Feel Good Music (FGM) presents the Official Video of  GROOVE by Wizzy ft Fweshie Oloye off his Upcoming E.P. WizzyWee is a Houston based Nigerian rapper who consistently puts out quality vibes.

With Afrobeat making astronomical strides in the diaspora, King Wizzy continues to stay ahead of the competition with another banging video. The video features another promising Nigerian act, Fweshie Okoye and is directed by Mr Victorious.

Watch the full video below


Onosz has dished out a series of viral video and live performances to his trending single titled Together. Since the song dropped on the 7th of February it has continued to grow in views and appeal. The latest video released by Onosz is a live performance at Gugurutv, the previous was a live studio session of Onosz performing the song. Both videos are dope but Onosz still insists that the Official video is in the works and drops soon.

Watch the two viral videos released by Onosz below…


After receiving over 60 impressive movies from mostly African and African American short-film directors and production houses, we finally came up with a list of 12 movies that made the final cut.

It was very difficult to streamline the list because almost all the entries were good enough. Our judges had the difficult task of putting this list together. The purpose of IAFF is to give the African short-film director a channel to connect with the rest of the world. Many misconceptions about Africa exist mostly via foreign movies so it is time we tell the African story from an African’s perspective and let the world see Africa from the eyeball of an African and not just that of an outsider as the case has almost always been.  It is our goal to expose new African talents to the world.

These Short films center on religion, sex, Politics, marriage, relationships, crime, and business as it pertains to African societies, but most importantly they come from the perspective of Africans. The Short-film that is able to get the most views in combination with the highest votes will be awarded a $1000 (cash and gift package), while the runners up and the 3rd placed will go home with a $450 and $250 package respectively. We would like to thank all those who participated in the process and we hope that your talents impact the world.

You can also donate to contribute to the overall price package and contribute to the growth of the movie industry in Africa via the donate button below. Click on the title of the movie to view it. Remember a combination of the highest views and votes is what is required to win these prices. Voting ends May, 25th, 2020 and winners will be announced afterward.

These below are the 12 short-films gunning for the top spot.


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Czure is a Nigerian born and raised producer/songwriter who currently lives in Houston Texas — home to some of the most talented Nigerians in the USA. Growing up in a music-loving household exposed him to the sounds of everyone from Fela to Dr. Dre from an early age. This without a doubt influenced his keen ear for, not just music, but “sounds” in general.

The ability to pick out the right tones is the hallmark of every producer’s sound and Czure definitely does this well! With over ten years of “music-making” experience tucked under his belt, its no wonder he is able to curate music that anyone can relate to.

Recently stepping into the spotlight as an artist himself, Czure has dropped a few singles that are actually rather impressive. The ability to wear numerous hats while creating gives him an unfair advantage if you will.

Listen below to his newest Afro-beat offering titled Dumb, I am hundred percent certain that this will move up the charts quickly.

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Weeks after winning the Song of the year with her single Hang up, High flying Parris Ladame releases another dope video off her successful “ Mood swing” album. Parris is arguably Indiana’s most prominent female rapper, with a following of over 60,000 followers across all social media networks, she is definitely the one flying the flag for the city.

Do it is Bossy & Rude but served in a chill and relaxed way. The Track is produced by Fresh does it and the video is directed by one of Indiana’s finest directors Oluvisualgod.

She got the entire city behind her

Sensational and Award-winning singer  KELLA KAYY  has released the official music video of her buzzing single titled FOLAKE. The record was produced by Becky J and the video was directed by a skilled video director shot on Wednesday.

Folake by KELLA KAYY tells the story of a young girl whose parents had chosen a career path for but she would rather do something else. Would she follow her heart or fulfill the desires of both Parents? This story is told with reference to most Parents in our country Nigeria.

Kella Kayy has such an amazing voice. This song has become my ring tone since I heard it a couple of weeks ago.

Check it out and share your thoughts below


Did you all hear about the death of Chima; the Mechanic that was Killed in Port Harcourt Nigeria by men who were said to be members of the Nigerian Police force? He was allegedly arrested and tortured to death just because he refused to offer bribe after he broke the traffic rule and drove on the wrong side of the road. The news sparked outrage in Port Harcourt and all social media platforms.

In the past few years, Nigerian youths have been harassed by some members of the Nigerian Police Force and given various unjust treatments including – illegal detention, torture, and false accusations. This has prompted the famous rapper, DR. Barz, to start a movement for youths, standing against all forms of human violence. “We are the voice to the voiceless youths, through music, art, and drama. We stand against all forms of Police Brutality in Rivers State and demand Justice For Chima and the Ikoku 4 as the law permits.” Dr. Barz also narrates the incident in a one minute video he put out on social media

They were allegedly tortured in police custody which led to the death of Chima. We hope with this video we have been able to tell the story of Chima Ikwunado, and the illegal detention of four others who were arrested alongside the deceased by the men of the Eagle (E) Crack for alleged car theft on December 19, 2019.

Read about the death of Chima the mechanic on  Sahara Reporters here

This is very Courageous and we want to commend DR. Barz for this. This is a way that music could be used to educate, spread information, sensitize and bring positive change. More artists should follow this lead to bring issues that have been swept under the carpet to the surface so that it could be addressed accordingly.

The Indianapolis local scene is booming with a lot of great African music and entertainment talents and it is so necessary that we begin to support and recognize talents to reinforce good behavior and appreciate hard work. As a community, this is not a choice it is an obligation. It will alsp ensure brand growth and development within the community. These are the main reasons for creating the Afrique Entertainment Awards.

Powered by mazifeanyidotcom.

The 2nd Edition is already in the planning and we intend to make it a bigger and better event but this will require more African businesses, more sponsors, and also the support of the general African public in Indiana USA. We would appreciate if you support this initiative by clicking on the donate button below.


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Check out pictures and full list of winners here

The artist formerly known as Kimbo is ringing in the new year with this melodious Afrobeat Jam titled “Expensive shit” featuring soundgahd and Vreezyville produced by soundgahd. This tune is one that is sure to sway the body to move and become an instant hit. Expensive shit sees the artist talk about finer things, lavish clothing, and cars.

I wanted something that people can begin the new year with, and with everyone talking about how this year will be a year of success for them, what better way to talk about all the expensive shit you will acquire when you make it __King K

Since dropping Freshman solo EP in 2016 titled ‘CFR Vol 01’, the artist now known as King K disappeared on a self-imposed unpopular exile from the music world and since then there has been an outcry for his versatile delivery of puns, punches, and poetry, in French, English, and pidgin. With almost no citing or collaborations for over 3 years, a hint of a possible return came via his Not your mate freestyle. Expensive shit with it’s rich, lucid and diluting tune gently but firmly proclaims that the King is back.

After the release of the much-publicized and much talked about LP, Illgod and Timi Kei have finally released the video to “Throbbin”, a single off the Soulsoup L.P. The visual is directed by arguably Nigeria’s no.1 music video brand Clearance Peters.

This video literally takes you back to the early 90’s, the glory days of the original Hip-hop music that created in the Bronx, a borough of New york. It also samples the voice of the Legendary Nas Jones on the song “World is yours” on his classic Illmatic album.

Illgod is well Known for his Sampling, heavy drums, basslines, kicks, and loops. His style is different from anything you can find in Nigeria and Timi Kei really seizes the opportunity of a dope beat to educate folks.

“Illgod brought the beat in and my rhyming still hot, I still rob like policemen” ___Timi Kei