Many things have been said about blackfaceNaija in recent times, especially as the case between his former groupmate Tubaba Idibia continues to heat up. The two were part of a group called Plantashun Boiz who in the 90s brought smiles on people’s faces. I was in High school at the time when their singles were all over the airwaves in Nigeria. We were all miming their songs and we would use the lyrics to the songs to make passes at females. At least i was…


After enjoying unprecedented success together, Plantashun Boiz which also included a third member faze, had to go their separate ways. Life after Plantashun Boiz came with its ups and downs. They enjoyed individual successes here and there but members of the group are still battling the effects of that split. It is no longer news that Blaqface and Tubaba got into a tug of war about the ownership of African queen, the song that gave Tubaba his international breakthrough.

Blackface said he was not credited for the parts of the song he wrote and that the song was used without his permission. Tubaba on the other hand claim that no part of the song was written by blackface. I recently met up with BlackfaceNaija, and he shared his version of African Queen produced by Nelson Brown, Plantashun Boiz original producer as at the time the group was still around. His version of African queen is also a masterpiece but sounds very different from that of Tubaba although there are still similarities. He also shared Collabo, Badder than them, two hot tracks that he has just recently released.

Kudos to BlackfaceNaija for re-inventing himself even in the face of controversy. Regardless of what happens with Tubaba and the rest of the Legendary Planttashun boys team, BlackfaceNaija still remains a Legend and should be treated as such.

Check the video to Badder than them below.



The DtwinZ Cargo services have opened a branch of their logistics company in Ondo State Nigeria to add to their already existing branches in the USA, Lagos, and Ibadan. This is a move to cater to the high volume of goods and items that ship to the southwestern state on a regular. The CEO of the company Ibrahim Salami insists that customers from that part of the country (Nigeria) go through a lot of hassle to convey their goods from their Lagos office to Ondo State. Now with the new branch opened people can conveniently pick-up their goods at our location in Ondo city. He also said that the company is looking to open more branches in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

4703 W 30th St, Indianapolis, IN 46222

With years of experience in handling and delivering Cargo, DTwinz Cargo provides an on-time, reliable and secure way to shipping items via flight and container to and from Nigeria. Shipments to Nigeria leave every Friday and Shipments from Nigeria to USA are scheduled based on needs.

Call the offices today at

USA ; 3175315543, 3179984513
Lagos  ; +2348029557676
Ibadan; +2349012587213
Ondo; +2347018277101

USE CODE or MAZIFEANYI to get a discount.

If you are really conversant with the music industry in Port Harcourt and in Nigeria in general, you should be very familiar with the name Duncan Daniels. He is a true OG, the one responsible for the hit single Like this ft MI Abaga that was heavily rotated on TV and on the radio all over Nigeria.

Duncan Daniels is a Nigerian-British singer, producer, and songwriter. Born in Massachusetts, raised in England and Nigeria, Duncan found his way back to Boston to study Music Production & Engineering at Berkley College of Music.

The good news is that Duncan Daniels and his team have announced that he has a new album in the works and the album titled “Afroeclectic” is expected to drop in a few weeks. According to Duncan Daniels, the date of release has been set for Valentine’s day February 14th, 2020. The album which has been 10 years in the making promises to be a strong album that details several aspects of Duncan’s experiences. He also chose to feature some pioneers in the music industry in Port Harcourt Nigeria such as Korkormikor, Speseamen A, Mackgee and Lyrikal both formerly of Tuck Tyght – The Hiphop group that set PH on fire in the early 2000s. When asked about this decision to put the OGs on the record he says;

“I am repping PHCity heavy on my upcoming album. Majority of the artists I’ve featured on this album project were at some point based in PORT HARCOURT and have been making music for over 15 years some true pioneers of the industry, they may not be as famous right now as the Wizkids, Davidos or Burna boys but if I had the choice between those big names in Afrobeat and these names on my track-list, I’ll still choose them for this project.”

