New E.P ; The Night I confessed to her by Chigratt.

The only words that describe Chigratt’s songs are Unbelievable and Unreal. They sound nowhere Nigerian and that must be what Legendary rapper M.I Abaga felt the moment I posted his (chigratt’s) first album “…and suddenly I fell in love with you” on twitter. As soon as MI. Abaga listened to songs off the album, he followed him, retweeted the album link, and signified interest to meet with the young crooner.

More amazing was Blaqbones reaction, Blaqbones immediately bought the album on iTunes and sent me the confirmation. This is how good his first album is, it only took one listen for you to get hooked. I even had friends who said there is no way this young man is Nigerian. Apple listed his album on the Top-ranked albums for that month and he has also been listed on Top chats for R&B and soul just Behind 6LACK, Chris Brown, and Khalid. WhatsApp Image 2019-09-02 at 12.00.29 PM

Chigratt has just released another amazing body of work. This one seems to be even better than the first or at least they are on the same level. The five-track E.P titled The “Night I confessed to her” is just bliss to the ears.

Words from Chigratt

THE NIGHT I CONFESSED TO HER, is more than just an ordinary extended play. To me, the songs on this E.P. are confessions of how I felt about certain persons at certain points in my life and I just decided to “make the confessions” the only way I possibly can. Basically, making this E.P. wasn’t really that difficult for me because I was just trying to tell tales/stories throughout the entire body of work. I already had the direction from the get go. I had the full concept, knew the name of the E.P. and the whole theme. The only problem I actually faced while trying to put this project together was how to transform these stories, experiences and feelings into actual songs that an average person could relate to easily. Yes, I was trying to tell my story. Yes, I was trying to explain my feelings through this body of work, but I still managed to make it very relatable so that an average listener could connect with it easily. Making this E.P. was really “funny”. I had to dwell on my past for a while, reminisce on past experiences, spend time re-reading my diary, connecting with my past and so on. The result was so outstanding. I developed the full concept in no time, wrote songs, recorded, etc. It was really life changing for me because I basically reviewed my past and I got to understand how much I’ve grown in recent times, in return I understood that I was only getting better as a person/man. I feel like we’ve all witnessed that certain stage in our lives when love sets in, in one way or the other, when we begin to develop an intense feeling of deep affection towards a particular person. When we feel like the world rotates around him/her and the amazing thing is that even if we were so young to even know what’s right or wrong, we just feel so sure about that person in question and for some, it all works out once. Arguably, the opposite is the case for most but it still doesn’t change the fact that there was or is an attraction at that certain time. I really want the listeners to just “let themselves go” and connect to that same energy they once had or are still having about love. I feel like the songs on this project should not only tell my story but they should also tell the stories of others. They should also speak about the feelings of others too, not just mine. That’s just where my aim is. That’s just my sole wish. That the listeners would be able to relate with the songs easily and connect with them too.

Album cover

1. Calling

2. Change

3. Honest

4. Let me

5. Out of Patience

Download full E.P

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Fan link to The Night i confessed to her


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