Temitope Raymomd Jatto, popularly known as Ray1, is a highly rated American Based Nigeria Afro-Fusion Artiste. Haven relocated to Buffalo, New York, his Love for his roots and Motherland has constantly made him connect with African sounds and that has continued to influence his style. He grew up listening to Legendary Artistes like Nate Dog,Isley Brothers,Fela Kuti,Lagbaja, ASA. Jacob Banks, Tuface Idibia, Burna Boy and a host of others.

In previous years, Ray1 has released critically acclaimed singles such as “Igwe”, “Designer”, “Classy Lady”, “No worry no hurry”, and “Eni Rere” just to mention a few . It’s 2021, and Ray1 has released another project titled “6 Units”. The project shows a deep passion for alternative music and an unflinching desire to tell the African Story to the World through Music. He is a Composer, producer and a song writer. Listen to “Michael Power” off the just released EP. Hit the button below to stream the EP on spotify.


Top Chicago DJ, DJ Deemoney put us on some really dope female Nigerian artist by the name Titi Lokei. Although, born in Chicago, Illinois, Titi LoKei has always had a unique appreciation for culture. Both of her parents were born and raised in Nigeria, Africa. Titi’s appreciation for her Nigerian roots are evident in her songs and dance.  She has worked with WGCI 107.5fm as a promotions and programming intern which allowed her to network and receive advice from artist such as Keri Hilson, Big Sean, Omarion and more!

Titi LoKei has had experience performing alongside some of the industries finest artist. She has opened for headliners such as Jeremih, WizKid, Davido, Rotimi, Twister, and much more. Titi LoKei’s diverse lyrical abilities make her an asset to any show. She prides herself on being the author of all her songs and songwriter for others. Watch her most recent video featuring USA’s highly rated Multi-platinum selling rapper Mike Jones below. This is  most definitely a powerful feature.

Indianapolis artist and producer Timmy Rochy puts out the video to the leading single off his self titled EP. The song features T-ME Singsong who seems to be everywhere in the Indy music scene at the moment. Timmy Rochy the EP can be streamed on all major platforms online .

The solid video is directed by Seymour and The Jimbros, both from Indianapolis USA . Check out Zaza video below

Newly formed fashion outfit Dele’s clothing has recently released a collection of varsity jackets styled with African prints. “The idea and vision comes from tapping into cultures, and people I have experienced in the course of my life. Fashion is deeply embedded in my culture. There is an inborn knack for dressing gorgeous and this is what my brand is founded upon. Initially, we were more engrossed in creating native African designs but with my venture into the United states our style and mission statement evolved. With the USA offering more varieties in fashion due to varying climatic conditions and a plethora of cultures, I developed an interest in fashion beyond my initial scope. My updated mission is now to apply my culture, experiences and perspective to create fashion trends in the USA and beyond. The kind of fashion that will be worn across cultures” the CEO Kayode said…

Just incase you have been wondering what “Ankara” is – Ankara, also known as “African prints” “Holland wax” and “Dutch wax”, is a 100% cotton fabric with vibrant patterns. It is usually a colorful cloth and is primarily associated with Africa because of its beautiful tribal-like patterns and motifs.




Dj Virus Just Released his Follow up Viral Video from His Single titled Success. The Dj From Jamaica who is currently based in Indianapolis travelled all the way to Guadalajara Mexico to record this single with Dancehall Reggaetón Artist Jah Fabio, who is also the Co-producer of this Single.

DJ Virus who is a pretty successful businessman shows off Star Bwoy clothing imprint. The popular DJ known for throwing parties in Indianapolis USA promises more parties in 2021 and says we should anticipate his new Album dropping in March.

One time for the one time. Let me first say a massive Happy Birthday to one of USA’s most prominent Afro-beat DJs in the person of DJ Drey. As part of ways to mark his birthday today Jan 26th, DJ Drey releases a banging single titled “Lagbo Drey” featuring T-ME Singsong – A prominent USA based Nigerian artist who has risen through the ranks from the streets of Lagos to lighting up shows and parties in and around Indiana, USA. He is highly respected and is emerging as one of the most important figures in the Afro-music scene in USA. Lagbo Drey is definitely going to make it to a lot of parties and playlists not just because it is owned by a DJ but because it really gets you grooving soon as the song comes on.

The song comes with a very well put together visualizer.  We would like to use this opportunity to wish DJ Drey aka Osha Pranpran a Happy Birthday and a healthy and successful 2021. The song also features a shout out to notable USA personalities like Ashipa and Sola Infinity of Club Kalakutah. Watch & download Lagbo Drey below



DJ Smart is out with another mix barely one month after he put out his last tape. This is what i call “consistency” and like i have said time and time again “he is one DJ that took the bull by the horn this past year and he has not relented at all in 2021. As a matter of fact he is gaining more momentum.

