Papyfire is on fire right about now. The Nigerian music star is in the form of his life, he is dropping hits almost every week. Real name Ibidapo-obe Oluwaseun Johnson, Papyfire A.K.A The Machine is a singer, songwriter, and record producer/sound engineer from Lagos Nigeria.

Listen to his new single titled De



It seems like the entire world is getting in on Kizz daniel’s Fvck you challenge. I am quite sure that the Mega star did not anticipate how rapidly the challenge grew over the cause of time. International Stars such as Wyclef Jean took time off their schedules to record on Young Jon produced beat. Today, we have no choice but to serve you another compilation of dope versions of the song. I think we saved the best for last.


1. Rugged Man

Ruggedman was listed as one of the most influential artists of all time on an article i had written previously. His song Ehen ft Nomoreloss shifted the culture and changed the direction of Hip hop music in Nigeria in many ways. Rugged man is known for being controversial and for saying things everyone is afraid of talking about. He is now an advocate for victims of police oppression and brutality and he uses his version of the Kizz daniel song preach some sense to the police.

2. Victoria Kimani

Damn! Victoria Kimani is on a killing spree, calling names and taking peoples heads with her as she goes. The Kenyan superstar accuses Ycee of using her songs and lyrics without crediting her. She also disses Tiwa savage and accuses her of blocking her shows and selling her p**sy. These allegations are unfounded but it makes the challenge a lot more interesting for the fans.

3. Kcee

Kcee uses this version to floss his wealth. This is probably the most expensive video shot in terms of the location and the value of property displayed in it. The Five Star Music artist shows us that he is still in his prime.

4. Sophie Alakija

She is the daughter in law of one of Africa’s richest women Folorunsho Alakija. Honestly, I do not know why she took this challenge so personal but she did. It really feels like she was badly hurt by someone and she is not letting go without a fight.

I guess you are the scum that never made me cum _ Sophie

5. Mr. Duke

Mr. Duke is one of the favorites on the blog. He is from Indianapolis Indiana and is one of the most promising artists from the mid west state in the USA. His delivery is nothing short of excellent. That is what you would expect from a rapper who plies his trade in America.

6. Khaligraph Jones

Veteran Emcee from Kenya, Khaligraph Jones is rated to be top 10 Emcee in the continent. The O.G has been going strong for many years and serves a unique storyline bragging about how he has been the one F**cking the girl all these other people seem to be complaining about.

7. A.O

This version is both hilarious and dope. It is a very playful verse from the rapper / Promoter from Indianapolis. I think A.O should pursue a career in music

8. Wyclef Jean

Legendary rapper Wyclef formerly of the fugees is arguably the biggest celebrity to jump on the challenge. It is no secret that the rapper from Haiti has been in love with music from Nigeria and has been one of those people who have been instrumental to the spread of afrobeat worldwide. It is no surprise that he lends his voice to the Kizz daniel challenge.

9. Tinuke

She is one of the best emerging artists from Lagos. The beautiful Tinuke describes herself as the queen of melody. she serenades us with her beautiful voice and catchy storyline.

10. Uncle Murda

Uncle Murda is an East coast rapper signed to G unit. This is the first time I have heard of the artist. His delivery is top notch and he definitely knows how to spit. I have since followed uncle Murda and hope that this will grow him a Nigerian fanbase.


The general opinion is that African Immigrants come to foreign countries to cause a nuisance. The notion is that people come to the USA to take from the society without having any contributions to give back. This false narrative is often boosted by the media. The ones who found businesses, excel in sports, or go ahead to become leaders in their respective industries are often claimed as indigenes of these foreign countries but the bad ones are splashed all over the media as being foreigners, in this case African Immigrants.

Africa is only credited with the bad eggs.

The truth is that, Africa suffers a massive brain drain because the ones who leave the continent are amongst the brightest. Africa suffers a lot of problems and may not necessarily provide the infrastructure needed for these very talented people to succeed. This frustrates talented people, and coupled with the promises of a better life in foreign countries, they leave on a massive scale.

Many of Immigrants come here with an enormous amount of potential, and given the freedom and opportunity the USA offers , they start to excel in their respective business of choice. Immigrants have been at the forefront of many establishments, driven many businesses, and founded a lot of ideas in Europe and America.  It is our duty to find and publicize some of these people.

