Belect tagged me to a post some days back. The post read “ My boy is a sure ‘hot head’ this track here is super nice. Just one listen and u will get me.”

I said oya nah , i am going to listen at my free time . You already know that i am always looking for new amazing talents .

Today i hit the link to his soundcloud and the first song i listened to is Hot Head .



My first reaction was Damn! This dude’s delivery is special. His attitude is up there with the greats and his vibe is lively . Very interesting, so i paid a little more attention to his lyrics and the message he was passing across. I am like Damn! dude has got shit to say.

I am a real hiphop head and i fucks with rappers who can tell me things i learn about their experiences and immediate enviroment. Real talk is priceless , and a rapper must know how to tell his side of the story. Having said this , the song that finished work for me is Cry. Deep reality-based music .



Cry questions the fairness of life in general. Is life reallyfair?? why do some people’s cross seem heavier than others? Why do people find themselves in trouble or situations they know nothing about while others seem to get good results they do not seem to deserve? It is really a deep song and some of the questions asked are the same questions i ask myself on a daily. He also pays tribute to some notable people who have lost their lives. I do not want to say too much , Y’all should give this young intelligent rapper from Nigeria a Listen. Thank me later like i Thanked B-Elect.



No top 20 list can reflect everyone’s opinion but after careful considerations, I came up with a list of my own. The list does not imply that one song is better than other but it only highlights the significance of one song over the others. By significance i mean the overall impact of the single on the Nigerian music industry . Some songs laid the foundation for the successes of other records or other acts.

20. Da grin – Pon Pon

Da grin broke the monopoly of Afrobeat and high life to serve a kind of hip hop never seen in the country before. Although he wasn’t the first known person to rap in Yoruba , his music was heavily influenced by street/thug life which made him very unique. He was respected among his colleagues and was touted as the King of the Streets.

19. D’Banj feat. Snoop Dogg – Mr Endowed Remix

Dbanj featuring Snoop Dogg paved the way for Nigeria artiste to collaborate with their USA counterparts. The single also laid the foundation for Dbanj collaboration with Kanye West.

18. Sound Sultan – Mathematics

Sound sultan’s single mathematics is a major part of people’s growing up. He took people’s minds off love songs and party songs to address some of Nigeria’s socio-political issues. Sound Sultan creatively used a mathematical acronym BODMAS to prefer solutions to the country’s problems.

17. Baba Fryo – Denge Pose

Baba fryo Denge pose was an instant hit when he released it. It was part of the gala movement of the late ’90s which started in Ajeguunle Lagos.

16. P. Square – Senorita

P.Square set the standard for dance videos in Nigeria.T he twin brothers peter and Paul entered into the music scene with the single Senorita and quickly gain people’s love and attention.

15. Plantashun Boiz – Somebody say

This is arguably the first successful boy group from Nigeria. The group comprises of 2face Idibia, Faze and Blackface. The group went on to archive a lot of successes together but eventually broke up along the line, each member is now chasing their solo careers.

14. Styl-Plus – Olufunmi

Styl-Plus is a Nigerian R&B group that rocked the country in the early 2000. The Single Olufunmi is one of the biggest single to come out of Africa.

13. 9ice-Gongo Aso

Gongo Aso was the biggest single in Nigeria between 2008-2009. It took 9ice to legendary status with a lot of people expecting him to bring home the Grammy.

12 . Lagbaja – Konko Below

No Nigeria dance floor was spared when Lagbaja dropped the single Konko Below. The vibe of the song was infectious and till this day, you will still find it on the major event.

11. Faze – Originality

After Plantashun boiz broke up, each member set out to prove they could function alone. Faze had a good spell releasing several hits which placed him amongst the greatest musicians ever to come out from Nigeria. In many quarters, Originality was his biggest hit. the single pays tribute to Nigerian music Legends before him.

10. Eedris Abdulkareem -Wackawikee MCs

This is one of the most relevant records to come out from Nigeria especially with the fact that it set off a trend of major events that would change the face of Rap music and music business in general in Nigeria. Idris called out members of the Plantashun boiz and it received massive airplay and created a lot of buzz.

9. Modenine – Cry

This is the song that made Nigerians believe that made in Nigeria boom-bap rap music can get International acceptance and recognition. Asides from selling several copies, Cry won a lot of international awards and endorsements for Modenine. Modenine’s storytelling abilities were on the full swing, he kept it real and emotional. I was very deeply touched by the lyrics of this song. It remains one of the greatest Hip hop records from Nigeria.

