It is no secret that we are in awe of Teresa Marie. She is only 17 years old but she sounds like a boss. This is another video in the series of videos she has dropped this year already. She is a star already made, she only needs to be at the right place at the right time to get things situated for her. Listening to her songs, i feel the way i felt when i listened to Rihanna for the first time. Check out her new song and video titled too much.

When I was told she is Just 17, I held my head in total disbelief. She sounds like she has been singing forever. For those that believe in the reincarnation of the greats. This may just be one of such events.

If you have not checked out her music yet, Please stop being sluggish. Hit the search bar and look up her previous songs on the blog. She is So young but sounds so established. Kudos once again to Just Right Music and it’s CEO BigbossMike for nurturing and presenting us with this gift in Teresa Marie.

In due time is another strong single from the young artist. Her vocal dexterity is a joy to behold and is in sync with the up-tempo beat.

This right here is a dope Jam, Special Shout out to the President and co-owner of Just right music, Big Mike. I have been listening to this alone greedily but today I decided to share. With the right marketing and promotions, this song right here will be played worldwide in every radio station and every gig.

From the camp of Just right music, I present this very amazing work featuring Teresa Marie, Cristian Cartier and Solo D.

Teresa Marie, a 16-year-old, pop artist from New Hampshire, was born a star. Teresa started singing at the age of 5 and began performing in local coffee shops shortly after. In 2017, Teresa made the choice to turn her passion into a career by writing and recording over 23 songs.

Teresa Marie’s recent release featuring Cristian Cartier and Solo D is just breathtaking. The banging beat is produced by Wizz Dakota.