This new mix is titled “Next up” and it contains a songs that he predicts are about to get super-huge very soon so you all need to start getting used to them.


Rilo has started the year in the strongest way possible. The Nigerian artist based in the united states releases his much publicized single on the first day of 2021. Rilo made our list for The Top Afro-beat artists from Indianapolis that had the most productive year in 2020 and he is already trying to surpass the feat of last year. Rilo told us during a chat that he had planned to release a different single all together but then changed his mind last minute because he and his team thought this is the right time to release a song with an “Amapiano” sound. Amapiano can be considered to be the South African version of Nigeria’s Afro-beat. Well, more specifically, it is a brand of house music that originates from South Africa and it has taken the music space by storm lately.

Rilo comes correct on this single as he usually does and we are expecting this to come with some sort of visual. This is a real heavy Amapiano vibe to start the year correct. The song is produced by Eframesounds.





WizzyWee releases another single towards the tail end of 2020. This has to be his last single for 2020 as we anticipate his forth coming EP scheduled to drop in the first week of 2021. The release is an energetic hip-hop infused sound with a crisp video shot by Moorshotz in Time Square New York. “Use Ur Head” is a Nigerian slang that simply means “Be Smart” and is a single off his Upcoming E.P titled “MORE OR LESS”

WizzyWee is a fast rising Nigerian act already creating a lot buzz in the United States.


2020 was a very tumultuous year for all. In the USA, the year started very normal until news broke about suspected cases of Covid19 discovered in the USA, which was up till that point a “Chinese” problem. The USA went on to become the number one host for the virus and the rest is history. However, the global pandemic that ensured caused millions of people to lose their lives , shut down a lot of businesses, and crippled the normal day to day activities for people all over the world. One can argue that artists and entertainers were the most affected because these people basically make all their money from touring, but with the grounding of flights in airports across the world , it meant no income for artists.

Surprisingly , there was still a reasonable amount of activity in the music industry, artists turned to streaming services for income which led to a more than anticipated amount of albums and EPs being released. In Indianapolis, a few artists had a very strong year and here are the nine artists that had a very solid 2020.

9. Oluwatimileyin

Oluwatimileyin keeps impressing us long after we first stumbled on his work and projects. The Nigerian artist from Indianapolis USA released several compelling singles in 2020 which cumulated in the release of his Debut EP titled “The first Epistle of Oluwatimileyin” . A videographer by trade , he is also making sure his videos match the vibe of his singles and projects. His hard work has earned him a spot on this list. We are looking forward to his sophomore EP and listening party.

8. Rilo

Rilo had a very productive  year starting off with the release of his “Out of the blue” EP around the second quarter of the year. The impressive EP showed a lot of growth and versatility from the young Afrobeat artist and endeared him to Afrobeat faithful’s in Indianapolis . His sound bore a close similarity to that of the original Afrobeat sound created by Fela Kuti in the early 70s.The high point of 2020 for Rilo came when he lent his voice to the End sars protest in Nigeria, the song and the video went viral.

7. Hamzy west

Hamzy west started the year quite strong with the release of his single and then followed it up with the release of the music video much later in the year. We were really expecting to see much more from Hamzy west but his EP was pushed to the first quarter of 2021. Hamzy west also made some very meaningful appearances in events and shows for 2020 and earned himself a spot on this list.

6. Timmy Rochy

Timmy Rochy put in a very productive year with the release of singles like “Dem say” and “International Kondo” alongside T-ME Singsong. His self titled EP has been in the works for while and the tracklist reveals massive singles featuring the likes of Dotman and General Pype. Through out the year, Timmy Rochy was a constant feature in events in and outside Indianapolis while also making appearances at shows and clubs.

5. Bowyrude

This is by far the number one French artist in Indianapolis . The Togolese artists is a regular on chats in Indianapolis and did not disappoint in 2020. The only reason he is not further up the list is the fact that he barely appears in shows and events in Indianapolis USA, hence we are not able to determine how much fans in this city engage with him while on stage . After speaking to him, it looks like this is about to change in 2021 as his management is on the verge of releasing schedules for a few shows and events he will he will be headlining in 2021. He is a multiple award winner in his home country of Togo.