8. Tribesmen – Plenty Nonsense

This is the First & only official Trybesmen video ever released. Due to the unprecedented success gained by this single Eldee developed into one of the biggest music businessmen in the country and Africa at large. Plenty things was the biggest Single in Nigeria

7. Mr.Incredible – Safe

When this record dropped the entire country was shook . Who in the world is M.I and where did he come from was the question on everyone’s lips. Chocolate city had unleashed a beast. He sounded so ahead of every competitor. M.I heralded the new era of rap music in Nigeria, he was very successful commercially and it changed the perception that rappers could not be commercially successful.

6. Banky W. – Ebute Metta

Although this wasn’t an original composition, it still rocked the airwaves in Nigeria and received massive airplay from radio oap’s and djs. After the success of this single, Bankky W would later grow to become Chairman at EME music which is responsible for nurturing one of Africa’ biggest talents at the moment, in the person of Ayo Balogun (Wizkid)

5. Daddy Showkey – Somebody Call My Name

This became the National anthem in Nigeria. Everyone was dancing to this track and all doing the galala dance step. Daddy Showkey is another artiste in the Ajegunle galala movement that became a national star. He came from the Ghettos in Lagos and became a household name in Nigeria. Daddy Showkey brought the Ghetto to national T.V. Up till date his shows are packed and his performances are still lit. He is regarded as a Legend by music lovers.

4. Wizkid – Holla at your boy

He is the youngest on the list but arguably has the most hit and has sold the most numbers. Wizkid needs no introductions, he is the most sort after artiste in Africa. when his first single Holla at your boy dropped under E.M.E records we all knew a Star has been born.

3. Tony tetuila – omode meta n sere

Tony Tetuila was getting kicked out of his group THE REMEDIES because he had requested that he be considered as a singer instead of a dancer. The group refused to grant him his request so he decided to desert them and go solo. He released a single titled Omode Meta featuring Tuface Idibia, Blackface and ruff rugged and raw. The highly controversial single is responsible for breaking out Tuface and Tony Tetuila into limelight.

2.Ruggedman ft Nomoreloss – Ehen

Ehen is the most controversial song of our time. It was definitely a turning point for hip hop in Nigeria, something like Jay Z’s Death of Autotune, we could actually divide the rap timeline to Before Ehen and After Ehen . Ruggedman was waring with the powers that be in the music industry. He lyrically attacked Kennis music acts like Idris Abdulkareem and Rasqie and then also called out maintain and Big Bamo. He was making it clear he was in this to take the crown. Ehen was cold and reformed the entire music business including give power to the iindependent artist.

RIP Nomoreloss.

1. 2Face – African Queen

Without no doubts in my mind, African queen by Tuface is the most relevant record in the recent past. It is the first Nigerian song to win major awards in Europe and America and was featured on the soundtrack of several Hollywood movies. African queen help shed the light on the work Nigerian acts were doing and opened the doors for more international collaborations.

Falz was born in Lagos State, Mushin, in South-Western Nigeria to renowned lawyers Femi and Funmi Falana. He is the son of Femi Falana, a Nigerian human rights activist and lawyer. He was called to the bar in 2012 after graduating from the Nigerian Law school . Falz started music as a hobby while in secondary school. He formed a music group with a friend called “The School Boys”. In 2009, while in high school, he released a compilation of some of his recordings as a mix-tape titled Shakara: The Mixtape

Going by his background and training as a lawyer , it is not difficult to understand why Falz uses his music to examine the Nigerian society . Music is a very important socio-political tool. However in Nigeria, it is used primarily for entertainment . Youths these days are so focused on entertaining people for a profit via music , that they forget music is also a tool to educate society . Many of us may have been little children when Fela Anikulapo Kuti was in his prime . Fela used his music to educate people, it served as a medium to pressure government; warn the masses about government excesses , and fight social injustice . To Fela music was a way to re-orientate the people on the need to preserve the African culture , religions and traditions and do away with colonial influences or western doctrines. Fela’s main agenda was to fight military dictatorship , he was against the military and any other form of the colonial government (including democracy) , he often referred to military personnel as zombies .

