Congratulations to Lauretta and Jynnie flow on the release of their E.P today . These two talented  acts have been locked up in the studio for several months in a bid to give you a unique musical experience . Their E.P , Rhythm of the Wave is scheduled to drop later today and i can’t wait to get my hands on it. Although her collaborator  Jynnie flow is appearing on the blog for the first time, Lauretta, A.K.A Yemoja has been featured on this blog previously, and their is no question about how gifted she is ; her flows are un-matched .

Gimme is the first single off the E.P. Listening to it makes me even more impatient because these two acts seem to be able to create hits effortlessly together. I am eager to listen the rest of it . Gimme  , reminds me of Drake’s monster single ” One dance ” – Only that Gimme takes more of a rap & reggae direction . This E.P has the potential to pave the way for these two hard working artistes .



Lauretta is a highly spiritual fast rising female rapper from Nigeria. She started dropping weekly freestyle covers in 2017 called Thirst Trap Thursdays. Ever since then, she has been consistent enough and has three YouTube videos to her credit.

She also goes by the alias, ‘Yemoja’ . I had to research the meaning and i was very fascinated at the results. According to Wikipedia, Yemoja is a Yoruba goddess , she is the major water deity from the Yoruba religion. She is an orisha and the mother of all orishas, having given birth to the 14 Yoruba gods and goddesses.

I love the fact that she is in touch with her African side and is very proud of her African ancestry and religion. Something that most of us have abandoned in preference of a foreign ancestry . She is spiritual , sensual and infact a Yeye. Yemoja translates into yeye meaning “mother”; ọmọ, meaning “child”; and ẹja, meaning “fish”; roughly translated the term means “Mother whose children are like fish.

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