Watch the more recent video off the album below

Duncan Daniels feat. MR Moni – Enado

In the last decade, the Music business has seen more startup failures than most money-making endeavors. This is mainly because it involves a lot of money, ideas, and an enormously gifted artist to stand out and get noticed among the fierce competition. I am privileged to have been an artist myself, under the stage name ReDkAd, and also a part of many successful and unsuccessful startups, the biggest of whom is Burnaboy who has been recently nominated for a Grammy award. Preye(Aristocrat), as he was referred to by close friends, arrived Port-Harcourt from the USA hoping to sign an artist. Myself, Burnaboy, Leriq, Onosz, and feedback were one of the few people he met and initially hung out with in the studio. Sugarboy,  Ms. chief, Onosz and most recently Blaqbonez are other acts I have studied closely. I would not claim to have made any major contributions but I was close to these acts enough to see what worked and what failed.

After Introducing Onosz to Preye, Onosz got the chance to record a track with Burna.

As ReDkAd, I released a Mixtape titled Hip-hop dead or Alive to critical acclaim and began to be seen as one of the fastest emerging Rap talents out of Nigeria. I got signed to Legendary records in 2012 but had a fall-out with the label over a breach of contract, the label had failed to follow through on some of its obligations during the time I was recording my first album which I titled February 16th. Soon after the exit, I ventured overseas, leaving the shores of Nigeria for greener pastures. My romance with entertainment did not end here. In 2013, I got featured on Hot96, one of the USA’s biggest radio stations as Indiana’s next big thing, but by that time I had already made up my mind to go into the music business. I partnered with a certain upcoming artist (names withheld) to float a record label, but due to a series of events the label did not see the light of day. I started my blog at about the same time the label failed and between that time and now, I have managed a club ; managed events involving A-list artists; and also directed and successfully managed music video projects.  All these experiences put together gives me a lot of insight into understanding why a lot of individuals fail at some point when trying to grow in the music business.

Redkad’s My life music video shot in 2012 and “Born me for Lagos” off ReDkAd’s Hip-hop Dead or Alive Mixtape in 2011.

Download Redkad – Born me for Lagos


Social media is a great way to get ahead.

But this article is not about me or what I have managed to achieve, but rather it is about upcoming artists and what they have failed to understand about the music business. Let us get a bit more serious and get in-depth on how to get ahead in the music business as an artist.

1. Nurture the Talent

Every artist who wants to make it in entertainment has to have some level of talent to showcase. An artist has to be convinced and confident about the talent they possess and ready to showcase it when called upon. It is also very important to continuously get better and to keep improving. Artists continuously have to reinvent themselves, because the skill-sets required to survive in 2019  may be different from what is required to stay afloat in the future, say 2030. When I use the word Talent, I mean all aspects of creativity. The uniqueness of the songs, Photo-shoots, and the direction of the videos are all an indication of how talented an artist is.  Having a different perspective is what makes a brand compelling and attractive to its fans. Talent is the raw material required to make the unique product (music) we will be selling.

2. Understand Business principles

This is, in my opinion, the most important key to being a successful music businessman. A lot of artists with enormous prospects and skills, wither and die because they have no business aptitude. As a matter of fact, an artist with minimal talent but great business acumen is more likely to survive than if it was vice versa. Many artists do not understand the basics of Business or the ones that do, find it hard to apply these basic business principles to their music. In my opinion, there are two parallel sides in entertainment as a whole, One is the artistic side, and the other is the business or commercial side of it. Having knowledge of only one or the other will limit the chances of success. Most successful brands have been the ones who understand both sides of the divide or have partners that handle business while the other party concentrates on the creative side of things. It is recommended that even with a partner, it is important to understand how both sides work at least to a certain extent. A good example is Jay z and Dame Dash both were partners and complemented each other. A very Intriguing fact is that what is good for creativity may not be necessarily good for business and vice versa. It may be creative to smoke cigarettes on a track, but if the goal is to be the brand ambassador for a health care provider, the artist may not qualify. The same as posing nude, which may be considered bad from the creative side may rake in the money. Understanding how an idea impacts creativity or business positions an artist for greatness.