Today, we will like to shed the spotlight on Vanessa O’Brien, the creative Director of Ada by Vanessa, She is a fledging Fashion designer who has taken the world by storm. I first heard of her last year when I attended a local fashion show here in Indiana and I left amazed and in awe of her fabric, prints and her collection. Ada focuses mainly on The African story, highlighting different cultures with her clothing pieces, inspiring women to be more confident and happy in their womanhood. With every piece she intends to make women feel as beautiful as ever. Check out photos of her most recent runway event and some of her most loved creations.

You can visit her webpage to view more pictures and order your designs. You should also check-out her Instagram page @

Enjoy and share pictures from this weekends flex Saturday at Club Kalakutah located at 4718 Century Plaza Rd, Indianapolis, IN, USA 46254 . I would appreciate you tag @MAZI_IFEANYII as photo credit and @clubKalakutah as location when you share the pictures on Instagram.

The name Kalakutah originates from Nigeria. It refers to a breakaway state created by Nigeria’s music Legend and Afrobeat founder Fela Anikulapo Kuti. He created the state to be free from Government interference, Police brutality, corruption, and bad policies. In other words, it is meant to be a place to freely enjoy what you love doing.

Don’t forget that Falz is going to be in the building on the 27th of April 2019.

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Ayo Niyi Olufemi officially launched his book Concealed at the very popular Kalakutah Restaurant in Indianapolis USA. The red carpet event was attended by his friends and family which consists of his wife, two sons, and a daughter.

When asked a question about what inspired the book, he said ” My inspiration stems from poor parenting. There are fathers that would punish their kids by threatening not to pay their school fees. Such behavior is unacceptable and it must be brought to light that it is not ok”. The book was a very emotional one for me, it is from my personal experience. When I first conceived the idea, he continued, “ my partner Mr. Fiesta asked me if I really wanted to tell this story, I said yes, but by the time I was done I couldn’t even go back to read it. It was that emotional ”

He also stayed back to sign some books for the guests and take pictures. Here are some pictures from the book launch. The event was hosted by SugarBeast and co-hosted by the beautiful Yeye Oge 1 Of Indiana.

Click link to purchase a copy of the book

When I was told she is Just 17, I held my head in total disbelief. She sounds like she has been singing forever. For those that believe in the reincarnation of the greats. This may just be one of such events.

If you have not checked out her music yet, Please stop being sluggish. Hit the search bar and look up her previous songs on the blog. She is So young but sounds so established. Kudos once again to Just Right Music and it’s CEO BigbossMike for nurturing and presenting us with this gift in Teresa Marie.

In due time is another strong single from the young artist. Her vocal dexterity is a joy to behold and is in sync with the up-tempo beat.

Oxlade finally releases the visuals to his trending single Shugar. If there is one song that has opened the door for this young artist in 2019, it is SHugar. I have expressed my opinion countless times about the enormous talent Oxlade possesses and so also has Davido. We are still waiting for a major record label to pick him up and I believe it will be the start of many great things.

Shugar was Shot and directed by Naya. Two things I love about the video is that the ladies are extremely good looking and the plot is well laid out. Kudos to all those that were involved in the video making process. It is a very engaging clip. Please watch it below.

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Falz releases visuals to Hypocrite, one of my favorite songs on the Moral Instruction album. In fact, the message of the song is so vivid that the video was already visualized in everyone’s mind. It is one of those videos that you can shoot with a phone camera and it would still be dope but for TV sake it better be shot with the right camera and in the right format.

Off his moral Instructions album, Falz continues to extend his relevance in the Nigerian music community as he deploys recent events and happenings around him as inspiration for making his content. The lawyer turned rapper is in a world of his own, combining activism and music on this one.

Let’s talk about these lines from the song for  a minute

What about even you voters /
Wey dey act like say you only see two jokers/
Recycle the same corrupt men/
Later you complain you say you hate the government/

This weekend someone was complaining to me about the fact that there are reports in the news that Fulani herdsmen are killing people in Zamfara State Nigeria. I replied to her “ Let them kill whoever they want ”.You all had the chance to elect a good Government.

It is painful and frustrating that people will complain all day but when the time comes to change the status quo, they support the same people who they have been complaining about. As a matter of fact, they carry firearms and dedicate their lives to installing well-known criminals. Then a few weeks later they return to complaining.

