Parris Ladame is here again B**ches! – This time with a few friends and their goal is to remind us of how powerful their pussies are. This Joint is actually off Swiff Tha Gift ‘s project titled “ IN CASE THEY DIDN’T KNOW . ”

The heavy 808, club track “Pussy Power”  features three dope female artistes from Indianapolis, Indiana namely : Knona , Kittii Red & Parris LaDame. Paris LaDame is no newbie on this blog and we all know how dope she is . She is also not afraid  to step out of the box . Swift tha Gift is  producer and a song writer from Indianapolis .

After watching this video i am speechless. She is the definition of an astounding voice . I am reviewing more of her works and i am positive you will find more of her works on this blog moving forward.

Sugar Joiko is a strong, soulful musician. Her powerful range and soothing vocal talents make her a unique and fresh addition in the world of current and future music. With unprecedented confidence and the right attitude, Sugar Joiko continues to turn heads in the realm of Electronic and Pop culture.

Jodeci Milhouse is an American songwriter and recording artist. However, long before she stepped on stage with a microphone she entertained thousands through dance.

While Jodeci is a natural performer, her true desire was to combine her love for dance and music to become an entertainer. She first began singing at age 10 but did not start recording until age 14. Jodeci’s first EP entitled “My Own” was released January 2014.

Jodeci Milhouse released her first single distributed through Sony entitled “Free”; as well as her EP entitled “Wild” in 2015. Her latest project, “Manifest & Chill” is now available to stream on Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify. “ Pull out ” happens to be the 6th Track on Manifest & Chill and the video is simply beautiful . Well done Jodeci Milhouse !

There is no doubt that this powerhouse will take the world by storm!

Shout out to all the blogs that have been putting out music for years now. Blogs have really helped to shape how people receive and perceive music . One of my major critique of blogs and media outlets in general is that we become too commercialized and we forget that the very essence of being an outlet is to expose good content . Back in  the days media took pride in finding and exposing talents. Also provide a platform where artistes from different countries and cultures can interact. This blog aims provide a global perspective, also an outlet for every industry ready artist that traditional media and more popular blogs fail to look at because they do not have the connections to push their art . There are a million and one Wiz kids / Davidos out there waiting to be discovered and i aim to find as many as i can .

Today , i present an amazing artiste via the name Steph Kapela. Stephen Nyankuru a.k.a Steph Kapela is a rapper from Nairobi Kenya . I first came across his work him when i watched the Cypher put together by Khaligraph Jones. Yesterday Kapela released visuals to an impressive song titled  “ Too Easy ” . I really love the Intro to this song . It has a very African Theme and it’s beautiful to listen to.  He really makes it seem Too Easy , don’t you think so ?  Watch below


These guys are relentless, their music is cutting edge and their visuals are breathtaking . ATWH is the acronym of Another Third world Hussle , the brainchild of M.Olaitan (eNaledge) – A Nigerian who resides in Toronto Canada . The movement has been a work in progress since eNaledge was deported from Canada to Nigeria in 2006. After spending 6 years reacquainting himself with his roots, he returned to Canada with a new sound and determination.

Last Night the movement released visuals to their Single, “ That’s all ” . You will love it . I have kept the video on repeat since last night.

Afro B’s message has certainly reached the United states of America. His new single  “ Melanin ″ is a fantastic follow up to his massive world wide hit “ Joanna ” in honor of the Ivory coast living football Legend Didier Drogba . Joanna made it to every blog and website you can think of including . Check the Harsh tag #Drogbachallenge.

Afro B is a South Londoner by birth, but tracing his heritage back to the Ivory Coast. The new song melanin celebrates the Black woman and emphasizes her beauty. The melodious Afro-beat track was produced by Team salut . Kudos to Afro B and his team they continue to spread Afro-beat music like wild fire across the globe.

Afro-beat is thriving and African artiste are in demand world wide. Hence, when an African artiste travels outside the shores of Nigeria for a tour or event, there is likely going to be an international collaboration in the works. A lot of the collaborations are promoted outside of Nigeria and they do not make it to the Nigerian media . Today , i came across one of such collaborations and i was going to post it because the song is very lit.

Jamaican dance-hall artist D-feezy collaborated with Nigerian Afro-beat heavy weight – May D, for a smashing hit.

Earlier in the year, May D toured several states in the USA, and Indiana was one of the cities that played host to him. The video was shot by HD Genesis film.


Sikadis is a dance-hall artiste from Brooklyn New York . He has been in the scene for a while and has gained a lot of reputation and following.

He recently released the official video to his single Heartbeat . Heartbeat is directed by Mickystaten and it features Nestraya , the popular model / dancer who makes her living from entertaining followers on Instagram . Enjoy the crisp and fresh visuals .

While Nigerian and south African rappers are arguing over what country possesses the illest rappers , Kenyan rappers are putting in work and taking over . This video is a warning to the rest of Africa, Kenya is here ! . As a result of Stogie T’s impressive freestyle on Sway in the morning , A.K.A called South Africa the Mecca of Rap. Those comments did not sit well in the stomach of Nigerian emcees and it resulted in some heated conversations on twitter. After you view this video, you would agree with me that Nigerian and South Africa should stop worrying about themselves but be more worried of the East African country taking over

“ Kenya is where to go if you wanna create the wave / We give these foreign artiste the platform and Major pay / Pacto pressure must be turning in his grave / cos Burna-boy insulted us but we still let him get up on that stage ”  – Shots fired at Nigeria. 

Khaligraph Jones introduces KHALI CARTEL 2 that Features some of the greatest and most lethal Mcs in kenya Namely, Steph Kapella, Twenny Eights, TImmy Blanco, Katapilla and Xtatic. The instrumental is created by Motif on the Beat while production is Handled by Aress66 under Blu Ink Corp productions.

Visuals by MUshking

Keiston is an R&B artiste from Indianapolis . His songs somewhat reminds me of Jagged Edge. I encourage you to look him up.

I spoke to Keiston several times and he revealed how he almost lost his mind but music kept him sane.  His album “ Elevated ” dropped in November and i have read very good reviews on the album.

Cloud 9 is Track 6 on the album , it is one of the stand out tracks for me . It’s content is explicit but the type of song you want your sex mate to vibe to. Songs like Cruising and Drip are on repeat on my playlist.

album cover.JPG

You can get the album on iTunes here