It was like a carnival last night as Club Kalakutah played host to a Nigerian music Legend, in the person of Dr Sid . I literally saw everyone i know in the city last Night, it was fun and colorful . For those who may be wondering who Dr Sid is , Dr Sid is a Legendary Nigerian artiste that made his way into the Nigerian music industry in the late 90’s through the group Trybesmen . The group is credited in many quarters as being one of the founders of Hiphop music in Nigeria . He later went on to sign for Mo’ Hits and became label mates with the likes of Dbanj , Wande Cole , Ikechukwu, D’ Prince and Don Jazzy,  during which they made hit singles such as Champagne , Why me , Booty call , and close to you.

In 2012 Mo’ hits split up following a disagreement between Don Jazzy and Dbanj and this led to the formation of a new company Owned by Don Jazzy called Mavin Records . Dr Sid opted to go with Don Jazzy. He has since established himself as a force to reckon with under the new company and has scored hit singles such as Oyari, Surulere , Kabiyesi just to mention a few.  Shout out to Ashipa World, SOB Entertainment, and Club Kalakutah for hosting a Legend .


He is only 19 years old but the album sounds way mature than most Nigerian albums. He is a star destined for great things . If the tracks on this album is anything to go by , i can confidently say that Port Harcourt just gave birth to a genius . We have witnessed the birth of the greatest . #Facts

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-15 at 12.58.58 PM(1).jpeg

..and suddenly i fell in love with you” is a master piece written, sang and produced by chigratt, Chiburoma Wokekoro (Chigratt), a young teen from Port Harcourt, Nigeria that started out as a producer in 2016 before he turned into a full time singer, he has a taste for good things, he’s also a very good talent he solely runs his own label in Nigeria, amazing ain’t it?

All songs are to my favorite

1. All the time

2. Do your mind

3. Bet it all

4. Try for me

5. Sunrise ft. Che ecru

6. The Night ft Krs

7. All i want to do ft Partynextdoor

8. In the morning

9. Miracle ft Kid ink & Adaeze era

Download full album … and suddenly i fell in love with you

Minz always delivers . I see him becoming one of the flagship acts  in Africa in a few years . I am totally in love with the concept of this song . It is all about self love .

A lot of African ladies do not appreciate the kind of Skin they have . They see the uniqueness of their skin as a defect or weakness, especially  ladies with a darker complexion . It has become important for African men to tell their women how beautiful they are in order to promote a sense of confidence and pride in the African woman. Every woman is beautiful and unique and we all need to appreciate that . There is absolutely no need for all the time spent on Skin re modification and enhancements  ..

Albinos and ladies with vitiligo are also extremely beautiful and need to radiate self confidence .The video is Directed by Mahine Sef

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Reggea music is freedom music . It is arguably the most rebellious genre of music of my generation. Definitely the most highly spiritual, reggae artistes are always talking of love , peace , reform , Haile Selassie , Jah , Babylon and ganja . Reggae originated in Kingston Jamaica and spread to other parts of the world reaching it’s peak in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

Although it is Still one of the most listened to genres in Africa , reggae music sort of lost it’s status in Africa and the world after the death of Bob Marley and Luck Dube . Hip-hop at the time became the most popular music for black people around the world, leaving reggae music in need of a revival or a messiah. Over the years the likes of Damien Marley have done a great Job in keeping reggae music relevant in the main stream.

I am very excited to find an act by the name Steven Malcom who seems to be carrying on tradition . His music is soulful and intelligent and his videos are bright and positive . He is a rapper for the most part but delivers an astounding reggae vibe on this one. Listen below

Ladies and gentlemen Okiemute just released the video to her massive hit single WOSA . Many great things are expected from the MTN project fame winner . It is a joy to watch Independent artiste go from one level of their careers to another . I believe this is Okiemute’s first official video and it signifies a massive leap and could be a major turning point in her career.

The video is beautiful and does not fall short of expectations . The dancers are energetic and go with the groove of the music  I especially like the creativity in the outfits and set design . Okiemute’s dresses are colorful and neatly put together . Kudos to her stylist

Click play .. The video is directed by Unlimited LA

Let me tell y’all a secret i have never told anyone . Guys , i am a sucker for Ghana rap music . Am i the only one that feels like the Ghanaian local languages are very convenient for rappers to make hit songs . These days the Ghana local rap and Nigerian local rap seem to appeal more to rap fans than English rap especially in the the African societies but i wonder what language rap fans regard as the best local African language to make music is . Examples are Phyno raps in Igbo Language , Olamide raps in Yoruba , Sarkodie raps in a Ghanaian language Akan, and Khaligraph Jones flows in Swahili e.t.c What language do you consider as the dopest ? This would be a very interesting topic to discuss but that would be for another day .

