyemi Tobiloba Maryam, a Nigerian pop singer that ventured into singing at the age of 13. She is a graduate of French from the University of Lagos and often delivers her songs in both English and French language. Toby became very famous when she made Gboju – a cover of Kiss daniels supper successful song Woju.

Tobey Grey has since left Nigeria and relocated to the U.K to continue her quest for quality Education but the good news is she has not slowed down with her music career. Her brand is growing tremendously. Her new video Belle no be show glass is a powerful song that implies that what you see on social media does not in any way describe the quality of life or situation people may be living. Social media is a cover, people hide their biggest fears, pain, failures, and insecurities behind high definition pictures and HD videos. While others who are quiet may be living their best lives. People you see partying last week may end up being suicidal the following week. Belle no be show glass means the stomach is not transparent, you can not see who is hungry and who is well fed just by looking at the belly. It is a powerful song produced by my favorite producer Tyemmy. it also features two of Nigeria’s biggest emerging stars; Chinko Ekun and Terry Apala.

They don’t see the pain behind the fame, the flimsy facade behind the game _ Toby grey

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When PEABOD reached out to us and asked us to review his album, I was excited ! . I believe it is because I have not listened to many white rappers recently. Caucasian rappers are creatively different. The subject matter and issues they touch on with their music is way different from the black folks. Also, the opinions they express in their music are relevant and interesting, sometimes it is way in contrast to a black person views. Therefore, i always love to listen to a good caucasian rapper. PEABOD is dope, he reminds me of the first time i heard Eminem . I do not imply that he sounds like Eminem but the similarities lie in the storylines, the conscious lyrics, and the perspective.

He is a breath of fresh air in a genre filled with too many replicas. Peabod puts a new spin on the genre, his stories are positive and the wordplay connects with audiences of all ages. I am still listening to tracks off his album but so far I am in awe of his music .Y’all should check out this amazing video featuring Chad Mattson of Unspoken.

Last week i was on the phone with one of Indiana’s most promising artists and Twerk Queen Kitti Red. Although she now lives out in Atlanta, She was in the city for some business. She is one of the acts expected to put the 317 on the map in 2019 and her album has been reviewed by many as one of the best albums to drop in recent times.

She is intelligent, business-oriented and super sexy. Asides from those attributes Kitti Red spits fire bars. Her last Video Trapping in my Vans depicts a very sophisticated and well to do female just living her life to the fullest. I would not be surprised if she is endorsed by Vans.

Chocolate city is the Manchester city of Rap in Nigeria. The title is in their hands and it’s been theirs for keeps. I am Just stating facts, If they continue in this form there is room for competition. I cannot sing more praises for MI Abaga, Aq and Loose Kaynon.  I think Choc city has refocused their attention on the rap industry because for a moment I felt they were distracted with trying to make pop records. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making a pop record but the thing is, you can only be best at being you. Right now Choc city is being Choc city, Rap music is what they are known for.

But wait… Who the Fuck is Torna? I ask this question in a good way. He totally owns the hook of the track with this melodious Igbo vibe and gives Loose and Aq the momentum to jump on the verse. He is like the Fernandinho of this track (The unsung hero ), connecting the flow of the game with his chorus like Fernandinho connects Manchester city’s attack and defense.

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