Dj Virus Just Released his Follow up Viral Video from His Single titled Success. The Dj From Jamaica who is currently based in Indianapolis travelled all the way to Guadalajara Mexico to record this single with Dancehall Reggaetón Artist Jah Fabio, who is also the Co-producer of this Single.

DJ Virus who is a pretty successful businessman shows off Star Bwoy clothing imprint. The popular DJ known for throwing parties in Indianapolis USA promises more parties in 2021 and says we should anticipate his new Album dropping in March.

Indianapolis has grown to be one of the top places to visit if you are looking to catch some huge African parties in the USA. This could be attributed to the fact that Africans have migrated to the city in their thousands in the last few years, maybe because of the lower cost of living , or just the mere fact that a lot of immigrants find it better to live in a city with a chill vibe, different from the rugged and fast paced nature of bigger cities. Whatever the case maybe, the city has definitely become a home away from home for millions of African immigrants especially those from the west and the eastern parts of Africa.

If you are planning to visit or move to Indianapolis soon, we have compiled a list of top spots to visit if you want to catch some African parties, food , and events.

  1. Club Kalakutah Restaurant $ Nightclub

Located on the west-side of Indianapolis, Club Kalakutah and kalakutah restaurant are pretty big names in the entertainment scene here in Indianapolis and they have been around for quite sometime . They can brag about the magnitude of events they have hosted in the past and number of A list artists they have partied at their venue . This list includes Tubaba, Falz, Teni, Rotimi, Reekado banks just to mention a few. Named After Fela’s Shrine, you can be rest assured Kalakutah always has something going on. The restaurant serves mainly Nigerian styled dishes but you may also find some foreign styled dishes in their menu. The restaurant is open 7 days a week.

Associated DJs

*DJ Delly Jay
*DJ Phlame
*DJ Drey
*DJ Ranye


-Huge parking space with free parking
-Huge Space with VIP sessions just in-case you wanted to stand out
-Safe and clean environment.


-Food is heavily Nigerian food so you may need to sort through what you like if you are not Nigerian

2. Eko Restaurant and lounge

As the name suggests, EKO (meaning Lagos) is a Nigerian spot that is famous for hosting huge events and parties . For many years , EKO and Kalakutah were the go to places for the fun seeking Africans. Eko African cuisine as they are called is located on the west side of Indianapolis. Over the years, EKO restaurant and lounge have hosted massive artists like Dbanj, Zlatan Ibile , and Yinka Ayefele just to mention a few. They also serve Nigerian food and pastries . Check out some of their more popular events like Exhibit A

Associated DJs

*DJ Stunt
*DJ XClone
*DJ Smart
*DJ Larry
*DJ Delly Jay


-Huge parking space for free parking
-Great space inside and outside
-Safe and clean environment


– Food is mostly Nigerian food.

3. De Proof restaurant and Bar

This is a relatively new spot that came in the scene in 2019. They were a breath of fresh air for promoters who were seeking for more spaces to host their events. Located on Washington street, D Proof restaurant serves a lot of Africans in the Plainfield / Avon/ Camby area of Indianapolis . This spot serves good Nigerian food and are also heavy on Nigerian events and music. This is also a great spot to catch local artists and concerts.

Associated DJs

*DJ Larry
*DJ Stunt
*DJ Xclone

-Laid back and chill
-Clean and calm environment
-Great hosts, very welcoming due it not being as fast-paced.
-Huge parking space. Parking is free


-They are pretty new.
-Not as many events as most places.
-Menu is limited to Nigerian food.

3. 05 Arena

05 Arena is neither a club or a lounge. It is an event center that hosts all manners of events . The management of the Arena rents the place out to Individuals and promoters who are hoping to find a space for parties or events. It is hard to tell what to expect at the arena unless you follow some of their promoters on social media. Their events range from wedding ceremonies, college parties,  or ball parties . We would definitely recommend this spot if you are an independent promoter looking for a nice space to host your events. Although their is a restaurant attached to the event center, you are allowed to bring in your own catering for your event.

Associated DJs

*DJ Xclone
*DJ Delly Jay
*DJ Larry


-Very spacious (Seating available, tables and chairs)
-Flexible and customizable
-Music is flexible as it houses different crowds depending on who is renting
-Huge parking lot for free parking


-Parking lot could be limited as it is shared with a few busy businesses
-Not knowing what to expect only if you follow promoters
-Little or no social media presence

4. Delicious African Cuisine and Bar

This is a nice lounge located in Greenwood on the south-side of Indiana. Most of the other venues are concentrated around the west-side where many Africans congregate , but the owners of Delicious African cuisine decided that it would be best to go in search of a more diverse crowd on the south side. The south Side of Indianapolis houses very few Nigerians but is home to quite a number of eastern Africans and Southern African. This is a very clean` spot with more of a Liberian vibe, which reflects the culture of it’s owners. The atmosphere is cozy and it is suited for any type of parties, business meetings , and corporate events. This spot is popular for frequently hosts top artists and celebrities in the city of Indianapolis.