Sugar Mole is the stage name of Nana Agyemang Frimpong, a Ghanaian recording hip-hop/rap artiste. The MOLE in the name stands for “My Originality Lies Exceptional” According to Sugar Mole, music has really inspired him a lot and has shown him brighter ways of doing things in every aspect thus practicing whatever he preaches to the world and its entire generations through his music

His new Video is directed by Akwaada Nyame, I would describe it as the African version of 6lacks song featuring J cole – Pretty little child . it is a love song to be played for the most important female in your life . The singing by Broni is beautiful and the video presentation is nothing short of beautiful

I told you all to focus your energy on Indianapolis right ? Indianapolis got some fire artistes . Anyways , have you ever heard of an R&B CYPHER ? Honestly , I haven’t . I have watched so many Rap cyphers in my life time but never have i seen an R&B cypher .

Promo goddess brought the best of the best R&B acts from Indianapolis together to make  an amazing freestyle music session titled “ Set The tone R&B cypher ” . The acts are Yadin Kol, Keiana Whatley, J Murph, Allison Victoria, Terrance Anderson, & Telle , many of whom have already been featured on this blog and talked about as acts who are expected to grow bigger and blossom in 2019 because of the amazing music they make.

This is not just beautiful music but it is also very creative and authentic. This may be an idea the B.E.T may want to consider this year. If they do , you know where the idea came from right? I would love Promo goddess to keep building on this idea, invite more R&B artiste from Indianapolis and environs to make more Set The Tone R&B Cypher episodes . I was really mesmerized watching this , every one killed it.



Good Morning America, Let me introduce you to Trvp Gvng

Trvp Gvng is/are a South African versatile Duo that use multiple musical styles whether it’s melodic hip hop , rock , or trap metal , They’re able to easily switch lanes to express Themselves .Trvp Gvng uses their music as a way to speak on their perplexing life experiences,  and evoke emotion. They sets out to provide great vibes with mood music while stimulating the listeners consciousness

They originated from Mbekweni in the Western Cape Province.They started rapping/trapping/singing at early stages of their lives.They look up to fellow South African artists like  Emtee, AB Crazy, Nasty C, Benchmark and many more African Artists and Global Artists . They stated that they were/are motivated by their work ethic.

They are self-taught amazing musicians with passion and spirit to achieve their goals to be successful musicians in Africa and world wide


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Papyfire don come again o ..

This is a highly infectious vibe . Papyfire Jumps on SARZ new beat titled “ Spiritual Riddim ” . Sarz is regarded in many quarters as Nigeria’s NO. 1 producer.

How do you even question that with a beat as banging as this ?

Papyfire does extraordinarily well in matching the beat drum for drum ; pace for pace ; and fire for fire . This Papyfire Jam is definitely my No. 1 jam for 2019 at the moment, it won’t take long for it to be your No.1.  I will place a bet with my money .


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Nigeria will be heading to the polls on the 16th of February to select a president . I am curious to find out who Nigerians thinks will be the best candidate to grow the entertainment sector .

Entertainment ( music & movies ) are a very viable way to generate income and stimulate the economy . In the USA Holly wood is a key driver of the USA economy , according to , in 2017 , American film and TV industry accounted for supporting 2.1 million jobs and 400,000 local businesses across this country. It says that the industry “continues to be a key driver of the U.S. economy, adding high quality domestic jobs and paying out $49 billion to local businesses across the country.” But wages are — on average — about two-thirds higher than other industries in this country not to add the music business in the USA which is estimated to be worth $16 billion.

In Nigeria, entertainment does not seem to be among the topics put up for discussion considering the astronomical  levels of Unemployment in the country and the fact that many youths are clinging on to the entertainment industry as the last hope for survival . It is an industry that the government should be concerned about in other to save a lot of people from anguish and suffering. What baffles me the most is that in past presidential debates, nobody seems to be concerned with how presidential candidates plan to execute their promises . Candidates come on platforms to make all manner of promises to the masses but the electorates do not demand a road map or a detailed analyses of the policies. Someone says “ I will provide Jobs ” but nobody poses questions on how they intend to achieve this or what is the exact method mapped out to attain this . Nigeria needs an analytical president that will stimulate vital areas of the economy like entertainment . Enough has been said and nothing has been done in the area of generating Jobs . It is not rocket science to see that entertainment , agriculture and sports have the potential of engaging millions of youths and generating a good number of jobs .  .

The last time Nigeria had a government that understood the importance of a healthy entertainment sector, It was the then Cross rivers state government led by Donald Duke. Donald invested heavily in cross river state making it one of the most traveled to States in the country just behind Lagos and Abuja. It has become a holiday / tourist destination similar to the ones found in developed countries like America , Britain and the UAE . The Government of Donald Duke built number of infrastructure and amenities that made the state attractive entertainers .

Asides amenities , Policies are to be developed to boost the entertainment sector. There is also need for a strong Judicial system to interpret copyright laws and prosecute copyright infringers; a strong banking sector whose task is to provide business loans to entertainment business men; lastly, a well structured education system to ensure that the education required to mould skilled and talented entertainers is in place.

Who among the presidential candidates do you think has the best policy to stimulate the entertainment industry in Nigeria and make it a viable tool for economic growth ?