My question is Do Nigerians even know elections are for? It is really sad, we blame it on lack of education or enlightenment, but you will be surprised that highly educated individuals and those highly ranked in the academia are the ones who pave the way for this irrational behavior and thinking. How do we resuscitate our society? Once upon a time, Nigerians were good thinkers, Nowadays our IQ is rapidly on the decline.

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Last week I started a post for the best fvck you covers so far. The covers are now pouring in from left right and center, even the comedians and Nollywood actors have gotten in on the action. Here are some of the most prolific covers

1. Eva Alordiah

Eva is a female rap veteran. You can call her an O.G and you will be correct. She had a good spell in the industry between 2007 and 2015 but kind of laid back after the release of her album. She decided to do more of writing and publishing her own books. Eva’s take on Kiss daniels Fvck you reminds us she is still a force in the hip-hop community. She not only serves the longest version of the challenge but one of the dopest

2. Sound Sultan

We already told you that sound sultan is a Legend so it comes at no surprise that he would body kizz daniel’s beat. His version is centered around Nigeria’s troubles and is full of intelligent wordplay.

3. Seyi Shey

One of Nigeria’s leading female artist Seyi goes hard on her version. She actually makes it very personal, calling out several people including subliminal jabs at Tiwa Savage and her estranged husband T-billz.

4. Broda Shaggi

He became popular for his comedy skits but has since proved that he also has music in him. His version is both comic and musical. Although comedians like Basket Mouth , Ay comedian, and Bovi also had dope versions, Broda Shaggi’s version is pure Genius!

5.  Kelly Hansome

Kelly Hansome was King of Kenis music at some point. He is one of the most relevant Nigerian artists in recent history. His contractual disagreement with Kennis music meant that he would lose the platform that promotes his music and subsequently lose his grip on the industry. He also had issues with choc city artist M.I. Asides the issues, Kelly is an amazing song writer and performer.

Bukunmi Oluwasina

I know she is a talented Nollywood actress, but I had no idea she could flow. She is definitely multi-talented and I think she has a shot at music. She serves us with the coldest version of the challenge from a female perspective.

7. LJ Saaviour

Dude is a Legit lyricist, I have known him for a while. His delivery on this joint is 100 percent. This is the very definition of lyricism; using the names of people around you to create a fictional story. However, I think it took a personal twist when he mentioned the name of the lady he was dissing at the end

8. M.I Abaga

A paragraph is not enough to explain this mans contribution to the Hip-hop culture and the music the culture in Nigeria in general. He is one of the label executives at chocolate city, but he took time off his busy schedule as an executive to serve us his own interpretation of the Kizz daniel song.

9. Tribemark

Another discovery of the challenge. He is not a known name in the industry but his storyline is really personal. It sounds like he is talking from experience.

10. Stonebwoy

A super talented artist from Ghana has one of the most melodious versions of the challenge. He is one of the hottest Act coming up of Africa at the moment. I think hes hould make his version a whole song. It is a whole vibe.

11. Jones the Ikom Boy

A dope rendition of the Kizz daniel’s track. This is another artist I just came across and will definitely be following his content on social media. His version was dope enough to get a repost for kizz Daniel himself. He killed it like a hunter.

12. Bucky Raw

Dope ass rapper. I may be wrong but I believe he is not resident in Nigeria. He is really on point with his delivery and storytelling. It is rare to find someone who ticks both boxes.

13. Wizzy Wee

Houston based Nigeria rapper Wizzy wee is no newcomer on the blog. His singles are top rated on the blog and as expected, he came through with a very solid version of the challenge. His word play is wicked !

I don tire for this girls with them tight clothes / I Swear na them dey loose pass

14. Sinzu

Sauce Kid Sinzu or chief hunnitband, whatever you wish to call him, he is back and jumping on tracks just like he used to. You can never catch Sinzu dulling on a track. Kizz daniel did not post his version on his page but it is definitely top of the list.



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Keiston is from Indianapolis and he has been repping the city for a while. His new single Smoov is made with the intentions of elevating the black Man and ultimately the black community. It starts with strong spoken words filled with positive affirmations for black women.

The track is produced by the very famous Freshduzit arguably biggest producer in the city. Keiston is one artist I have set my eyes on in 2019.

Black girls rock/
from our crown to our socks/
My skin burst with melanin, not some bad that I have been tainted in/