Indianapolis is not short of talents . The City has talents that can hold their own against artistes from any city in America. Therefore, Indianapolis should not be in the shadows of bigger cities like New York or California.

Today I came across Dwani ; A Hip – hop artiste from Indianapolis, Indiana . I have a very high taste in music,  but after watching Dwani’s music video, i must say i am very impressed with the quality of his work . His latest video Purple Planet has made a good impression on  me and i am sure you will enjoy it also.

Below is the music video to Dwani’s single titled “ Purple Planet ” .



Hello Indianapolis, This is probably the dopest remix i have heard in a long time. The name of the Rapper is C DUB , he is from Indianapolis and i met him online while scouting for talents in and around Indianapolis . His flow is smooth and his punchlines are serious and heavy .

C DUB’ s mix tape is set to drop on the 18th of December and i will sure be dropping it here for your listening pleasure . Here is the remix to “Roll in peace”  which he dropped a while back.

Watch the video below and leave your comments


Last Night , the video to one of my Favorite songs world wide ; Fuckin with a dime by Feyi , dropped!!!! . Feyi also released her much anticipated debut E.P ” My name is Feyi ” , under her new record label – Label gold  .

Feyi is a 19 year-old singer and songwriter born in Dublin, Ireland to Nigerian Parents . Feyi originally began her music career at the age of 15 uploading her original work to SoundCloud.  Her voice and style is fresh and unique ; Her E.P is also stacked with very fly songs and i encourage y’all to look it up. My favorite songs on the E.P are Kingdom , Fuckin with a dime, can’t make you stay, and finer things . Matter of fact , All songs are dope and make it to my play list this December month.

Watch the video to one of the singles on the E.P

Get Feyi’s E.P here

My search for African talents in diaspora has led me to Nestreya, an afro beat artist resident in New york . I learnt of her via Sugar beast (an online celebrity here in Indianapolis ) who is known on Instagram for his motivational posts on Mondays tagged #MondayMorningMotivation . He posted a video of himself dancing to Nestreya’s single Ye baba , and i decided to find out more about the song and the artist.

Ye Baba is a very catchy Afro-beat tune and Nestreya delivers it very comfortably .  On her Instagram page She describes her self as a ” Your New afro sexy artist ” and her video falls in line with that description . Nestreya has got the body of a goddess , she is energetic and also a very good dancer. The young D produced track has found it’s way to my playlist.

Watch video below

Parris Ladame has been on her worst behavior, and her bad behavior continues in this new video titled ” Winnie ” . The rapper from Indianapolis is seen in the video displaying different types of guns . She raps , ” how the fuck you claim you got a shooter and N***er  don’t even shoot ” .

Cre8tive 4k shot the video, and i must say it is one of the hardest videos out of  Indianapolis at the moment, and it is definitely  going to make necks turn.

Khiry Managan is not relenting in his bid to be a house hold name in the United States . The artist from Indianapolis has dropped another visual in less than 3 weeks from his last release.

Soul searching is another very conscious song from Khiry . The free native artist is following in the foot-steps of Bob marley , Fela , Nas , Lucky Dube e.t.c in delivering songs that aim to educate the mind and uplift the spirit .

In today’s world conscious music has become a rarity, as artists are more concerned about making money by whatever means possible, even if it involves selling violence and immorality.

Disclaimer – This video in no way shape nor form promotes the consumption of alcohol to help solves the issues of life. This video is an expression of art through music and visual and to show the artist’s lesson. The drunk act is about how we can become drunk within love. Hope you all enjoy. Big Up!

I have been following this dope female rapper from Indianapolis and i must say i am excited about her future.  Parris Ladame is pretty , sexy and also witty with her lines.

Watch the video to her Hot girl remix below  where she seems to be addressing some of her haters . She is also set to drop a new single titled ” Pussy Power ”

You be surprised what Africans in diaspora are cooking in their respective studios. When i heard this song i was captivated immediately . Afro-beat is  ” beasting ” in Europe and America at this point in time and i am happy to be witnessing  the fulfillment of Fela’s prophecy .

J’ray , a talented Afro-pop artist based in the United states is contributing his own quota to the spread of Afro-beat , he teams up with Big Name producer Kiddominant on his single “Spotlight” . Spotlight is an amazing song and it would not take long for you to be captivated too .  The video is shot by another talented African in diaspora ” HDGENESIS FILMS ” . Watch the video below and leave your comments too

Download audio


1dabanton is a Nigerian artist rapidly on the rise. He is signed to Squareball Entertainment , owned by award winning video director Adasa Cookey. 1dabanton released his E.P “The Banton” and since then has quickly climbed up the ladder .

African woman is a very melodious tune that eulogizes the beauty of the African Woman . I love this song so much and love the video even more . The video was shot in Opobo Town in Rivers State, which is apparently Adasa Cookey’s home town. The scenery is very beautiful and portrays a typical African village setting mixed with the elegance of beautiful super models . I am particularly attached to the song because Rivers state in Nigeria is a state that is close to my heart.

Ladies and gentlemen enjoy the crispy clear visuals of Adasa cookey below


Download Video


“Black woman , Black queen you are beautiful . Let them know you are royal and you are dipped in gold “. These are the powerful words of this song . It celebrates black women past , present and future and regards women with melanin as queens . Days are gone when you should be ashamed of your blackness or you complexion . Being black is a privilege , it is spiritual , it is strength and black women should wear their melanin with pride. The song is further evidence to the fact that when black women come together to create , it is always a beauty to behold .

The Queen (remix) is a hip-hop cypher spin off of the “Original” Queen song released in August 2018 by Keke Songbird feat. Mariah Ivey. The Queen (remix) features some of Indianapolis, IN best Femce’s — Syd Blane, Allison Victoria and Manon Voice. The song is directed by Eli productions and dedicated to black women around the world.


Now what’s better than a black queen ??? ..