This represents the coming together of two heavyweights to produce something astronomical. This is huge! Two of Afrobeat’s finest, DJ Boat and Kobi Jonz have been buzzing as soon as they announced the release of their Naija-Ghana Tape Vol. 1. Kobi Jonz who has caught the eye with his very infectious vibe is on the brink of greatness. The USA based Afrobeat singer is one of the artists that will break out and blow up in a few months. He has put in a lot of work in his craft, and his time is around the corner.

DJ Boat, on the other hand, is a Ghanaian DJ resident in the USA. He describes himself as a global Afrobeat DJ. I have had the opportunity to listen to some of his mixes and they have been topnotch. His Hip-Hop Mix is currently streaming on the radio app on the site and is also available for download.

Call Melanin is a single off the two-track Tape and they did everything right on this one.

Listen to Naija-Ghana Tape Vol. 1


I am excited when i get an email and i open it to find a Hit song. wow ! , it’s like a bank deposit alert to me because it does not happen all the time. I find songs that are under par most of the times . Woke up 2 a.m and decided to check my email and i found one from an artists which simply read “I am an afro-beats artist, I’ll let my music speak for itself. I’d love to be featured on your blog ” . Although he also left his songs link , this did not help much as i had to dig deeper to actually find who Kobi Jonz is and where he is based, but yes! the music really spoke for itself .

I am so impressed with this song O gbona that i have to abandon my sleep to post this . He is in the mode of a fledging Maleek Berry and this video “ O gbona ” is fire . I particularly love the model she is absolutely gorgeous , i can tell from the background that he is not based in Nigeria. I will be looking out for his new releases and bring you more detailed information about the artiste.

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