Femi Falana , Falz’s dad is very passionate about Fela , he refers to Fela as his most interesting client . He served as Fela’s lawyer for a period of time but little did he know that his son would one day use his music for social reconstruction just like his client Fela had done . The seed was planted in Falz.

falz moral instruction

Falz recently released his Album titled “ Moral instruction ”  to critical acclaim . There has been mixed feelings about the lyrics and content of the album . The songs touched on different issues plaguing the Nigerian society , ranging from corruption to Nepotism ; prostitution to political thuggery ; election violence ; lynching in public places ; human rights , law and order , police brutality , Sex with minors , early marriage , gay rights , hypocrisy , Internet fraud , Fake Pastors and Imams , and materialism to mention a few . Falz does a really good Job at highlighting all these issues in each of the songs . I felt like i was listening to a social worker while playing the album . Some of the songs even caused me to pause and ponder on it , something that is a rarity in today’s music. i cannot recall the last time a song made me ponder on a topic and research deeper .

The two stand out tracks for me on the album are Jonny Just come and Hypocrites . Jonny Just come was a story about many Nigerians who have been killed in tribal wars or by police brutality . It is a very sad tale and the type that Nigerians wake up to almost every day . Religion and tribe has shed a lot of blood in the country . Falz samples a lot of Fela’s vocals on the album with production primarily handled by Sess, with additional production from TMXO, Willis, and Chillz. Demmie Vee, Chillz and Sess were listed as features on the album. My personal favorite is Hypocrite . Every Single Nigerian is a Hypocrite . All you need to do is go on Facebook or any social media platform where you have majority Nigerians and see the level of hypocrisy and double standards.

People just dey do like say na dem be Jesus / People so wicked but they so religious
Who dey calculate/ E no dey show the figures
Who dey demonstrate wey dey run leave us / People too complain but dey fear to speak up/ You don’t want to die but nothing to live for /Christian and corrupt no suppose be mixture / Real musulumi e no suppose dey thief jor / Real talk no be fight rara
Everybody get fault for inside matter/ We dey talk human right
We no respect am / Who are we to crucify the homosexuals?

I love the fact that the album does not sound boring, especially with the fact that he was mostly stressing on similar issues. If care and creatively wasn’t at maximum levels , one could easily be bored to sleep by songs talking about the very same issues even though at some point i felt a little bit less interested as the album wore on. Another down side to the album is the fact that Falz mostly concentrated at pointing out the problems in Nigeria . I would have expected that he could have taken the time to find more solutions also. It is easy for anyone to point out everyday issues but it takes special people to find solutions . Solutions like exercise your rights to vote, more educated people should sit for police exams , more inter tribal marriages , place of origin should be done away with and place of residence be what is recognized by law, a better education curriculum , a merit based system rather than quota based or faith based , constitutional amendments and reforms, and the separation of church and mosque from state just to point out a few.

The only reason i would still maintain that Fela is the most relevant act of our time is the fact that Fela was dare devil. He directly attack powerful people, he made references to real events and wait would for the consequences . Fela went against presidents, Governors, Religious leaders, e.t.c . No corrupt person was spared, Fela would name names. Falz on the contrary is playing very cautious , and i really understand why. The Nigerian political terrain can be really brutal , so people are very cautious of what they say so as not to be targeted even Fela lost his mother and most of his property as a result of his fight against the military dictatorship in Nigeria . Notwithstanding, What Falz has done is very commendable, though some of his remarks are sometimes more comical, salient , metaphoric or ironic which only the more intelligent may grasp. It is facts that the method an artist chooses to deliver his message also impacts how his music is received, because people will tend to gravitate towards the more controversial record or artiste. Having said that , I think people will gravitate towards Fela’s music more because Fela’s mode of delivery was fierce . With more time and work in this direction, Falz will definitely grow to become as influential as Fela , even though he may achieve this in his own way, style and fashion and not necessarily the Fela way .

I really commend Falz for dropping this gem and i know for certain that it will stand the test of time . It would be interesting to see how this album grows or dies on Nigerians especially as youths are more inclined to dance songs and majority of us youths are the ones being criticized by Falz. People do not want to hear the truth and may avoid playing the album more than once . The songs that make the numbers are the ones that encourage greed and short cuts to wealth or the once that elevate religion . I would be following Falz projects and progress . Falz if you are reading this , i want to tell you that your music has spoken for the weak , the poor and the oppressed . There will be may blessings attached to this but also be safe and aware of your surroundings . I wish you all the best .

