Album Arts ; How important are they?

Music business these days is so competitive and artiste have to stand out from the competition . An artiste will have to set himself apart from the rest in order to create a reputation for himself and gather fans. One area musicians invest their resources, time , and energy in order to stand out is in creating good cover arts. Cover arts most times is the first impression a listener gets of your music – You see before you hear .

I remember when i used to buy records from vendors on the streets. Album covers were the first thing that would attract me to your music. My eyes would navigate a stack of records in seconds , the record with the best graphics , color , format , message and layout would grab my attention.  Today , the market is quite different but the challenge is the same. Most music is downloaded , streamed or viewed online, but still , pictures play a vital role in what songs people pick to play.  A good album art should easily generate interest. It portrays your plan , purpose, direction , creativity , intention and conveys the message to the fans . Sometimes the message is controversial but ultimately it is used to summarize a project . How creative your album cover appears tells a lot about how much creativity you have put in to the album as a whole, as the album design is closely related to the album concept.

Due to the Buzz an album cover can can generate , album covers are very essential and important to music marketing and distribution. It is not a coincidence that the most sold albums are usually the ones with the best album cover . They influence the buyers choice and hence directly impacts sales . A bad album cover could cause people to reject the album and hence affect sales negatively. There has been cases where  records flop or get banned due to unaccepted album covers . Therefore, You have to understand how people would perceive your cover in the environment you find yourself . What is regarded as sensitive in one society might not be as sensitive in another society.

A good album art will include the title of the project , Track listing , copy right information , warning label , credits, and contact information . Although Professionally taken portraits of the artists seem to be the most common , many designers also employ the use of abstract painting, canvass painting, 2D and 3D graphics to convey a vivid message to the consumer . In other words , Album art may not necessarily be a picture of the artist , sometimes it is plain text or just a combination of colors . The most essential thing is to ensure that it is attractive and informative . Clarity is also important , the design must allow for the write-up to be readable and clear. Here are some of my best album covers of all time.

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