4. Teeklef

Teeklef always seems to be around every year and even in a pandemic year with all the distractions around he still able to put in a very impressive year comparable with previous years. His music videos “A prayer for Black America” detailing the social injustice and the struggles of the black man in USA, which was released during the George Floyd protest and another single “Wanting” featuring Camerudeboy really shaped the music scene in Indiana USA in 2020. He also released a Joint album titled “NonZeroSum” with Skypp and played a huge part in Afrorolls massive single “Trianna”.

3. Afrorolls

Afrorolls had a hugely successful year with the release of his “Don Corleone” EP. We were not only impressed with the content of the EP but we were also taken aback on how organized the entire process was. From the photoshoot to the actual release party Afrorolls managed to pull off the “Don Corleone” look. Wizkid’s longtime Producer and friend Samklef was also in Indianapolis, USA to witness the release of the EP. Afrorolls continues to set the pace and set trends with his music.

2. Olawalekentucky

We were particularly impressed with Olawalekentucky this year. He seemed to have gotten a lot of things right with his Branding in 2020. The Brand is looking Prim and proper. He also packs a crowd and is able to fill up descent sized event halls and venues. This is something you cannot take for granted. His Publicity skills is far superior to what i expect from a local artist in Indiana, and if there is one thing we learnt from Olawalekentucky this year, it is the ability to keep your fans entertained and thrilled on social media. He has by far one of the most engaging social media pages in Indianapolis and is attracting a lot of business to himself. He also appeared in multiple paid events in 2020.

  1. T-ME Singsong

In our opinion T-ME singsong had the strongest year in 2020 releasing his much anticipated “Take II” EP and moving on to become the most booked artist in Indianapolis for 2020. One can argue that while many artists were refusing to be booked for events , T-ME and his team were busy scheduling events, but the truth is that the number of private shows and parties T-ME Singsong was booked for shows how much his influence has grown in the city and how much people crave for his music. He also released strong singles like “Low” and “international Kondo” while featuring in almost everyone’s project. “Holiday” by Zarnotti and “Tonight” by Mr. Carter are some of the most notable. His “Superwoman” video featured top business women from the city of Indianapolis.

Tell us below who you think Indiana’s strongest artist for 2020 is and also name artists we may not have added to the list.

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Dj Smart has been very impressive this year , putting out a number of mixtapes and constantly being around the party scene in Indianapolis USA for the entire year. What’s more impressive is that this young DJ from Ondo state Nigeria only started DJing around December 2019. How did he evolve so quickly into being one of Indiana’s most sort after DJ’s in 2020? I have no idea.

What I do know is that the talent and hard work compliment each other and DJ Smart has an ear for good music. He is one DJ that will introduce a song to a crowd even before they become hits. This is one quality I admire in DJ’s ; The ability to identify a hit song or contribute to the spread of a hit before the song actually takes off.

DJ Smart describes this mix as “Premium transitions and vibes from the best Afrobeat albums in 2020”. He takes a deep dive into the best Afro-beat Albums in 2020 and the result is a very fluid mix of the best Afro-beat songs on the planet. It puts you in air plane mode!

What a great time to release a mix. I am sure we will all be partying with this mix into the new year and beyond. Play and download below



Bowyrude is a leading African Artist from Indianapolis, Indiana USA. Soon after receiving positive feedback from his freestyle titled “Aklito”, he decides to make a video for the song.

AKLITO might just be a freestyle but the melodies are taking us somewhere else. The Togolese artist is definitely setting himself up for a better 2021 after much of the world’s artists have been held back by the scourge of the pandemic. Watch Bowyrude’s new visuals below.

Indianapolis has grown to be one of the top places to visit if you are looking to catch some huge African parties in the USA. This could be attributed to the fact that Africans have migrated to the city in their thousands in the last few years, maybe because of the lower cost of living , or just the mere fact that a lot of immigrants find it better to live in a city with a chill vibe, different from the rugged and fast paced nature of bigger cities. Whatever the case maybe, the city has definitely become a home away from home for millions of African immigrants especially those from the west and the eastern parts of Africa.

If you are planning to visit or move to Indianapolis soon, we have compiled a list of top spots to visit if you want to catch some African parties, food , and events.

  1. Club Kalakutah Restaurant $ Nightclub

Located on the west-side of Indianapolis, Club Kalakutah and kalakutah restaurant are pretty big names in the entertainment scene here in Indianapolis and they have been around for quite sometime . They can brag about the magnitude of events they have hosted in the past and number of A list artists they have partied at their venue . This list includes Tubaba, Falz, Teni, Rotimi, Reekado banks just to mention a few. Named After Fela’s Shrine, you can be rest assured Kalakutah always has something going on. The restaurant serves mainly Nigerian styled dishes but you may also find some foreign styled dishes in their menu. The restaurant is open 7 days a week.

