One of my Favorite singers is out with another impressive video. It is just a matter of time before the world finds out about her amazing gift. She is gifted with an amazing voice and a relentless spirit. Every song she drops always seems to be better than the last as she continuously sets the bar higher and higher.

Her new single Want me tells a tale of a woman who is madly in love with someone that does not reciprocate love. The video is definitely a yes, it completes the song. Special kudos to her stylist, the outfits are special.

Sugar Joiko looks drop-dead sexy on the video

Earlier in the month i introduced you all to this super nice artist by the name “ Sugar Joiko ” .  Her voice is beautiful and her style is Unique . I also promised to feature more of her music on the blog .

Based on popular demand , i present to you Sugar Joiko’s song titled Your love . Someone ( names withheld ) had referred me to the song and when i did listen i decided i must post it for y’all to enjoy also. It is a very chill song and the lyrics seems to tell the tale of a woman who has lost the love of a man she truly cares for . I love the video and i am guessing Sugar Joiko at one point lost the love of her life .. lol



After watching this video i am speechless. She is the definition of an astounding voice . I am reviewing more of her works and i am positive you will find more of her works on this blog moving forward.

Sugar Joiko is a strong, soulful musician. Her powerful range and soothing vocal talents make her a unique and fresh addition in the world of current and future music. With unprecedented confidence and the right attitude, Sugar Joiko continues to turn heads in the realm of Electronic and Pop culture.