Associated DJs

*DJ Smart
*VDJ Wada
*DJ Sleezy


-Play a wide range of music to satisfy the more diverse nature of their guests
-Huge parking space for free parking
-Flexible space to accommodate all types of events.
-Music is flexible and wide range


-It is mature and laid back. Therefore if you are looking to find a wild and active crowd, this may not be the place.
-Music is delivered by a playlist mostly.

5. Negrill

Negrill was commissioned during the pandemic. It’s design and lay out is beautiful and the painting and graffiti of Important Jamaican Icons and personality on the wall is particularly impressive. It kind of feels as if you are in a museum of Jamaican culture. It’s main aim is to give the Afro-carribean community a place to call home in Indianapolis. They serve Jamaican styled cuisine and drinks.

Associated DJ

*DJ Viruz


-Sparkling clean (new lounge)
-Free parking


-Music is heavily Jamaican, just a few Afro-beat and hip-hop songs
-Parking lot is really small
-Serve only Jamaican styled cuisine – Jerk chicken, curry goat, Plantains , ox tail and drinks

6. Lava

Located in Broadripple Indiana – one of the busiest party districts in Indiana, Lava has become very famous for serving Hookah, food , drinks and great all round music . Wednesdays are one of the most popular nights and you would have to call ahead of time to reserve a table or you may not be let in the building let alone find somewhere to sit. Lava has an international vibe and the songs played each night comes from all over the world. The playlist usually includes Hip hop and R&B and also a small dose of Afro beat music.

Associated DJs

*DJ Splash
*Deejay Xclone


*Hookah available
*Great International crowd


-Reservation required to avoid standing outside
-Limited parking. Payment required often

7. CasBa

Casba has been the number one lounge for reggae listeners here in Indianapolis. Every Sunday, reggae lovers from all over the city troop in their hundreds to Casba to listen to DJ Indiana Jones play. Sadly, DJ Indiana Jones just passed away a few days ago and nobody knows what will happen at the spot after the demise of their iconic DJ. Casba place is religiously followed by Reggae and Ragga fans.

Associated DJs

*DJ Indiana Jones
*DJ Viruz


-Small Space with only one entrance and exit for guests
-No parking available. Fees may apply

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The DtwinZ Cargo services have opened a branch of their logistics company in Ondo State Nigeria to add to their already existing branches in the USA, Lagos, and Ibadan. This is a move to cater to the high volume of goods and items that ship to the southwestern state on a regular basis. The CEO of the company Ibrahim Salami insists that customers from that part of the country (Nigeria) go through a lot of hassle to convey their goods from their Lagos office to Ondo State. “Now, with the new branch opened people can conveniently pick-up their goods at our location in Ondo city.” He also said that the company is looking to open more branches in the USA and the Eastern part of Nigeria.

4703 W 30th St, Indianapolis, IN 46222

With years of experience in handling and delivering Cargo, DTwinz Cargo provides an on-time, reliable and secure way to shipping items via flight and container to and from Nigeria. Shipments to Nigeria leave every Friday and Shipments from Nigeria to USA are scheduled based on needs.

Call the offices today at

USA ; 3175315543, 3179984513
Lagos  ; +2348029557676
Ibadan; +2349012587213
Ondo; +2347018277101

USE CODE MAZIFEANYI to be eligible for a discount.

When you walk into a club the first thing you take note of is perhaps the music and how packed or loosely packed the spot is. The DJs, the ambiance of the place, and the music give the first impression of the club or lounge.

For a lot of people though, the bar is the one place that gives the longest-lasting impression of the place. Most club-goers spend 90 percent of their time at the bar flirting with the bartender or buying a drink for a new girl they met while walking in. The bar experience sums up the night for most. Therefore, the design of the bar, the look of the bartenders, and the quality of drinks on hand are key indicators of how the night will be. That is why event venues spend a lot of money to ensure that the bar area is up to par.

That goes to show how important bartenders and bar personnel are to the success of a lounge or a night club. A top bartender is a customer service person, they do not only satisfy people’s cravings for good drinks, but they also become a point of contact between the customer and the club. They are directly and constantly engaging with new and old customers, therefore, they are probably the best people to go to when lounge management wants to hear what customers have got to say about the establishment in general. In summary, they are your customer care personnel.

I have met quite a number of bartenders or “startenders” as they like to call themselves but there are two that have stood out for me. Not just because they are experts at getting the mixes done right but also because of the several other elements they bring into bartending. One of the most eye-catching things they do is the way they go all out to promote events in the establishments they work for. They do so in some of the most creative ways ever, adding a touch of public relations to their bartending role. That really helps in getting customers in the door.

Meet Sydney McCauley who we all know as Raasta Chic, the pretty dread-locked girl that smiles all day at the bar, and Jamila, another pretty young girl that is able to creatively combine bartending with a host of other activities.

Sydney is an independent, traveling bartender (among other things). In 2015 she started as a cocktail waitress at a popular bar in Broad Ripple and was promoted to a bartender a year later where she gained a majority of her experience as a startender. Since then she has worked her way around multiple bars and clubs in Indianapolis and eventually became a bar brat working multiple places every weekend. According to Sydney, Jameson or Malibu are her go-to for unique cocktails/ shots. Green tea shots and skittles are some of my favorite shots. Over the course of her career, she has bar-tended at top spots that include Brothers Bar & Grill, Sunking, The Casba, and Club Kalakutah.

