Khiry Managan comes  through with a very dope summer song. It reminds me of Dead Prez’s summer classic titled   Happiness ”– One of the greatest Hiphop songs of all time. Happiness was a soundtrack on the trending Netflix movie “ When they see us ”. The dreadlocks and the soccer in the video reminds me of the Great Jamaican reggae singer Bob Marley. Bob Marley was known for always playing soccer in his music videos.

Khiry is on the verge of a major break and i hope all things come together for good for him. The video was shot in Indianapolis USA by Tai Payne whose portfolio is growing tremendously.

Here is the Recap of Mr Duke & Friends courtesy of Bella Marcia . Mr Duke and Friends was held at Bella Marcia, IN , USA on the 25th of November 2018. It featured top acts from Indianapolis  like Ady Mob , Abdul , Khiry Managan , Timmy Roche , Kolly Bizzle , Neno , Teeklef , Stella Labelle , Detox , and Mr duke . There was also a Fashion display by the Fashion house ” Ada by Vanessa “.


Khiry Managan is not relenting in his bid to be a house hold name in the United States . The artist from Indianapolis has dropped another visual in less than 3 weeks from his last release.

Soul searching is another very conscious song from Khiry . The free native artist is following in the foot-steps of Bob marley , Fela , Nas , Lucky Dube e.t.c in delivering songs that aim to educate the mind and uplift the spirit .

In today’s world conscious music has become a rarity, as artists are more concerned about making money by whatever means possible, even if it involves selling violence and immorality.

Disclaimer – This video in no way shape nor form promotes the consumption of alcohol to help solves the issues of life. This video is an expression of art through music and visual and to show the artist’s lesson. The drunk act is about how we can become drunk within love. Hope you all enjoy. Big Up!

Following the success of his previous single ” Shoot me down ” , The versatile and talented Khiry Managan has released another number titled ” Music makes you feel good” .

The Certi produced track is a feel good track described by Khiry as afrobeat laced with heavy bass .


The song is available for download here

Khiry Managan is an artist from Indianapolis USA, his passion and mission is to give to the people and the balance of the earth through his love for music. He is a proud co-founder of Forgotten Tribe music alongside is brother General Spazz where the two create very interesting, soul vibing music.


As a musician, Khiry is a very versatile, well rounded artist experimenting with other musical genres like afrobeats, reggaeton, housemusic and playing the trumpet. His staple sounds streams from roots reggae, ethnic, and hip-hop music. This gentlemen is on a mission to deliver wonderful, powerful, meaningful music for the world to hear. “Music is my passion” Khiry Jurrell Managan

I am in love with his music. The whole world should be