I am excited when i get an email and i open it to find a Hit song. wow ! , it’s like a bank deposit alert to me because it does not happen all the time. I find songs that are under par most of the times . Woke up 2 a.m and decided to check my email and i found one from an artists which simply read “I am an afro-beats artist, I’ll let my music speak for itself. I’d love to be featured on your blog ” . Although he also left his songs link , this did not help much as i had to dig deeper to actually find who Kobi Jonz is and where he is based, but yes! the music really spoke for itself .

I am so impressed with this song O gbona that i have to abandon my sleep to post this . He is in the mode of a fledging Maleek Berry and this video “ O gbona ” is fire . I particularly love the model she is absolutely gorgeous , i can tell from the background that he is not based in Nigeria. I will be looking out for his new releases and bring you more detailed information about the artiste.

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This song, Fatherless by Soule is way too deep . It explains how complicated life is for female kids to grow without a father figure . Many people (feminists) believe the role of a father in a child life is over emphasized . My opinion is that a child needs to experience both fatherly and motherly care to fully blossom mentally.  The song explains it all so there is no need to go into details , just listen

A message to all fathers that are on the verge of walking out of their child’s life. Please stay ! – Do it for your daughter , cos she fatherless n***er .

Soule your song  “ Fatherless ” is amazing, I always believed in education through music . Your story telling is top-notch  and Fatherless deserves to be on the play list.

Good morning fellow Americans ,

I would love to introduce you to the sounds of Okiemute, an Afro-beat artiste from Delta State in Nigeria. She came into limelight with her impressive performance at the 9th edition of MTN project fame, a competition she eventually won . Okiemute has since gone on to release several impressive singles as she continues to build on her brand . Her songs are very authentic African songs and true to her roots .

Her latest single  “ WOSA ”was released a while ago but it took time for the song to grow on people. The more she performs it and promotes it, the more it’s looking like a major hit. Right now i am absolutely in love with the single and hence it makes it to my playlist . I would indulge you to follow her music as she is definitely one of the most promising acts emerging from Africa.  The song is produced by GospelOnDeBeatz


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I had a blast this weekend as Teeklef and his HipNavi crew hosted his core fans to a concert / Listening party . The event was held at the famous Spotlight Indy, a small concert venue inside the humble creations studio.

Teeklef kept the ladies dancing and jubilant all night with his sonorous voice and stage presence . There were other performances by notable acts like Terrance Anderson , Khiry Managan , Keiana Whatley , Camerudeboy and FOXDLEGND. Other notable celebrities present were Video director Tai Payne , DJ Mary Jane most of whom have been featured on this blog and my play list in the recent past . A lot of fans stayed to have pictures at the end. It was a lot of fun . Teeklef continues his Tour to major cities , visit his page @teeklef to find out the next tour destination.

I was granted an all access passage and was privileged to take exclusive backstage pictures  . These are pictures from Teeklef’s Afropop Listening party. Please view and share them with your friends . Also do not forget to tag @mazi_ifeanyii as Photo credit on Instagram when you share photos .



There is an unlimited amount of talents in Nigeria . Many music listeners tend to focus solely on the made acts and completely disregard emerging acts . People only f**k with you if you are popping forgetting that the Davido’s of this world and the Wizkid’s started from somewhere and there are still more talented people where they came from. The aim of this blog is to expose as many talents as we can and to encourage everyone who is giving music a shot to keep at it because people are watching .

I have decided to start a new contest on here , 5 acts will be featured quarterly and whoever gets the most comments, downloads and votes on this websites gets a cash amount of #20,000, a photoshoot by one of Nigeria’s best photographers ( CDBNG ) worth #80,000, and a months worth of online PR services . The songs must be your original recording ; Must be following @mazi_ifeanyii ; and must be less than 6 months old .

I will definitely be looking to improve on the cash price and gifts and also looking out for sponsors . First quarter results will be announced March 30th so keep the comments , streams and downloads coming

Lil cassie  – Nmanu

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Yungmillz – One in a million

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Mskill ft DJ PaddyWhy

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Barry – Olowo

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Good morning America , I hope you are all having a beautiful weekend.

Today i want to shine the spotlight on one of Tanzania’s music sensations known as Pam D. Pam D whose real name is Pamela Daffa is one artiste from the beautiful East African nation that is expected to hit the world stage very soon  . Tanzania, home of one of Africa’s biggest exports Diamond Platnumz is well known for it’s beautiful women , it’s booming entertainment industry, and The Serengeti – home to most of the world wild life population .

I am keeping a close eyes on Pam D as she blossoms into one of Africa’s biggest artistes in the mode of a Tiwa Savage , a Yemi Alade or a Vanessa Mdee. Watch and share her most recent video “ Yeyo  ” below . Do not forget to leave a comment


I told you that Bils is wicked on the mic, didn’t I ? . He is no one hit wonder . His previous single i posted on the site got a lot of hits and downloads . I am very sure this will be no different . As a matter of fact ,  I have brought out my Zanku moves on this song mehn ! . This is some international wavy Afro-beat , songs like this make me proud to be Nigerian and a promoter of Nigerian music in the USA.

Do not Disturb [DND] is a lead single by International artist BILS. This is his first release this 2019. He features two amazing artists, Kida Kudz and Wavythecreator.Kida Kudz is right now one of the most sort After acts in Nigeria . Period !


In my book , these two are top 5 most talented and hardworking acts in Indianapolis at the moment . The amount of work they have put in is finally paying off . From selling out the Bella Marcia recently to dropping heart pounding singles , Mr Duke and Camerudeboy have done it all.

