After receiving over 60 impressive movies from mostly African and African American short-film directors and production houses, we finally came up with a list of 12 movies that made the final cut.

It was very difficult to streamline the list because almost all the entries were good enough. Our judges had the difficult task of putting this list together. The purpose of IAFF is to give the African short-film director a channel to connect with the rest of the world. Many misconceptions about Africa exist mostly via foreign movies so it is time we tell the African story from an African’s perspective and let the world see Africa from the eyeball of an African and not just that of an outsider as the case has almost always been.  It is our goal to expose new African talents to the world.

These Short films center on religion, sex, Politics, marriage, relationships, crime, and business as it pertains to African societies, but most importantly they come from the perspective of Africans. The Short-film that is able to get the most views in combination with the highest votes will be awarded a $1000 (cash and gift package), while the runners up and the 3rd placed will go home with a $450 and $250 package respectively. We would like to thank all those who participated in the process and we hope that your talents impact the world.

You can also donate to contribute to the overall price package and contribute to the growth of the movie industry in Africa via the donate button below. Click on the title of the movie to view it. Remember a combination of the highest views and votes is what is required to win these prices. Voting ends May, 25th, 2020 and winners will be announced afterward.

These below are the 12 short-films gunning for the top spot.


Thank you so much for deciding to donate to IAFF and helping movie production in Africa. You can increase the donation by increasing the number in the box



The creative scene in Indianapolis is going through a phase. It is metamorphosizing into one of the biggest African markets in the United States of America as more and more talented creatives are finding avenues to express their art.

In 2016, I wrote about an exciting Author by the name Aderonke Moyinlorun and how her books were gaining her a lot of recognition and traction. I am happy to announce that today, Aderonke Moyinlorun has blossomed into a fine script writer and a bubbling movie producer.

Her debut movie “Dear husband” which was filmed some weeks ago is set for release. We were very privileged to get pictures on set while filming, and It is easy to tell from the pictures we got that this is one movie that we all should seriously anticipate.

Dear husband centers around Steve and Funmilola, a happily married couple who seem to be a match made in heaven until a past mistake, in form of an old flame, and pressure from friends tests their commitment to each other. Dear Husband tells a heart warming tale of love and how loss can bring about forgiveness.

Dear Husband premieres on the 1st of December at Georgetown cinema, Indianapolis Indiana USA, and an after party follows at Club Kalakutah.

Movie Title – Dear husband
Director – Bayo alawiye
Written by – Aderonke Moyinlorun
Producer – Aderonke Moyinlorun
Bayo Alawiye
Doris Simeon
Ajibola Ajibise
Temitayo Abimbola
Gbemi Oke
Funto Davids
Rukayat Adetona
Samuel Adesanya

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