After returning to Indianapolis from Los Angeles, Rambo Hustle kicked off his return with a huge run of shows through the Summer of 2012, starting with his Life of the Party Tour, opening for acts like Slaughterhouse, Kid Ink, Lil Dicky, Danny brown, Wale & more. Following the LOP tour he took a few years to build business’ in Indianapolis. In 2016 he returned to his music with the release of “I Just Landed in LA” which landed on fakeshoredrive’s Shade 45 Satellite radio show “The Drive on Shade 45”. He Followed up that record with his now single “Hit My line” Featuring Kerry Owens. His album “Palm Trees in Indiana” is streaming on all platforms.

The 2nd visual from the Debut album ‘Palm Trees in Indiana’ comes at you fast courtesy of Coast to Coast & R Hustle Films with additional production from Bangercity & Nico Filmz.



Keiston dishes out visuals to his single Cruising . The video features two of Indianapolis brightest talents , Sprove and Jade Samone.  Keiston is one of the many rising stars from Indianapolis expected to make it big in 2019 . Cruising is a feel good track with an early 90’s vibe and is definitely a great way to start the year . Watch the full video below and do not forget to leave a comment .



Feyi has continued from where she left off in 2018. She is taking the United States by storm. She is relentless , her E.P is mind-blowing and her videos are even more jaw-dropping . If you have not listened to the E.P i urge you to do so at your own leisure .

Feyi is signed to Labelgold and it is impressive what they have achieved with her in the short amount of time . Labelgold provides a platform for R&B artistes to showcase their music . Today , they serve us the visuals to  “ Bruh ” ; Track no. 3 on the E.P – Hello My name is Feyi . It is fire!

Listen to her E.P here .

Some months back , Philadelphia Rapper LG started off Black History Month with a thrilling visual for her new single “Burning Crosses” a video that takes you on a journey through time and gives you a snapshot into the social, judicial and racial patterns of our country. “America The Great”.

Nobody should be Judged by the color of their skin , the kinds of gods they worship , or their sexual orientation.

Aaron Obryan Smith’s music is as fun, uplifting, and as strong as his personality! Hearing his unique mixture of Soul, Mid90s Rhythm and Blues, and his romantic lyrics from before his time, you would probably say he has and “Old Soul.”
These are just a couple of things that the 25 year old singer/songwriter/producer Aaron O’Bryan Smith has heard over the years of his journey to becoming a force

His new song expresses an interesting impression. He assumes girls just wanna have fun and you shouldn’t suffer for any of them . Watch the video below and tell us what do you think of his opinion.

This is a super sexy song i came across and decided to share . I have been on my usual hunt for good music and i must tell you i just caught a big one .

“Main Girl” as they are known, is Washington, DC’s new female singing Duo , who are beginning to make heads turn across the country . They have been in the music scene for a while and already have a number of major honors to their name .  Some of the accolades already collected include


Listen and comment on their most recent release “Right Now” ft Tate Kobang .

Just this weekend , I was in an Uber ride, the driver was an African American lady named Kafilat. As soon as i saw her name on the app while ordering the ride, I recognized she may be Nigerian. I was half right. Apparently , she was half Nigerian and half American. Her dad is Nigerian. We immediately got talking…

“Is Juju real ? ” she asked  . I started to explain how Africans originally had their traditions , religion and practices before the Europeans and Arabs brought Christianity, Islam, colonization,  and slave trade. Most of what is regarded as Juju today is the  worship of African gods for protection , wealth , health and economic growth . It has been portrayed in negative light. Bad people use any tool at their disposal for bad and African religion is not an exception .

Today , Africa is a confused place with all kinds of religions . Some practices are a mix of African religion and Western Christianity or Arabic Islam . I told her that African spirituality is not a myth but new generation Africans have been forced to believe that our religion is inferior to the European based monotheist religions . We also made reference to Beyonce’s recent video’s depicting her as a follower of Oshun the river goddess.

African Americans have been deliberately left in the dark for ages . I think the Education system here was designed to keep us asking questions rather than providing answers. Many African Americans who have approached me are constantly asking questions about their origin and their identity . While Some have taken the added step to traced their lineage to different parts of Africa, others are still in their quest to find where their families originated from . You need to know your history to discover who you are and understand your purpose . I encouraged her to research the topic and I gave her some references .

One thing remains obvious , The Western Media will not tell the truth. Have you ever wondered why Africa is depicted in today’s media as 100 percent poverty , diseases and Mal-nourished kids? It has resulted in African Americans begin ashamed of where they are from, and grateful for being forcefully taken across the Atlantic – That’s the aim .  That is why Africans need to tell their own story . No foreign entity should help you define your religion ,  history , shape or background . Africans need to guide their own interest . We need to take a cue from the Chinese and Indians; who have battled against western influences to retained their culture , religion, and heritage. It is only when you understand that your father was a scientist , a king , or a queen then you can hold your own. When your history is constantly depicted as useless , you subconsciously become afraid , shy , and grateful rather than outspoken , confident and forceful . It is a control mechanism.

The notion that Africa’s Religions are Fetish and crude is false . Christianity and Islam were similarly crude, but as time went on became refined to suit modern society . African Traditional religion would have evolved the same way if it was not for Europe’s invasion of Africa. To cut the long stories short, American Rappers , namely Seven Six Supah & Yosun Tala just dropped a single that summarizes all i have said above. They are seen in the video Praying to the Yoruba orishas ( Obatala , Oshun , Sango , olodumare , Ogun , Ifa ) and remind Africans to be proud of their heritage and history.




I met Yoson by accident several weeks ago at an exclusive event downtown of Indianapolis. Very down to earth i must say , we had a brief conversation , exchanged numbers and I followed him on Instagram . He told me of how he plans to visit Ile -Ife in the nearest future.

Anyways , back to the music , Yoson Tala is a dope rapper and you shouldn’t sleep on his music .  Watch his new video “ Moscato ” below and tell me what you feel.

DQ4E is a group made of brothers, Deon aka DeDoe and Marquis aka Quis. The group has become famous on Instagram taking the social media community by storm. Their  engaging content with fans and funny skits has endeared them to fans and gained them international attention, which has resulted in appearance in music video and more follower ship.

Every week  is a feel good song and the video was shot in the studio . I love the vibe ..

Watch out for these guys

Damar Jackson is Singer and multi-instrumentalist from Louisiana who first rose to fame through a series of mix tapes. In June 2016, he released the debut EP Ninety3Until.

Before releasing his debut EP, he released nearly half a dozen mix tapes, including the popular Under the Covers Vol. 2. Damar Jackson is currently signed to Label gold along side Feyi and Garren .

His latest effort- Before, featuring Livinho has over 1.9 million views on Youtube . That tells you how solid the video is . Watch below and leave your comments .