Khiry Managan comes  through with a very dope summer song. It reminds me of Dead Prez’s summer classic titled   Happiness ”– One of the greatest Hiphop songs of all time. Happiness was a soundtrack on the trending Netflix movie “ When they see us ”. The dreadlocks and the soccer in the video reminds me of the Great Jamaican reggae singer Bob Marley. Bob Marley was known for always playing soccer in his music videos.

Khiry is on the verge of a major break and i hope all things come together for good for him. The video was shot in Indianapolis USA by Tai Payne whose portfolio is growing tremendously.


C DUB releases visuals to “smoke” from his debut album. The rapper from Indianapolis is reaching the peak of his career and with videos like this, he is sure going to remain at the peak for a long time. Smoke hits really hard.Honestly, I wouldn’t want no smoke with a rapper that is this hot.

“Same niccars talking shit about me, is the same Niccars i inspire mehn/
Niccars taking shots but i am bulletproof, check your fire arm it’s probably jammed/ ”

_ C Dub

There is nothing more beautiful than Love song done with rap barz. The New york boombapsound rocked the early 90’s and became the dominant sound in that period. Izzy Hott reminds us that the Boombap sound is still lit as f**k

White Burgundy features another New yorker by the name Musalini. Both rappers spit a verse each. White Burgundy is on constant repeat in my car right about now.

Check it out

Million dolla dreams cos being broke is a nightmare _izzy hott

Tone Trapper and Liah B follow in the footsteps of Jay Z and Beyonce (Bonnie and Clyde), Jay rule and Ashanti (Always on time), and Nelly and Kelly(Dilemma) with their new single titled Motivation. The concept is almost similar and that is because great people think alike.

Relationships these days are devoid of loyalty and motivation. What we are used to seeing are partners waring all the time. The rate of divorce and breakups have skyrocketed and it doesn’t seem it will come back down anytime soon. Hence, a song like this is needed to preach some that. Everyone feels more confident when they have a partner that believes in their hustle or goals and charge them to do better. Partners are supposed to be an extra source of energy and inspiration and not a source of worries and pain.

Listen to the message below

Her name is Liah B. She is beautiful, has amazing vocals, and is extremely talented. The Naptown singer stunned the city with her vocals and I am surprised she isn’t bigger than this at the moment. Social media is a place to discover awesome talents and with a little push some of these talents will go on to compete with the best of the best in the Industry. My projections are that Liah B will grow rapidly within a year or two and move on to bigger platforms.

Liah B’s song Stuck on you is sexy, emotional and intelligent and I urge you to check it out below.

Swedish DJ/producer collective Mash Up International is back with the single “Killa Wine” ft. Nigerian/American/Naptown singer Teeklef!

This flirtatious and sweet Afropop song with the aggressive title “Killa Wine” is the result of Mash Up International discovering the talented artist Teeklef via Spotify.

Teeklef who was on tour recently is set to release his project which he describes as a revelation of the ordeal he passed through in the hands of his ex wife. “I am finally ready to tell the world what i passed through in the last year. It was a difficult journey and i am glad it is finally over”, Teeklef said .

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Sampson O.G.A is one of the very best acts representing Nigeria and the rest of Africa in the United States Of America. A strong vocal presence; a positive attitude; and an irresistible melody are some of the attributes that endear Sampson to his fans.

After speaking to him in an Exclusive Interview, the Afro-beat artist talked about his plans to release an E.P later in the year. Angeli Featuring Swae is a strong indication of what to expect on his E.P.

Watch the much-anticipated visuals to Sampson O.G.A’s new single Angeli below.

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The energy and talent this woman possesses are unparalleled, it is almost God-like. I have not seen any pregnant woman that does what kora does. Currently pregnant, Korra has sung and danced her way to stardom via her Instagram page. Even while pregnant, She uses her belly dance to promote songs and events on her Instagram page. Sometimes I get scared that she might hurt herself… oh well

Korra Obidi (born June 23, 1994) is a Nigerian musician, professional dancer, and actress from Delta state, Nigeria who Currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Asides from singing and dancing Korra has also scored some successes in modelling. She was crowned  Radiography 2009, Miss Moremi 2010, and Miss Congeniality 2014.  She appeared on the runway during the GTB FASHION SERIES, NATIVE, AND VOGUE FASHION WEEK PH and has also landed high-profile features, such as on the freshly released Orezi Whine for daddy and was Lead Model of the Black Eyed Peas Music Video “Wings”

Watch the music video to her single My Bobo. Shot in Los Angeles, it takes a peak at the life of a young expecting mother and the father to be. Simple, colorful and beautiful, this music video was shot by HG2FILMS. Wish you a Safe delivery and a healthy baby Korra.



It is no secret that we are in awe of Teresa Marie. She is only 17 years old but she sounds like a boss. This is another video in the series of videos she has dropped this year already. She is a star already made, she only needs to be at the right place at the right time to get things situated for her. Listening to her songs, i feel the way i felt when i listened to Rihanna for the first time. Check out her new song and video titled too much.

Dayo Amusa is a Nollywood actor and singer born in Ogun state Nigeria. She became popular by starring in Yoruba movies and later on venturing into music. Her song titled Mosorire is delivered in the Yoruba Language; the most spoken language in Southwestern Nigerian where the Yoruba’s reside. Mosorire translates into I am blessed. It is a powerful song full of positive affirmations. The kind of song that should start your day before you leave home.

With the rate at which people suffer from depression these days, songs like this may bring a relaxing sensation to your mind. Sometimes taking count of all the things that have been going well for you rather than dwell on the negatives is more medicinal than any doctors recommendations. If you are reading this piece, it means you still alive and hence you are blessed.

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