Therefore every artist have to educate themselves on a few basic Business and economic principles such as buying and selling, markets, Scale of preference, Budgets, Production, distribution, credit, debit, profit and loss accounting, business name registration, Patent, copyright, contracts laws, etc. because decisions that are made every day without understanding these underlying principles will hurt the process in the long run. Most importantly, research to find out about terms and formulas specific to the music industry. An upcoming artist discarded a great deal with a record label because he had reasoned that since he has the talent( raw material) and the label was just coming through with the finances, he should get 70 percent while the label gets 40 percent. These great opportunities do not come all the time so being Novice about standard practices like this can keep a promising lad grounded for years. A simple search on Google can provide answers on what a standard offer looks like and what makes an artist eligible for more.

Acts want to concern themselves with the creative process alone leaving behind critical knowledge required to establish and run a business. More often than not, this causes the death of many promising music brands.  I have met artists that have no idea what a good business plan or model is, so they seldomly make good business decisions.

3. Have a Source of Income

Music is expensive, most businesses require a one-time start-up capital to take off, but the reality is that being an artist requires a source of capital – a constant flow of money, because It may take years of financial commitments and time to finally break out an artist. It typically takes millions of dollars to completely establish a major artist. This huge investment makes it impossible for a lot of aspiring musicians to go far in the industry without a sponsor. This is the reason several musicians and entertainers turn to record labels for help. Record labels have the resources to provide financial backing to talented acts. They typically pay the cost required to produce, distribute, manage, and promote the artist’s contents.

Getting signed on to a record label comes with its own problems. one of the major problems especially in Nigeria is that everyone with a sizeable amount of money claims to be a record label, even without the necessary know-how, networking, and connections. Another issue stems from the fact that many artists have no idea what a good contract looks like. The news of being signed on to a label is heralded with so much happiness, expectations, and buzz that it is almost as if the artist has made it in life, but little do they know is that whatever penny is spent on the artist as either advance cash or cost of production must be retrieved. Therefore the artist must be committed to working harder than ever rather than showing off. Whatever is written in the contract agreement handed by record label must carefully be reviewed and understood by the artist, his associates or his lawyer (recommended). There is so much Jargon written in contracts that it is advisable to get a lawyer in order to understand it from a legal perspective. This will help the artist make informed decisions that will get you ahead. Artists have to understand what is expected of them and what the label has to offer. The main issue is that many acts disregard the documents, and then sign on to labels to later realize they do not really like the offer.

Do not put pen to paper unless the entire document is understood.

Most issues arise from the artists expecting to get more than what was spelled out in the contract, or the record label not being able to meet up with their financial responsibility. Both situations cause a lot of friction and both parties more often than not, find themselves in court, or go their separate ways. Today, social media has helped a little in the area of scouting talents, promotions, and distributions that a record label does not have as much power as it once had. Many acts who have the money and network to push their music locally have taken up the burden of being their own label. Platforms such as youtube, iTunes, Soundcloud provide options for acts to make some money. Instagram, Facebook a huge pool of people to aid promotions and distributions. In the past decade, we have seen a lot of artists go from the comfort of their bedrooms to performing in great venues across the world. Although social media has thrived in this respect, it is also the goal of an artist to keep expanding and meeting new opportunities. Yes, record labels may offer the artist much more exposure and opportunities than what the artist can do for himself.

Let me use this opportunity to state that, although over the years, artists have made record labels look like the devil, record Labels are still a fantastic way to get ahead of the competition, so long as every party understands their role. Labels take a lot of risk in investing millions of dollars on artists and artists should see this as a favor, at least until the investor starts getting a return on investment.

Tubaba exploded internationally when he got signed on to Kennis music in 2004.