 “ Like the popular saying A prophet is not recognized in his own home ”

Music business these days is so competitive and artiste have to stand out from the competition . An artiste will have to set himself apart from the rest in order to create a reputation for himself and gather fans. One area musicians invest their resources, time , and energy in order to stand out is in creating good cover arts. Cover arts most times is the first impression a listener gets of your music – You see before you hear .

I remember when i used to buy records from vendors on the streets. Album covers were the first thing that would attract me to your music. My eyes would navigate a stack of records in seconds , the record with the best graphics , color , format , message and layout would grab my attention.  Today , the market is quite different but the challenge is the same. Most music is downloaded , streamed or viewed online, but still , pictures play a vital role in what songs people pick to play.  A good album art should easily generate interest. It portrays your plan , purpose, direction , creativity , intention and conveys the message to the fans . Sometimes the message is controversial but ultimately it is used to summarize a project . How creative your album cover appears tells a lot about how much creativity you have put in to the album as a whole, as the album design is closely related to the album concept.

Due to the Buzz an album cover can can generate , album covers are very essential and important to music marketing and distribution. It is not a coincidence that the most sold albums are usually the ones with the best album cover . They influence the buyers choice and hence directly impacts sales . A bad album cover could cause people to reject the album and hence affect sales negatively. There has been cases where  records flop or get banned due to unaccepted album covers . Therefore, You have to understand how people would perceive your cover in the environment you find yourself . What is regarded as sensitive in one society might not be as sensitive in another society.

A good album art will include the title of the project , Track listing , copy right information , warning label , credits, and contact information . Although Professionally taken portraits of the artists seem to be the most common , many designers also employ the use of abstract painting, canvass painting, 2D and 3D graphics to convey a vivid message to the consumer . In other words , Album art may not necessarily be a picture of the artist , sometimes it is plain text or just a combination of colors . The most essential thing is to ensure that it is attractive and informative . Clarity is also important , the design must allow for the write-up to be readable and clear. Here are some of my best album covers of all time.

Hip hop in Nigeria has become a controversial topic . Every one has an opinion about what Hip Hop should sound like . Honestly , there is actually no formula but the basic fact is music should sound good regardless of it’s genre .

King Jaja Bars by illgod & xplain is one song i recommend Hip hop heads in Nigeria should listen to . In my opinion , this is what African Hip-hop should sound like. I am a believer that Africans should tell their story through their art , be it music , painting or movie making . The fact that we have left our history to foreigners to document is disgusting . The reason i was not a fan of Wakanda . The narrative of that movie did not develop in the mind of an African child . It was the narrative of people who have probably never stepped foot in Africa. An African child will never conceive a super hero dressed in a cape or suit and mask. Super heroes in Africa are in the form of Princess Amina , Jaja of Opobo , Fela , Sango , Amardioha , Ebubedike, Yaa Asantewa, Haile Selassie etc . Also, there will be no reason to work with the CIA or build centers in foreign lands . There is also an element of false or bad publicity in there for Nigeria . The producers claimed the movie is fictional , but the proceed to name places like “ Sambisa forest ” . My problem with this is that , like coming to America starring Eddie Murphy , American movies make people conceive false ideas of Africa and hide behind the fact that it is fictional or they exaggerate the problems in Africa in the name of fiction. They also make it seem that all Africans need to come to America to have hope , education or a life . These views are totally false, unacceptable and very bad publicity for Africa.

I have no problems with Foreigners expressing their opinions about Africa in their arts as well, the problem is Africans should be aware of these false / foreign narratives and realize they have a duty to make their counter perspectives known . We need to tell our own story .  Imagine reading or watching the African narrative of Slavery or Colonization devoid of European influences or narratives. It will be way different from what we see on TV .



When you write a song about your environment and experiences , it never gets old. illgod and Xplain D Don are aware of this fact and they exploit it in all of their tracks . Although  the general opinion is that the days of Boom-bap hip-hop are behind us, illdagod will always awake it’s spirit because he is telling his story and that of his people, the narrative is original . I replayed this song a minimum of 10 times (no kidding ). One was because it felt like i visited my beloved Port Harcourt again. The slang and terminology was basic Rivers State lingual . It’s like seeing a documentary of your favorite city . The references they made through out the song reminded me of my back ground . I really do not pay attention to rappers who talk about things they know nothing about or who try to tell a tale from a foreign perspective, lingual or ideology. You are not being original .