Associated DJs

*DJ Delly Jay
*DJ Phlame
*DJ Drey
*DJ Ranye


-Huge parking space with free parking
-Huge Space with VIP sessions just in-case you wanted to stand out
-Safe and clean environment.


-Food is heavily Nigerian food so you may need to sort through what you like if you are not Nigerian

2. Eko Restaurant and lounge

As the name suggests, EKO (meaning Lagos) is a Nigerian spot that is famous for hosting huge events and parties . For many years , EKO and Kalakutah were the go to places for the fun seeking Africans. Eko African cuisine as they are called is located on the west side of Indianapolis. Over the years, EKO restaurant and lounge have hosted massive artists like Dbanj, Zlatan Ibile , and Yinka Ayefele just to mention a few. They also serve Nigerian food and pastries . Check out some of their more popular events like Exhibit A

Associated DJs

*DJ Stunt
*DJ XClone
*DJ Smart
*DJ Larry
*DJ Delly Jay


-Huge parking space for free parking
-Great space inside and outside
-Safe and clean environment


– Food is mostly Nigerian food.

3. De Proof restaurant and Bar

This is a relatively new spot that came in the scene in 2019. They were a breath of fresh air for promoters who were seeking for more spaces to host their events. Located on Washington street, D Proof restaurant serves a lot of Africans in the Plainfield / Avon/ Camby area of Indianapolis . This spot serves good Nigerian food and are also heavy on Nigerian events and music. This is also a great spot to catch local artists and concerts.

Associated DJs

*DJ Larry
*DJ Stunt
*DJ Xclone

-Laid back and chill
-Clean and calm environment
-Great hosts, very welcoming due it not being as fast-paced.
-Huge parking space. Parking is free


-They are pretty new.
-Not as many events as most places.
-Menu is limited to Nigerian food.

3. 05 Arena

05 Arena is neither a club or a lounge. It is an event center that hosts all manners of events . The management of the Arena rents the place out to Individuals and promoters who are hoping to find a space for parties or events. It is hard to tell what to expect at the arena unless you follow some of their promoters on social media. Their events range from wedding ceremonies, college parties,  or ball parties . We would definitely recommend this spot if you are an independent promoter looking for a nice space to host your events. Although their is a restaurant attached to the event center, you are allowed to bring in your own catering for your event.

Associated DJs

*DJ Xclone
*DJ Delly Jay
*DJ Larry


-Very spacious (Seating available, tables and chairs)
-Flexible and customizable
-Music is flexible as it houses different crowds depending on who is renting
-Huge parking lot for free parking


-Parking lot could be limited as it is shared with a few busy businesses
-Not knowing what to expect only if you follow promoters
-Little or no social media presence

4. Delicious African Cuisine and Bar

This is a nice lounge located in Greenwood on the south-side of Indiana. Most of the other venues are concentrated around the west-side where many Africans congregate , but the owners of Delicious African cuisine decided that it would be best to go in search of a more diverse crowd on the south side. The south Side of Indianapolis houses very few Nigerians but is home to quite a number of eastern Africans and Southern African. This is a very clean` spot with more of a Liberian vibe, which reflects the culture of it’s owners. The atmosphere is cozy and it is suited for any type of parties, business meetings , and corporate events. This spot is popular for frequently hosts top artists and celebrities in the city of Indianapolis.

Associated DJs

*DJ Smart
*VDJ Wada
*DJ Sleezy


-Play a wide range of music to satisfy the more diverse nature of their guests
-Huge parking space for free parking
-Flexible space to accommodate all types of events.
-Music is flexible and wide range


-It is mature and laid back. Therefore if you are looking to find a wild and active crowd, this may not be the place.
-Music is delivered by a playlist mostly.

5. Negrill

Negrill was commissioned during the pandemic. It’s design and lay out is beautiful and the painting and graffiti of Important Jamaican Icons and personality on the wall is particularly impressive. It kind of feels as if you are in a museum of Jamaican culture. It’s main aim is to give the Afro-carribean community a place to call home in Indianapolis. They serve Jamaican styled cuisine and drinks.

Associated DJ

*DJ Viruz


-Sparkling clean (new lounge)
-Free parking


-Music is heavily Jamaican, just a few Afro-beat and hip-hop songs
-Parking lot is really small
-Serve only Jamaican styled cuisine – Jerk chicken, curry goat, Plantains , ox tail and drinks

6. Lava

Located in Broadripple Indiana – one of the busiest party districts in Indiana, Lava has become very famous for serving Hookah, food , drinks and great all round music . Wednesdays are one of the most popular nights and you would have to call ahead of time to reserve a table or you may not be let in the building let alone find somewhere to sit. Lava has an international vibe and the songs played each night comes from all over the world. The playlist usually includes Hip hop and R&B and also a small dose of Afro beat music.

