Oluwatimileyin is an extremely talented artist, one that we have spoken about a couple times on this blog. He is a Nigeria who has lived a significant portion of his life in the USA, hence he calls his music Afro-Americo; A sound that is a heavy fusion of Afro-beat and the new Alte wave sweeping across Nigeria.

Oluwatimileyin has just put out his body of work titled My God. My Family. My Universe which according to him is “tells the story of building a successful relationship between a man and a woman by following the teachings based on the spiritual values of God and Jesus Christ”. One of our favorite tracks off this project is “Busayo”. This awesome wedding song reminds me so much of the butterflies in your belle when you find a soulmate. This body of work pulls together prominent artists like Stella Labelle, Timmy Rochy, Mr. Duke, T-ME Singsong, and Olufolarin. They all add enormously to the weight and value of the project. Listen to “Busayo” below and also click the link to buy the entire body of work.



Indiana based Nigeria musician Olufolarin collaborates with Obanz again to produce another dope track titled “1-800-ON-LINE”. This is not the first or the last dope collaboration from these two, they are like bread and butter on a track. I must warn you, 1-800-ON-LINE  is a pretty explicit song but it sets the tone for a perfect night with the opposite sex. This is the 13th single Olufolarin has put out, and at this point we are anticipating a project from the young singer; A project he says is on the way. Ladies and gentlemen hit the play button and enjoy this dope tune.