This is February 16th, by ReDkAd now known as Mazi Ifeanyi founder of

This record took forever to drop.

I have decided to put out this record a day after my birthday February 16th.

Shout out to everyone who has watched me grow and blossom to this point_ Redkad(Mazi Ifeanyi)

Production credits

Ray x – Tracks 1,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11

La trax – Tracks 2

Mani (Diz Jam) – Tracks 8




Afrorolls has come through again, this time with the much awaited official video to his banging single “Alasiko”. The video is once again directed by Mazi Ifeanyi who has been involved in a number of top-notch videos this year.

The title of the song “Alasiko lo laye” means a patient man owns the world. According to Afrorolls, he has had to endure some trying times and be very patient for his time to come. Right now, he aims to share his inspiring story to let the world know how being patient has led him to having a happy life. A good woman, good children, good houses and cars will come to you if only you can wait for your time.

Watch the visuals below.

Download Audio

Download Behind the scenes photos shot by Bree Danielz

Rilo releases behind the scene visuals to his hit single “Loke”. The video which was directed by Our own Mazi Ifeanyi is expected to drop in a matter of days.

Rilo’s single Loke has made it’s way to every club DJ’s playlist and is expected to stay there for a little while. This is a summary of what happened behind the scenes. The clips look really good and i am super anxious to see what the official video will look like.

The video was shot by Threshold productions.

Download Rilo Loke