4. Budget

Even when there is a source of income, we do not just embark on a spending spree. An artist and his management will have to figure out the most effective way to spend his capital. Let us use a very basic example. A shoe cobbler plans to buy a hammer, threads, Polish, machines, gloves etc. He also pays for space at the corner and considers costs like electricity to run his machines. He calculates all of his expected expenses and comes up with a start-up budget/cost. The start-up cost and expenses associated with running the business will determine the price he will charge for his services. The same principles apply to music. An artist will have to answer questions like should I make more videos, or focus on making audios? Should I spend this amount of money on radio promotions or use that amount and pour it into buying outfits for my events? Whatever the choice, the artist should be sure to make decisions that will make the most sense at that point in time.

It is not unusual to come across artists who act like they never want to pay for Photos, studio time, Videos, Management, promotions or distribution. You are going nowhere if you cannot spend money to put your product together i.e a demo, a single, an E.P, Album, Video, or a documentary. Some acts will spend most of their money on making the content, without realizing that promotions and distribution are equally as important as making the content. For any reasonable type of success to occur, the product must reach the intended consumer, there must be a budget for Publicity, Promotions, and distributions.  It is not ok to depend solely on free services.  You may take advantage of free services in the offering but from experience, it is better to pay top industry associates to get the best quality of content and service.

5. Management

Would it surprise you to learn that many fledging artists do not have a manager? The advantages of having a management far supersede the disadvantage (cost). A manager’s role can never be overemphasized. He holds the key to unlocking the artists’ potentials on the field of play, let us just say he is “the Pep Guardiola of the team”.

A manager aims to turn the artist into a money-spinning brand. He is constantly looking out for businesses and deals they can benefit from. He has the artist’s best interest at heart and will do whatever is in his power to drive the brand towards making an impact. Mostly behind the scenes, a manager plans the schedule, negotiates pay, represents the artist in meetings, Plans events, tours or travels with the artist, and most importantly searches for new opportunities where the brand can thrive. Most Managers get paid a monthly salary but some of them agree to be a part of the brand’s growth process and may agree to collect a percentage of the money the artist makes. So that if the artist is not making money he is also not. Whatever the case may be make sure to have a management contract reviewed by a lawyer and signed to avoid any major disputes in the future. Some of the top managers in the industry are Bankuli, Asa Asika, Osagie Omoregbe, Sunday Are, Kamal Ajiboye just to mention a few. It is also a smart idea to start off with a promising manager, one who just got into the business and is willing to take a pay cut for a start, that way the artist can save some money.

Not having a manager is a disaster, just like a soccer team with no manager at the touchline, there will be no form of organization, direction, neither will there be a clear game plan. A good manager knows the most effective areas to spend time and resources to make the most impact. They also provide a pair of eyes from the sideline to know what changes to make for progress to be made.

6. Collaborations

If there is anything that can put an artist in the front foot, it is collaborating with different emerging artists. It is a great way to expose both acts to a different fanbase. The first time most Nigerians ever heard of Wizkid was on a collaboration with MI Abaga who was at the time emerging as one of Nigeria’s finest rappers. Wizkid has undeniable talents, but collaborating on this song with M.I set the tone for what was to come. It increased people’s awareness of his brand and made people eager to find out more about him. It is understood that collaborations with big brands do not come cheap but collaborating with emerging Managers, Models, artists, designers, media outlets, event venues, comedians, small businesses can save the artist a bit of money and also get them ahead.

Gone are the days when an artist can get away with having a successful year without having several worthy videos. In today’s music industry, you need to match your audio quality with videos, because videos are so much more engaging to the fans.  There is a need to put out quality videos to keep the fans interested in you and to keep your brand competing for new business.

“seeing is believing”.

We are nearing the end of 2019, and it is the right time to review some of the videos that gave us chills in Indiana USA during the course of the year. In no particular order

Liah B – Too Much

Liah B has been a dominant figure in the music scene since she released her BitterSweet E.P. This video is a testimony to how far she has come.

Mr. Duke ft. Camerudeboy – Body

A very good song and a matching concept for a video, but the one thing that was not on-point was the lighting. Most of the faces on the video were hardly recognizable. Take nothing away from it though.

