ReDkAd, a super lyricist rose to prominence in 2011 with d release of his critically acclaimed Mixtape Hip-hop dead and alive Mixtape on social media and top internet blogs. This month marks its 9th year anniversary.

The original release contained tracks 1-18 . The rest of the tracks 19-23 are bonus tracks.

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“Firetape is a series of many projects we will be put out moving forward, it’s a place were I express my deepest imaginations and my immediate reality. My team called this tape “The Champ” based on their experience grinding and winning with me every day, I never say NO to a challenge. We all have to constantly strive to be Champions, that’s literally the only way to improve our industry and society as a whole. The Champ is one of many fire tapes to come, we are also releasing some afrobeat, dancehall and other genres including another EP before the end of the year. As long as I have a voice, you will always hear from the champ”.

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Production credit: All songs were written, produced, mixed and mastered by Papyfire (Ibidapo-Obe Oluwaseun).

Words from Chigratt…

THE NIGHT I CONFESSED TO HER, is more than just an ordinary extended play. To me, the songs on this E.P. are confessions of how I felt about certain persons at certain points in my life and I just decided to “make the confessions” the only way I possibly can.

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..and suddenly I fell in love with you” is a masterpiece written, sang and produced by chigratt, Chiburoma Wokekoro (Chigratt), a young teen from Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

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Hey guys, listen to and download this amazing E.P by Onosz. One of the best you will find around.

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