This song is titled King Jaja Bars , after King Jaja of Opobo (full name: Jubo Jubogha; 1821–1891) . He was a merchant prince and the founder of Opobo city-state in an area that is now the Rivers state of Nigeria. Born in Umuduruoha, Amaigbo, in Igboland, he was sold at about the age of twelve as a slave in Bonny. Jumo Jumofe later took the name “Jaja” for his dealings with the British.

Jaja proved his aptitude for business at an early age, earning his way out of slavery; he also dominated the Palm oil trade and was a real super hero because he resisted the British from controlling his people until he was arrested , exiled , and poisoned .

I dominate beats like Jaja dominated the oil trade .




Credits : Wikipedia

Event’s organizers often need artistes, musicians, and performers to provide entertainment for their guests. Some of the performers are established acts while the majority are often up-and-coming artistes. Unfortunately, It has become a trend for event organizers to refuse to pay up-and-coming artistes, most times the excuse is that the event already provides a platform that would expose the artiste, hence there is no need for financial compensation.

crowd in front of people playing musical instrument during nighttime

In my opinion , no business should run at a loss. Unfortunately most upcoming acts run their businesses at a loss. People say that unless an artiste is a household name they really do not deserve to get paid. But on the contrary, upcoming artistes need as much money as the established acts do. They spend a lot of money on music production, photography, album art designs, radio promotions, video production, distribution and promotion. The average cost of producing music is #100,000, most photographers will charge you anywhere between #50,000 and #300,000 for a well shot photo session. The cost of promoting and distributing music runs into millions of Naira. Therefore, it would be very inconsiderate to expect an artiste who has spent all these amounts on their work to make an appearance at your event for free. Unpaid gigs and event will run your music business to the ground and it has ruined a lot of artistes and music businesses already.

Artistes should get paid just as Upcoming DJZ, Models, Vixens, Producers all get paid for their job at events.  It disturbs me why most event organizers find it difficult to compensate a new artistes for their work. Paying people for their work ensures that they also grow as a business, they become relevant in the society and ultimate helps grow the economy. An event promoter would also benefit from it as more artistes will be willing to work with you in the future and give their best because there is a financial reward. Be you a farmer, a trader, a mechanic or an artiste, if you are invited to work you deserve to get paid. An upcoming artistes job at an event is to entertain guests until the main act or main agenda comes on stage. They help to you hold your crowd together. You should be able to offer a decent amount of compensation for the Job they do for you. Without upcoming acts, people will not be primed for the main act and many may eventually leave the venue.

The problem is that there are too many desperate artiste out there who either do not understand business or are just too desperate that they pay to perform at events. The problem with this is, once you started in that direction it would be very difficult to find organizers who are willing to pay you. Because they all know that you perform for free. There is a popular saying “Do not start what you cannot finish.”

Another problem is the lack of a management for most fledging acts . Every artiste needs to have a management or a business manager whose responsibility is to ensure that the artist interest in being protected at any negotiation. They would ensure that bookings, appearance fees, endorsements are reviewed and is in the artists favor. Failure to have a management means that you may continue to accept deals that are not in your favor just because you want to present your music to the crowd.

In conclusion , Even if it is a token amount compared to established acts, please set aside a budget to compensate the work of up and coming artists. it is an insult to their work , struggle and effort to persuade them to work for free. It is also unjust and unfair. It is not a favor it is a right.

Just this weekend , I was in an Uber ride, the driver was an African American lady named Kafilat. As soon as i saw her name on the app while ordering the ride, I recognized she may be Nigerian. I was half right. Apparently , she was half Nigerian and half American. Her dad is Nigerian. We immediately got talking…

“Is Juju real ? ” she asked, huum .. “ Yes and No ” , i replied . I started to explain how Africans originally had their traditions , religion and practices before the Europeans and Arabs brought Christianity, Islam, colonization,  and slave trade. Most of what is regarded as Juju today is the  worship of African gods for protection , wealth , health and economic growth . It has been portrayed in negative light. Bad people use any tool at their disposal for bad and African religion is not an exception .

Today , Africa is a confused place with all kinds of religions . Some practices are a mix of African religion and Western Christianity or Arabic Islam . I told her that African spirituality is not a myth but new generation Africans have been forced to believe that our religion is inferior to the European based monotheist religions . We also made reference to Beyonce’s recent video’s depicting her as a follower of Oshun the river goddess.