Terrance Anderson – Don’t sleep

Very well scripted and directed. This video is one of my personal favorites, but yet very simple. He hardly moved an inch during the whole process.

Teeklef – Calling

Teeklef shoots his videos for the Ladies. He is once again in a world of his own spitting love lyrics to a pretty model. I may be correct to describe Teeklef as a nature lover, cos looking at what he has done in his previous videos, he employs the use of nature in most of them and it’s quite fascinating.

Mr. Icey – Shut down

I would consider this X-rated music video a game-changer in the African Videos Industry in Indianapolis. The video is shot in 4K quality with hot girls who are super sexy but half-naked. Mr. Icey seems to be having a lot of fun in these scenes. The visuals were shot in a popular club in Indianapolis.

Rilo – Loke

Rilo’s Loke was shot Downtown of Indianapolis, and it was worth the hype when it came out. The video quality is top-notch. Girls, expensive drinks, jewelry, cars, money, the kind of video that millennials would watch over and over.

Afrorolls – Alasiko

Another well scripted and well-directed video. Afrorolls interprets his beautiful Afrobeat song with a well-krafted video. The video stars the beautiful supermodel Joslin Robinson.

Teeklef – XO

Teeklef  XO looks very similar to Calling in many respects but this time he chooses to go black and white. The visuals are still clean and deliver the message of the song.

If you have any videos that were not listed here, please comment on the post below.

The creative scene in Indianapolis is going through a phase. It is metamorphosizing into one of the biggest African markets in the United States of America as more and more talented creatives are finding avenues to express their art.

In 2016, I wrote about an exciting Author by the name Aderonke Moyinlorun and how her books were gaining her a lot of recognition and traction. I am happy to announce that today, Aderonke Moyinlorun has blossomed into a fine script writer and a bubbling movie producer.

Her debut movie “Dear husband” which was filmed some weeks ago is set for release. We were very privileged to get pictures on set while filming, and It is easy to tell from the pictures we got that this is one movie that we all should seriously anticipate.

Dear husband centers around Steve and Funmilola, a happily married couple who seem to be a match made in heaven until a past mistake, in form of an old flame, and pressure from friends tests their commitment to each other. Dear Husband tells a heart warming tale of love and how loss can bring about forgiveness.

Dear Husband premieres on the 1st of December at Georgetown cinema, Indianapolis Indiana USA, and an after party follows at Club Kalakutah.

Movie Title – Dear husband
Director – Bayo alawiye
Written by – Aderonke Moyinlorun
Producer – Aderonke Moyinlorun
Bayo Alawiye
Doris Simeon
Ajibola Ajibise
Temitayo Abimbola
Gbemi Oke
Funto Davids
Rukayat Adetona
Samuel Adesanya

Check out Top 10 Afrobeat songs produced in Indiana USA

Teniola Makanaki sat down with Mazifeanyi and Uyoloconnects to discuss her music and life in general moments before destroying the stage at Club Kalakutah. In this Interview conducted by Uyoloconnects and Mazifeanyi, Teni speaks about her growth in the Industry so far and also gave us her impression about Indianapolis USA.

Asked about her impression about Indianapolis, Teni said “one thing i know for sure is Indianapolis has good Nigerian food courtesy kalakutah. All these other states don’t have… Big S/o to Clubkalakutah and Kalakutah restaurant, I have eaten good food today “.

Body painting is an age-long practice. It is simply arts made on the body. In this process, the body of a human or animal serves as the canvas. In certain parts of the world especially in Africa, body arts serve different purposes. Just like tattoos or piercings, It is used for identification- members of different tribes are able to distinguish themselves from intruders just by looking at the type of art present on the body.

Throughout Africa, religious sets like worshippers of Ifa and other traditional deities have certain marks and inscriptions made on the skin to show loyalty to the faith. It keeps them protected during the times of war and serves as medicine during illness.