Today i am proud to present to you the video for their new single titled “ Body ” . Released under the umbrella of Truly blessed Entertainment , Body is definitely a song that will climb the chats and stay on every club DJ’S play list . The video was shot in Indianapolis USA by LaminDaCreator . I am very excited about what 2019 holds for these very talented acts . I am in awe of the video .. Scintillating !

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Falz was born in Lagos State, Mushin, in South-Western Nigeria to renowned lawyers Femi and Funmi Falana. He is the son of Femi Falana, a Nigerian human rights activist and lawyer. He was called to the bar in 2012 after graduating from the Nigerian Law school . Falz started music as a hobby while in secondary school. He formed a music group with a friend called “The School Boys”. In 2009, while in high school, he released a compilation of some of his recordings as a mix-tape titled Shakara: The Mixtape

Going by his background and training as a lawyer , it is not difficult to understand why Falz uses his music to examine the Nigerian society . Music is a very important socio-political tool. However in Nigeria, it is used primarily for entertainment . Youths these days are so focused on entertaining people for a profit via music , that they forget music is also a tool to educate society . Many of us may have been little children when Fela Anikulapo Kuti was in his prime . Fela used his music to educate people, it served as a medium to pressure government; warn the masses about government excesses , and fight social injustice . To Fela music was a way to re-orientate the people on the need to preserve the African culture , religions and traditions and do away with colonial influences or western doctrines. Fela’s main agenda was to fight military dictatorship , he was against the military and any other form of the colonial government (including democracy) , he often referred to military personnel as zombies .

Femi Falana , Falz’s dad is very passionate about Fela , he refers to Fela as his most interesting client . He served as Fela’s lawyer for a period of time but little did he know that his son would one day use his music for social reconstruction just like his client Fela had done . The seed was planted in Falz.

falz moral instruction

Falz recently released his Album titled “ Moral instruction ”  to critical acclaim . There has been mixed feelings about the lyrics and content of the album . The songs touched on different issues plaguing the Nigerian society , ranging from corruption to Nepotism ; prostitution to political thuggery ; election violence ; lynching in public places ; human rights , law and order , police brutality , Sex with minors , early marriage , gay rights , hypocrisy , Internet fraud , Fake Pastors and Imams , and materialism to mention a few . Falz does a really good Job at highlighting all these issues in each of the songs . I felt like i was listening to a social worker while playing the album . Some of the songs even caused me to pause and ponder on it , something that is a rarity in today’s music. i cannot recall the last time a song made me ponder on a topic and research deeper .

The two stand out tracks for me on the album are Jonny Just come and Hypocrites . Jonny Just come was a story about many Nigerians who have been killed in tribal wars or by police brutality . It is a very sad tale and the type that Nigerians wake up to almost every day . Religion and tribe has shed a lot of blood in the country . Falz samples a lot of Fela’s vocals on the album with production primarily handled by Sess, with additional production from TMXO, Willis, and Chillz. Demmie Vee, Chillz and Sess were listed as features on the album. My personal favorite is Hypocrite . Every Single Nigerian is a Hypocrite . All you need to do is go on Facebook or any social media platform where you have majority Nigerians and see the level of hypocrisy and double standards.

People just dey do like say na dem be Jesus / People so wicked but they so religious
Who dey calculate/ E no dey show the figures
Who dey demonstrate wey dey run leave us / People too complain but dey fear to speak up/ You don’t want to die but nothing to live for /Christian and corrupt no suppose be mixture / Real musulumi e no suppose dey thief jor / Real talk no be fight rara
Everybody get fault for inside matter/ We dey talk human right
We no respect am / Who are we to crucify the homosexuals?

I love the fact that the album does not sound boring, especially with the fact that he was mostly stressing on similar issues , if care and creatively wasn’t at maximum levels , one could easily be bored to sleep by songs talking about the very same issues . Although i felt a little bit less interested as the album wore on, just a little less  . Another down side to the album is the fact that Falz mostly concentrated at pointing out the problems in Nigeria . I would have expected that he could have taken the time to find more solutions also. It is easy for anyone to point out everyday issues but it takes special people to find solutions . Solutions like exercise your rights to vote, more educated people should sit for police exams , inter tribal marriages should be have been more emphasized , place of origin should be done away with and place of residence be more recognized by law, a better education curriculum , a merit based system rather than quota based or faith based , constitutional amendments and reforms and the separation of church and mosque from state e.t.c .

One only reason why i would still consider Fela’s as the most relevant act of our time still is the fact that Fela was dare devil. He would directly attack powerful people, he made references to real events and wait would for the consequences . Fela went against presidents, Governors, Religious leaders, e.t.c . No corrupt person was spared. Falz on the contrary is playing very cautious , and i really understand why. The Nigerian political terrain can be really brutal , so people are very cautious of what they say so as not to be targeted . What Falz has said is very commendable already even though some of his references are more comic , metaphoric or ironic and only the more intelligent may get the real meanings. This also impacts how the music is received, people will tend to gravitate towards the more controversial record or artiste. With more time and work in this direction, Falz will definitely grow to become as influential as Fela , even though he may achieve this in his own style and fashion not necessarily the Fela way .

I really commend Falz for dropping this gem and i know for certain that it will stand the test of time . It would be interesting to see how this album grows or dies on Nigerians especially as youths are more inclined to dance songs and majority of us youths are the ones being criticized by Falz. People do not want to hear the truth and may avoid playing the album more than once . The songs that make the numbers are the ones that encourage greed and short cuts to wealth or the once that elevate religion . I would be following Falz projects and progress . Falz if you are reading this , i want to tell you that your music has spoken for the weak , the poor and the oppressed . There will be may blessings attached to this but also be safe and aware of your surroundings . I wish you all the best .

 “ Like the popular saying A prophet is not recognized in his own home ”