African Americans have been deliberately left in the dark for ages . I think the Education system here was designed to keep us asking questions rather than providing answers. Many African Americans who have approached me are constantly asking questions about their origin and their identity . While Some have taken the added step to traced their lineage to different parts of Africa, others are still in their quest to find where their families originated from . You need to know your history to discover who you are and understand your purpose . I encouraged her to research the topic and I gave her some references .

One thing remains obvious , The Western Media will not tell the truth. Have you ever wondered why Africa is depicted in today’s media as 100 percent poverty , diseases and Mal-nourished kids? It has resulted in African Americans begin ashamed of where they are from, and grateful for being forcefully taken across the Atlantic – That’s the aim .  That is why Africans need to tell their own story . No foreign entity should help you define your religion ,  history , shape or background . Africans need to guide their own interest . We need to take a cue from the Chinese and Indians; who have battled against western influences to retained their culture , religion, and heritage. It is only when you understand that your father was a scientist , a king , or a queen then you can hold your own. When your history is constantly depicted as useless , you subconsciously become afraid , shy , and grateful rather than outspoken , confident and forceful . It is a control mechanism.

The notion that Africa’s Religions are Fetish and crude is false . Christianity and Islam were similarly crude, but as time went on became refined to suit modern society . African Traditional religion would have evolved the same way if it was not for Europe’s invasion of Africa. To cut the long stories short, American Rappers , namely Seven Six Supah & Yosun Tala just dropped a single that summarizes all i have said above. They are seen in the video Praying to the Yoruba orishas ( Obatala , Oshun , Sango , olodumare , Ogun , Ifa ) and remind Africans to be proud of their heritage and history.

Have you met Tobe Nwigwe? A First generation Nigerian – American who is rapidly on the rise. He was born and raised in Alief, Texas better known as the S.W.A.T .Tobe is a very conscious rapper and most of his music centers around his life experiences. He speaks about everyday life and is definitely a voice of his people. Being a First generation Nigerian – American, he shares a similar story with Jidenna: both artists tell a similar story of what is is like to grow up in America being black and having African parents .

Recently Tobe was invited to be a part of the Legendary B.E.T CYPHER ( an event that is preserved for the Crème de la Crème of the hip hop industry ) and soon afterwards he was labelled by Jill scott : the legendary American singer ,  as a Genius .

His new video Spice ft Spice Adams will definitely impress you . He even spits Pigin in heavy igbo accent on this one.

Shut that your dirty mouth / Come my friends please get out / wetin do you when you talk about / who you talk about / what you talk about / see the boy go in and out / put the pigin so they can listen just a lil different when i’m spittin /

Watch below


He is currently on tour with most of his venues already sold out . Los angeles , Atlanta , Washington , and New york have been sold out,  but you can visit his website here to buy tickets for Chicago and Dallas which are almost sold out , if the reports reaching us is anything to go by. so waste no time if you plan to be a part of this event and grab your tickets fast !

The purpose of my blog is to provide a place where dope independent artists i have come across, especially in the cities i have lived in ( Indiana Usa , Chicago , Lagos , Port Harcourt ) can interact . Having said that , it means the scope of my blog for now is very limited. It is a personal blog and the views are a personal opinion.

Today i want to introduce you all to an artist named ” Blaqbonez “, a rapper I have followed since i lived in Lagos Nigeria . Over the years, Blaqbonez has been very consistent and has dropped projects, most of which have contributed to his rise in the hip-hop circles in Nigeria. His works have brought him a lot of accolades and consequently a deal with 100 Crowns; a company affiliated with choc city music ; home of arguably Nigeria’s no. 1 rapper MI Abaga.

In August 2018, he dropped a project tiled “Bad boy blaq” . I took time to listen to this project on spotify and i have decided to provide a general overview on the project (My opinion) . Over the years, i have seen Blaqbonez evolve from being a battle rapper to making music that sounds good and have a commercial value. From the East coast boom-bap music to a project that is heavily trap. This goes to show how far blaq has come and that he is in touch with the market and has tailored his music to suit what the market wants. Blaq has also grown from being an artist that only cares about accolades and hype to a fully grounded business man, and i am happy at his attempts to wrap his head around the business part of music.