In recent times, Bodypainting has become mainstream, finding its way to many music videos and movies. One of such examples is when Beyonce collaborated with a Nigerian Body painting Artist Laolu Senbanjo on her Video titled Lemonade. Beyonce is not the only one known for utilizing body painting in her visuals, the Great Fela Anikulapo Kuti was also a regular user of body painting and markings on his sets.

We recently spoke to Ayohrkarz, a super talented body painting artist resident in Nigeria and we asked him what body painting means to him and the journey so far in this endeavor. Here is how the interview went

Ayomide Kasali

 What’s your name ?

I go by the name Ayomide Kasali popularly known as Ayohrkarz

Tell us about yourself?

The brand Ayohrkarz is all about art and media. So I coined the nick name from the juxtaposition of my name and surname. Whatelse? I rep Ogun state, Nigeria and I am a disciplined artist.

So, what is Body Painting about?

Body art just like any form of art appears beautiful and eye catchy, only a few people who appreciate aesthetic value can decode the meaning behind it. This form of art is unique; I express my thoughts, opinions, ideas and inspiration on the Human body as my CANVAS. And this has exposed me to a different realm of artistry, which I tagged as SURREALISM  REVOLUTION

What led you into this style of work?

Although I have done party paintings at birthdays and events years back, little did I know that I’ll find my path to bodypainting until I joined instagram in 2014. I was blown away by Laolu Sebanjo and his afromysterics, I developed a passion and I decided to venture into this

This is pretty creative but what message are you trying to pass across?

It goes beyond the aesthetics, it goes way beyond the process of achieving it, there is a pre plan for each shoot and this is usually documented, I have my sketch book where I put in what I want to achieve and the message I want to feed people with. My major theme is SURREALISM REVOLUTION it’s an art of the subconscious mind. I also have sacred themes like Oju ri meaning my eyes has seen, in all my art pieces I talk about deities, positive energy, hope, love, power and more, with the use of incongruous juxtaposition of visual elements to achieve the effect I want.

What field in art is this be classified?

It is a new trend and it doesn’t have a defined class yet but is related to performance art. It is a physical expression of creativity found in human culture and tradition. It started around 1960 and has gone viral,   Hannah Wilke quoted, Why should we have this mind-body male-female duality? The mind and body are one, so I tried to make art an expression of that connection.

Is there a difference between body art and tattoo?

Of course there most certainly is, even though body art is now seen as a forebear to today’s general mainstream acceptance of tattooing, piercing, scarring, or otherwise . it is clearly different from tattoos and piercings Because the body becomes a canvas only for that moment.

What do you seek to achieve, what is your goal?

My work became a bridge that had to be crossed by young and matured feminists working with their bodies. And with this whole idea, I aim at making body art generally acceptable and recognized as a piece of artwork not an exposure of nudity or pornography. I want this to be chipped into musical videos with conceptual ideas. I want brands to look into this field and see the meaning of what we are giving out. It’s uniquely different from all what we see on media which we are already getting bored of. Hightime we tried something new.

How do people describe you?

If I depend on how people describe me, I am not going to move any further, because basic people would always think within the box. I get discriminations of all kind, religious, social, cultural, political reviews  even. So, now it all depends  on how I describe myself. I am a game changer, an opportunist and a leader in my field. I want to use this medium to break grounds and I am a real dream chaser. I put all the necessary impact in my work.

Following the trends of Carolee Schneemann, Him Dine, Chris burden, Hannah Wilke, Rebecca horn,  Orlan, Olaolu Sebanjo, Ed the bodypaintking and so many others who are successful on this field, I do not have a second doubt in myself to be a Legend too

You seem to focus a lot on ladies, What do you say about people’s reaction to your style of work profession especially the many naked ladies you paint?

Well, people will always say what they want to say, either to get attention or just to criticize. Some people would even go out of the way to ruin the business for you, spreading false rumors. I don’t care, Just as long as I’m chasing my dreams and I am not ever giving up on it. In today’s media world if people don’t get to talk about you, then you’re nobody- 2baba knows better

How do these girls feel during this process?

