Yesterday i was listening to Fela’s music and it felt like Fela was still alive because all the Villains he mentioned on the songs are still active in government and all the  issues he was raising people awareness to are still the issues we are facing today. Nothing has changed , but the sad part is that those songs by Fela were recorded in the 70’s and 80’s, how embarrasing ..

Nigeria my Country is in the hands of hooligans, illiterates, thieves and corrupt individuals. It is the home of illogical reasoning, stupidity, cruelty, and hypocrisy. Nigeria is also the biggest economy in Africa, the most populous black nation in the world and the giant of Africa. With all the wealth and resources available at the disposal of the government, people still suffer from the lack of basic amenities, lack of education and a lack of equal opportunity. A country blessed with abundant human and natural resources yet it is the world’s capital for Poverty, tribalism and nepotism. Where different tribes and religious groups speak of unity but hate themselves so much that they refuse to marry each other. How can you be united when you discourage the very foundation of unity (marriage)? A country where police brutality is the other of the day. A country where elections are perceived as an opportunity to intimidate, murder, massacre and maim one another. I saw on the internet how people prevented other citizens from voting, some others snatched ballot boxes and burnt up ballot papers – Is that not a treasonable Felony ? – A crime that is in all ways comparable to planning a Coup d’état. The people are wicked but yet very religious. What an Irony!

This song by Ace tune summarizes it all – it is deep, intelligent, and factual. God bless you Acetone.