Associated DJs

*DJ Splash
*Deejay Xclone


*Hookah available
*Great International crowd


-Reservation required to avoid standing outside
-Limited parking. Payment required often

7. CasBa

Casba has been the number one lounge for reggae listeners here in Indianapolis. Every Sunday, reggae lovers from all over the city troop in their hundreds to Casba to listen to DJ Indiana Jones play. Sadly, DJ Indiana Jones just passed away a few days ago and nobody knows what will happen at the spot after the demise of their iconic DJ. Casba place is religiously followed by Reggae and Ragga fans.

Associated DJs

*DJ Indiana Jones
*DJ Viruz


-Small Space with only one entrance and exit for guests
-No parking available. Fees may apply

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DJ Warlord is back with another party mix. It’s the time of the year for parties but this year 2020 seems to be a unique year and no one knows if we would be able to party extensively outdoor. However, DJ Warlord serves us some of the biggest songs playing on radio at the moment. People can argue that there are more hits songs on radio now due to the pandemic and the fact that artists were able to take some time off and write songs. Listen and download the 2020 party vibes by DJ Warlord below.


It’s certain that Sadadi is an exceptional act. The Atlanta based Afro-beat superstar continues to show-off his versatility, flows and, outstanding pen game.

Whew! In an exclusive interview a few weeks ago, Sadadi explained how he has avoided addressing personal matters in his songs but that he made an exception with his upcoming single ‘Paranoid’

Paranoid is here guys, and Sadadi opens up a little to allow his listeners connect with him on a deeper level. He addressed the challenges he faces daily, the progress he made so far, his real life goals, life in the streets, and how being away from ‘real’ family for a long time randomly affects his mood.

Think I’m lying ? hit the play button



Nigeria-born US-based disc jockey and songwriter, DJ Kassava, is rated as the Afro-beat king in New Jersey, USA. Also Known for his fearless mixes on the decks,  DJ Kassava won the Best Afro-beat DJ 2019. He also possesses some major singles in his arsenal including Opoju, Kalakuta and Shamaya.

Talking about Arsenal DJ Kassava just added a new piece of music to his collection titled “Waste”. Waste features Gidising, Leevibes, and Mulla. Check it out below


Money Heist is Kolly Bizzle’s newest offering . He is one of the nicest Nigerian rappers living in Indianapolis, USA. The young artist who already has an impressive collection of songs is looking to expand on his catalog.

Kolly Bizzle says his dream is to become a rich and a successful artist and Money Heist is a song that buttresses that. Both the song and the video are solid and are currently trending in Indianapolis, USA. Please watch and share below

“Man Makes the money, Money never makes the man”

Jah kissmen is out with another impressive single titled “Keep your eyes open”. The song is coming at the heels of the just concluded #endsars protest in Nigeria, the right time if you ask me, especially if you consider all the youthful lives ruined by politicians and their rhetoric. Issues such as poverty, corruption, election violence, thuggery, drug abuse , teenage pregnancy and abortion are some of the highest causes of incarceration and deaths in Africa. Yet all politicians do is to steal from the people.

The butterfly crooner is known to be a strong critique of bad governance and he uses his music to preach and push his ideologies. The song “keep your eyes open” drops with a video directed by Mazi Ifeanyi and the audio is available on all streaming platforms.

In summary, the African youth should understand his rights and should not let dirty politicians get away with everything. The people should hold them accountable for their actions. Watch keep your eyes open below


As we reflect on the reign of terror and bullets that occurred at the Lekki tollgate on the night of 20 October 2020, during the largely peaceful #EndSars protest in Lagos Nigeria, we as concerned citizens have decided not to lower our voices to the movement to end police brutality and bad governance in Nigeria. We will not let the blood of those slayed be in vain neither will we be intimidated. We will talk #Sorosoke

Watch Onosz new Single Talk below.

Deecy, real names Damilola Onikoyi is a Nigerian Afro-beat artist based in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. His first song Kele featuring Kapish received very positive reviews in and around the city and provided the required push and incentive for Deecy’s adventure into music. Still very young in the industry, Deecy is very curious to see where this whole Journey will take him.

Minister of Faji – his 3rd ever single,  is a single off his upcoming EP and is very reminiscent of Fela’s sound. It features chanted vocals, complex intersecting rhythms, and percussion. Click on the icons below to play and download.