My muses are human beings, and they have a very standard background. They are sapiosexual and they choose to be a muse for various reasons. Some just want to be exhibited on to have it in their portfolio, while some just want to enjoy the atmosphere that we create, but however they all feel great during the process and after the outcome, it is not just about them getting unclad it is the beauty that comes afterwards and trust me it’s a wowing experience.

How do you feel during the process, some people say in quote “it’s impossible to do this – without a hard on” How true is that?

My muses are my canvases as stated earlier, so I try to keep it highly professional as possible. This is a sacred process,   so I give my muses time to orientate around the studio before work, we talk mature, we take light drinks and then we get to create something out of ordinary.  I paint on both genders and I do not see any reason to have an erection on this field and this on the other hand doesn’t mean I am a robot. I am just trying to keep that respect at a good level.

Asides body art is there any work you handle professionally?

Yes, I am a designer. Working with couple of designers like myself outside the country, I plan out commercials for brands, I’m a script writer, I compose music too! I can paint on any surface, wall, leather, jean, shoes, wood, ceramics,  glass, steel, I am still gathering all of my equipments together for the shine! Although I am still undergoing a program at YABA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY and I have bigger plans thereafter!

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

Its in Gods hands, he designs the destiny of man,I am just Christian who believes in God the perfect architect so I mostly would pray silently “God take me from where I am to where you want me to be” . on my part I double and triple the hustle since Faith without work is dead…and I have been seeing results over the years.

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Reekado Banks Live in concert in Indianapolis USA


Afro-rolls is one of the leading Afrobeat artistes in the United States of America. Born in Nigeria, Afro rolls has been one of those who have advanced Afrobeats in Nigeria and in the Diaspora. Formerly known as Drumsticks he has worked in the studio with acts like Shadow D don, Ycee, Myles, Samklef, Base One, and Yung6ix just to mention a few.

Afro roll who welcomed a new addition in his family a few months ago went missing in the Afrobeats scene, but after the birth of his son, he is finally ready to release new music and new materials.

These pictures are the first in a series of materials Afro rolls will be putting out in the last quarter of 2019. His new singles Asiko and Kpe mi (Call me) are set to drop soon and we were also told to anticipate a new video from the Afrobeat crooner.

The pictures below were shot by one of Indiana’s most hard-working celebrity photographers, Bree Danielz.

Listen to Afro rolls Loke

Parris Ladame

Parris Ladame is one of the most important artists out of Indianapolis. She has made a name for herself in the city and is becoming ever increasingly successful. Her social media account is beaming with activities and fans are loving the way she socializes and engages with them. The Orange hair female rapper recently released her much-publicized album Mood Swing and it was worth my time and money. The album was produced by Freshduzit and released under Bag Music group. Check it out.

Parris Ladame mood swing.jpeg

Listen to Mood Swings

C Dub

C Dub‘s project titled “Don’t wait too late” is worth every listen. It is a conscious record with a bit of a battle feel to it. C Dub is clearly trying to find his place amongst the elites in the rap game. His flow is energetic and his voice is full of purpose, the lyrics and flow is super intelligent. Songs like Smoke and King Athur blew my  is omind. This  is one project i recommend you should not sleep on.


Listen to Don’t wait too Late

Liah B

Liah B is a superstar the making, Unlike the two projects already mentioned, Liah B’s project Bittersweet is a slow sensual R&B E.P. Her voice is immaculate and she makes you want to fall in love with every song you listen to. The album art to this project is irresistibly colorful and creative. Songs off the project like We forever and Too much catch the eye.

Liah B.jpgListen to Bittersweet

With Amerikkken’s KHAOTIC dropping sometime in September, Sprove’s Life is Sweet album in the making, and Afrobeat artist Olawale Kentucky set to release his Lagos to Kentucky E.P -This is definitely a very exciting time for music in Indianapolis and I cannot wait to listen to these records. Let me know what you think of these albums.