First, I love to pick up an album and after listening to it i can tell the artist’s origin, language , life experiences , purpose and ideologies . 2017/18 has seen a slight shift of in the way artists approach content creation . Artists like Lil wayne, Cardi B , Drake , Nas even our own Mi Abaga dropped projects that are very inward and introspective . The shift has seen artists go from money and hoes to spreading the word on concepts like business , self study , and self awareness . On this project , Blaq follows the same direction, i could identify his culture, his beliefs and most especially i could understand his story. The songs are laced with English and heavy pigin and verbiage and slang are ingenious to Nigeria. Also, the subject matter he raps about is relevant to his environment and the message is clear. What i enjoyed most is the realness. He is not trying to talk about issues he knows nothing about but he draws inspiration from issues around him and those that are common within his surrounding. That is very important to the success of music globally. You have to listen to your environment and speak a language they speak to connect your music with them. I had no problems identifying Blaqs motives and message. From the album cover you can tell that Blaq had set out to be creatively unique . I love the color combination and i suppose the pictures on the cover represent different facets of his personality or personal journey.

The introduction to a project means everything. it tells the listener if to continue or not . Blaqs first track ” Accommodate ” gives a summary of his state of mind. ” Real life not knowing where dinner is coming from / real life f**k what u see on Instagram broke as fuck but living without stealing “.  It sets the stage for what to expect . A dope rapper fighting to get heard ! . The second song on the tracks-list “Denied” starts where he left off on the first , he raps

I am so ahead of time / 2018 held me back / carry the cross i am like Christ / prayed to God to save my life / cos i am real, going and killing this people like flies / well on my way to the ice / never been lucky my life/ aint no roll of the dice / i just cannot be denied/  Mi Abaga told me i am the one / everybody be like shii i am the one / even q said i am the dopest, to disrespect him must be stupid /

The arrangement of the tracks is impeccable . The production is top notch . Blaq had tweeted that M.I spent time working on this record and it definitely paid off .

One thing i noticed even from Blaqs previous projects is the way he uses skits to connect tracks . This is an old practice but it is a potent tool. Skits are to albums what conjunctions are to essays . If used intelligently they provide a beautiful link and add value to the project. It tells me that Blaq has done his home work and he knows what makes up a good project. I also love the use of recorded phone conversations to add a real life feel to the records. Blaq uses this effect to show that he draws inspiration from everyday life and that his music centers around his life. it is a priceless feature. Another very impressive thing about the project is how Blaq manages to bring in heavy features. Loose Kaynon , Aq , Terry Apala are veterans and they came through heavy on their records. Aq and Loose Kaynon came through on the track ” Low key ” and alpha although i do not know a lot about him was no push aside on the record. Stand out lines from the veterans are …

There is nothing new you can show me / get a pat on the back like Utomi / . See y’all can ask my exes , i quietly take my exit , they roll around with that L forever like a life time deal with Lexus, passport tatted like Rick Ross/.. add aesthetics to the project .

Terry Apala is a beast on the song ” I told you ” and delivers his agbero vibe that everyone loves. I would have been very happy to see an MI Abaga verse on this project. Asides the very heavy features, Blaq also showcases some impressive young talents on this project . I particularly love Oxlade on the song ” mamiwota ” . Kudos to Mi Abaga on the production of this master piece . it is flawless in my opinion , the mixes are very balanced and even through the cheapest of head sets you still are surrounded by the ambience of the sound. The beats are mad from top to bottom so kudos to Blaqs production team.

If there is any where the project scores a low , it is in marketing and promotions. So far, it has been more of a online project. I believe this record is bigger than the promotional budget it has been accorded . I was very excited when i heard Blaq had finally landed himself an agreement with Nigeria’s biggest rap brand choc city , therefore his record is going to be on heavy rotation and videos were going to fly out left right and center. This has not been the case and we are still awaiting the first video off the project. I will not lay all the blames on choc city , if you follow recent happenings in the music circles ; revenue , sales , and show money is hard to come by these days and record companies lose all their capital in promoting and distributing but no returns to show for it. Therefore, it is understandable if choc city, led by Mi Abaga are taking their time to explore the possible income streams for him. It is better to take things slow than to run into debts.

Over all this is a solid project and i hope we have not seen the last of it. I believe that this project still needs videos , events and a promotional plan and we could have a heir to M.I ‘s throne already. My favorites on the album are the more introspective tracks like Tosin’s song , consent, 5.00am . Songs like Play , Mamiwota , I told you ft Terry Apala, and woke give the project a heavy commercial appeal and a repeat value. I recommend this to any music lover. This is definitely top 3 projects in recent times by a Nigerian.

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