Hamzy west recently released his EP Vibes and Seduction and we are so impressed with the quality of songs on it. The boy from Ibadan also impressed with his performance at the just concluded February edition of Exhibit A. Hamzy west, who has consistently put out solid tracks like “Tonight” and “Remember the time” continues in his rich vein of form. We anticipate the videos of some tracks on his EP.

This track handle it featuring Carma is one of our favorite Jams on “Vibes and Seduction” which also includes massive singles like “Only you” and “Breathe”. Listen to Handle it below

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Aspiring Afro-Pop Artist from Indiana, USA, T-Music is releases a crazy new single, Forever. Afro lovers all over are dancing to the new single on all music streaming platforms. T-Music is a Malawian-American Afro-Pop artist from Northern Indiana who has created his own distinctive style fusing melodic harmonies with an afro bounce . T-Music style also offers a combination of Afrobeat, Pop, Acapella, and R&B.

Afro-Pop is an energetic wave giving you a combination of the rhythmic accents of afro-beat while asserting the melodic tones of Pop music.

Forever is about a person who is devoting time to someone they want for a lifetime. Play Forever at the next social gathering whether it be , date night, or wedding for the gentleman pursuing the most beautiful woman at the party. This song will get partners rolling to an upbeat tune. Statements like “You’re one of a kind, I’m loving the way that you shine, My African Queen, can you choose to be with me, are all pleasing to the heart.” Move to Forever by T-Music on your preferred music streaming platform.

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From the inception, worship has been an integral part of Nigeria’s Christian culture. The saying that “if you cannot get to God’s heart through prayers, you should try through worship”, is absolutely valid. We as a people cannot do without worshipping God. One person who has stood out from a vast majority of gospel artists and is in the forefront of ensuring that there are well composed and refreshing songs to worship with is Eno Michael.

Eno Michael is a voice from God’s temple with a call to administer healing, hope, and love to the world through her music. With two albums titled “Your love” and “Forever” she is an anointed gospel songwriter and singer with the rare ability to lift your mood and spirit through praises and connect her listeners to the Devine. Her gift and talents have put her on global platforms like “The experience” and “The Akwa Ibom State Carol”. Her passion cuts across fashion, lifestyle, and community outreaches to the sick and downtrodden in the society. The Gospel artist resident in Port-Harcourt Nigeria is emerging as the new face of Gospel music from Nigeria Listen and download her recent single Set time below

The video above was shot and edited by CDB

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It’s valentine’s weekend and Duncan Daniels is already fighting for Love. The new father has begun the year in positive fashion releasing a lovely melody he made for his new born, but i am guessing that the song is not an official single. “Fight for Your Love” is Duncan Daniels first official single of 2021 and ushers in post pandemic fun vibes as he taps in Port Harcourt City Street-hop star Abobi Eddieroll and Saxophonist; Lady Albatross, for this Amapiano Afro-pop dance hit! Click the link below to stream on your favorite digital platform. Congrats Duncan and welcome to fatherhood.

Fight for your love


Versatile Nigerian Afro-beat artist Fefe Blanco is out with her first single of 2021 titled “Nice”. This is coming after the success of her EP titled “Uncommon” released in the early parts of last year. The banging single is the first in a series of singles expected to be released in 2021. Platinum Dynasty is offering 3,000 free downloads on Mazifeanyidotcom. Click play and download for free below

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One time for the one time. Let me first say a massive Happy Birthday to one of USA’s most prominent Afro-beat DJs in the person of DJ Drey. As part of ways to mark his birthday today Jan 26th, DJ Drey releases a banging single titled “Lagbo Drey” featuring T-ME Singsong – A prominent USA based Nigerian artist who has risen through the ranks from the streets of Lagos to lighting up shows and parties in and around Indiana, USA. He is highly respected and is emerging as one of the most important figures in the Afro-music scene in USA. Lagbo Drey is definitely going to make it to a lot of parties and playlists not just because it is owned by a DJ but because it really gets you grooving soon as the song comes on.

The song comes with a very well put together visualizer.  We would like to use this opportunity to wish DJ Drey aka Osha Pranpran a Happy Birthday and a healthy and successful 2021. The song also features a shout out to notable USA personalities like Ashipa and Sola Infinity of Club Kalakutah. Watch & download Lagbo Drey below



DJ Smart is out with another mix barely one month after he put out his last tape. This is what i call “consistency” and like i have said time and time again “he is one DJ that took the bull by the horn this past year and he has not relented at all in 2021. As a matter of fact he is gaining more momentum.

This new mix is titled “Next up” and it contains a songs that he predicts are about to get super-huge very soon so you all need to start getting used to them.

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Rilo has started the year in the strongest way possible. The Nigerian artist based in the united states releases his much publicized single on the first day of 2021. Rilo made our list for The Top Afro-beat artists from Indianapolis that had the most productive year in 2020 and he is already trying to surpass the feat of last year. Rilo told us during a chat that he had planned to release a different single all together but then changed his mind last minute because he and his team thought this is the right time to release a song with an “Amapiano” sound. Amapiano can be considered to be the South African version of Nigeria’s Afro-beat. Well, more specifically, it is a brand of house music that originates from South Africa and it has taken the music space by storm lately.

Rilo comes correct on this single as he usually does and we are expecting this to come with some sort of visual. This is a real heavy Amapiano vibe to start the year correct. The song is produced by Eframesounds.

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Dj Smart has been very impressive this year , putting out a number of mixtapes and constantly being around the party scene in Indianapolis USA for the entire year. What’s more impressive is that this young DJ from Ondo state Nigeria only started DJing around December 2019. How did he evolve so quickly into being one of Indiana’s most sort after DJ’s in 2020? I have no idea.

What I do know is that the talent and hard work compliment each other and DJ Smart has an ear for good music. He is one DJ that will introduce a song to a crowd even before they become hits. This is one quality I admire in DJ’s ; The ability to identify a hit song or contribute to the spread of a hit before the song actually takes off.

DJ Smart describes this mix as “Premium transitions and vibes from the best Afrobeat albums in 2020”. He takes a deep dive into the best Afro-beat Albums in 2020 and the result is a very fluid mix of the best Afro-beat songs on the planet. It puts you in air plane mode!

What a great time to release a mix. I am sure we will all be partying with this mix into the new year and beyond. Play and download below

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DJ Warlord is back with another party mix. It’s the time of the year for parties but this year 2020 seems to be a unique year and no one knows if we would be able to party extensively outdoor. However, DJ Warlord serves us some of the biggest songs playing on radio at the moment. People can argue that there are more hits songs on radio now due to the pandemic and the fact that artists were able to take some time off and write songs. Listen and download the 2020 party vibes by DJ Warlord below.