Toby Grey continues to showcase her amazing talent year after year. She is an artist I have been following forever but I have been waiting for the right time to tell you all about her.

Her name is Adeyemi Tobiloba Maryam, a Nigerian pop singer that ventured into singing at the age of 13. She is a graduate of French from the University of Lagos and often delivers her songs in both English and French language. Toby became very famous when she made Gboju – a cover of Kiss daniels supper successful song Woju.

Tobey Grey has since left Nigeria and relocated to the U.K to continue her quest for quality Education but the good news is she has not slowed down with her music career . Her brand is growing tremendously. Her new video Belle no be show glass is a powerful song that implies that what you see on social media does not in anyway describe the quality of life or situation people may be living . Social media is a cover, people hide their biggest fears , pain, failures, and insecurities behind high definition pictures and HD videos. While others who are quiet may be living their best lives. People you see partying last week may end up being suicidal the following week. Belle no be show glass means the stomach is not transparent , you can not see who is hungry and who is well fed just by looking at the belly. It is a powerful song produced by my favorite producer Tyemmy. it also features two of Nigeria’s biggest emerging stars; Chinko Ekun and Terry Apala.

They don’t see the pain behind the fame, the flimsy facade behind the game _ Toby grey

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When PEABOD reached out to us and asked us to review his album, I was excited ! . I believe it is because I have not listened to many white rappers recently. Caucasian rappers are creatively different. The subject matter and issues they touch on with their music is way different from the black folks. Also, the opinions they express in their music are relevant and interesting, sometimes it is way in contrast to a black person views. Therefore, i always love to listen to a good caucasian rapper. PEABOD is dope, he reminds me of the first time i heard Eminem . I do not imply that he sounds like Eminem but the similarities lie in the storylines, the conscious lyrics, and the perspective.

He is a breath of fresh air in a genre filled with too many replicas. Peabod puts a new spin on the genre, his stories are positive and the wordplay connects with audiences of all ages. I am still listening to tracks off his album but so far I am in awe of his music .Y’all should check out this amazing video featuring Chad Mattson of Unspoken.

Last week i was on the phone with one of Indiana’s most promising artists and Twerk Queen Kitti Red. Although she now lives out in Atlanta, She was in the city for some business. She is one of the acts expected to put the 317 on the map in 2019 and her album has been reviewed by many as one of the best albums to drop in recent times.

She is intelligent, business-oriented and super sexy. Asides from those attributes Kitti Red spits fire bars. Her last Video Trapping in my Vans depicts a very sophisticated and well to do female just living her life to the fullest. I would not be surprised if she is endorsed by Vans.

Chocolate city is the Manchester city of Rap in Nigeria. The title is in their hands and it’s been theirs for keeps. I am Just stating facts, If they continue in this form there is room for competition. I cannot sing more praises for MI Abaga, Aq and Loose Kaynon.  I think Choc city has refocused their attention on the rap industry because for a moment I felt they were distracted with trying to make pop records. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making a pop record but the thing is, you can only be best at being you. Right now Choc city is being Choc city, Rap music is what they are known for.

But wait… Who the Fuck is Torna? I ask this question in a good way. He totally owns the hook of the track with this melodious Igbo vibe and gives Loose and Aq the momentum to jump on the verse. He is like the Fernandinho of this track (The unsung hero ), connecting the flow of the game with his chorus like Fernandinho connects Manchester city’s attack and defense.

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When you find yourself in a situation where your relationship is not working because your partner is taking your feelings for granted, it is time to fly. Fly Blue Bird Fly 

He ain’t picking up your calls or replying your text, she Sexting all kinds of guys or you cannot have a meaningful conversation or spend quality time together, Fly blue bird fly. If the relationship gets physically abusive or mentally draining .. Fly blue Bird Fly

Hundred percent of the time, when you get rid of the pain and negative energy you will realise that your life is a lot more meaningful, your mind becomes clear and you can focus of attaining some meaningful goals .

Unhealthy relationships limit your potentials, it narrows your mind, fighting for love becomes you life objective and if love isn’t working it can lead you to depression. I know it is very difficult to let go of someone you really love and have invested a lot of time but sometimes it is the last resort for you to maintain sanity and be mentally healthy. Do not risk your mental health for anything, it is not worth it.

Veronica summarises it all –  it’s too late, your sorries will not work this time. Veronica is gorgeous, asides from having an amazing voice she is also a fitness instructor and damn she is drop dead sexy.

Dope vibe !!! This song addresses a situation that most of us have experienced. When you lovers with a girl but in public Y’all act like Strangers. We have all been in this secret relationship thing before, where for some reasons you both only meet in bed at a secret location.

This happens because keeping the relationship is not the right thing to do at that point in time, there are some type of restrictions or the society wouldn’t permit or accept that kind of behavior, so there is need to hide it.

Amazing song and an amazing narrative by IAM3AM. His voice is phenomenal but beyond the voice, the direction of the song is what does it for me. He comes with a narrative a lot of songs have not told and from an angle, people have not explored. It is a popular story but sang in a unique way.

This kind of love is usually the fieriest love. It is only a matter of time before everyone finds out.

They say when a good girl goes bad she is gone forever and when a woman is fed up there is nothing you can do about it. Most relationships suffer because one person is putting in everything but the other party feels reluctant to reciprocate. People cannot handle genuine love and care. It takes them to a place where they feel too comfortable and believe the world revolves around them.

Could it be human nature to be in love with people who do not want you in their lives? Looks like people are attracted to people who treat them badly. Yes, good girls love bad guys and good guys love bad girls even though they may not admit it. There may not be a conscious effort to be with a bad person but looking at the number of people hanging on to unhealthy relationships it looks like there is something attractive about being promiscuous, mean and dishonest. Most people are passionately in love with people who are trying to let go of them. Like pain is love, so the more it hurts the more the love. The more you are being pushed away the more effort you want to put into making a better impression to change the situation. This cycle continues until people become completely exhausted and sometimes needing help.

Johnaye Thank you for this beautiful song and lyrics, it got me thinking. My train of thought was set in motion. She is super beautiful.

The part of the video shot in the bathtub is super hot! Intense!

No doubt, Oxlade is the fastest growing artiste in Nigeria . He is not just expanding, but he is carrying so many acts along. His growth in the last few months is tremendous . From being featured on a number of blogs to being on stage alongside Africa’s biggest act Davido. Oxlade has worked hard and deserves all the hype he is getting.

Today he posts a song with Frescool an artiste i have no idea about but unsurprisingly when i listened to the song, it is fire.  Frescool has an astounding tone and melody to his voice too. I do not know where Oxlade finds all these features. Frescool teams up with the current hottest young act in the Nigerian industry Oxlade on a jam title SURULERE . Surulere which is a city in Lagos State Nigeria literally means there are benefits in being patient. The video was shot by NayaEffectz.

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Impressive song, impressive video, and very impressive lyrics. jamie Wild impresses all round. I love her name, the video is really intense and wild, I kinda feel my heart is racing. I love the chemistry between both vixens on the video, it is sensual and way better than having a male and a female, that is cliche!

Baby, we can sleep when we dead, so let’s stay all night and spend all day on bed / I love your company even better your head.

The lights and colors are amazing too, it is the kind of song you wanna have on when you all up in her pants…

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The author Ayo Niyi Olufemi holds a Bsc. in Psychology from Indiana University-Purdue University (IUPUI), USA and an MSc. in Criminal Justice. He currently works as a supervisor at Resource Treatment Center.

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