Jamila A.K.A MilaThemami is also a well-known bartender in Indianapolis. She has gained a reputation for herself, the service is excellent and the drinks are served just in the way the customer wants it. “I started off at the Indiana Grand casino and has kept on growing”, Jamila said. The 25-year-old mother of two says she is passionate about bartending and has a long term goal of owning her own Nail and hair bar.

Both Bartenders have been utilized as video vixens in a couple of top music videos to drop in the city. Jamila recently featured in Rilo’s Loke video while Sydney McCauley made a cameo at Afrorolls Alasiko video

Firstly, Merry Christmas and a Happy New year in Advance!

Finally, the much-anticipated club bangers by Indiana and USA based Afrobeat singer Kflecz and his Twin J.Cube has dropped. We had to wait for months to finally get to listen to the songs. Kflecz and his Twin J.Cube together form an Afrobeat duet called T-Kayz. They have been on the scene for some time and been putting out Jaw-dropping music. Today Kflecs drops one single with his Twin and another with Famous Indianapolis Rapper Mr. Duke. Mr. Duke was nominated for the Best rapper category in the forthcoming Afrique Entertainment Awards.

Kflecz and Jcube are definitely priming their audience in the USA and Nigeria for what is to come next year. We may just see a video to these singles soon. Keep your fingers crossed.


Gone are the days when an artist can get away with having a successful year without having several worthy videos. In today’s music industry, you need to match your audio quality with videos, because videos are so much more engaging to the fans.  There is a need to put out quality videos to keep the fans interested in you and to keep your brand competing for new business.

“seeing is believing”.

We are nearing the end of 2019, and it is the right time to review some of the videos that gave us chills in Indiana USA during the course of the year. In no particular order

Liah B – Too Much

Liah B has been a dominant figure in the music scene since she released her BitterSweet E.P. This video is a testimony to how far she has come.

Mr. Duke ft. Camerudeboy – Body

A very good song and a matching concept for a video, but the one thing that was not on-point was the lighting. Most of the faces on the video were hardly recognizable. Take nothing away from it though.

Terrance Anderson – Don’t sleep

Very well scripted and directed. This video is one of my personal favorites, but yet very simple. He hardly moved an inch during the whole process.

Teeklef – Calling

Teeklef shoots his videos for the Ladies. He is once again in a world of his own spitting love lyrics to a pretty model. I may be correct to describe Teeklef as a nature lover, cos looking at what he has done in his previous videos, he employs the use of nature in most of them and it’s quite fascinating.

Mr. Icey – Shut down

I would consider this X-rated music video a game-changer in the African Videos Industry in Indianapolis. The video is shot in 4K quality with hot girls who are super sexy but half-naked. Mr. Icey seems to be having a lot of fun in these scenes. The visuals were shot in a popular club in Indianapolis.

Rilo – Loke

Rilo’s Loke was shot Downtown of Indianapolis, and it was worth the hype when it came out. The video quality is top-notch. Girls, expensive drinks, jewelry, cars, money, the kind of video that millennials would watch over and over.

Afrorolls – Alasiko

Another well scripted and well-directed video. Afrorolls interprets his beautiful Afrobeat song with a well-krafted video. The video stars the beautiful supermodel Joslin Robinson.

Teeklef – XO

Teeklef  XO looks very similar to Calling in many respects but this time he chooses to go black and white. The visuals are still clean and deliver the message of the song.

If you have any videos that were not listed here, please comment on the post below.

Parris Ladame has been on her worst behavior, and her bad behavior continues in this new video titled ” Winnie ” . The rapper from Indianapolis is seen in the video displaying different types of guns . She raps , ” how the fuck you claim you got a shooter and N***er  don’t even shoot ” .

Cre8tive 4k shot the video, and i must say it is one of the hardest videos out of  Indianapolis at the moment, and it is definitely  going to make necks turn.

mr duke.jpg

Mr Duke is an Indianapolis based Nigerian artist who has carved a niche for himself in the music industry in Indiana. He has decided to host his friends and fans to a Night of music. The event is scheduled for the 25th of November at Bella Marcia and it features some of the best emerging acts in Naptown. Artists billed to perform are Koros , Teeklef, Bowyrude , Feyi , Timmy Rochie , Stella La Bella , Detox , Neno , Kolly bizzle and Ady Mob . There will also be a presentation titled ” Ada” by Vanessa . The show is sponsored by Hidashi co. and Serkes and hosted by one of Naptowns top most hosts AO. It promises to be a special night and i am very sure it will live up to the hype.

Sprove and NorrieTheGoat collaborate to bring you a new, fresh Indy sound!. Sprove is Albanian for “Flyer than”. Moral behind the meaning is being the best in anything that you do.  He is the founder and creator of Nap town revival; a friendly competition between  local hip hop artist in Indianapolis that aims to showcase the amount of talent present in the city .

On Food for thought, Sprove and NorrieTheGoat remind the female fans of  their credibility and brag about how much money they got. He is definitely one of the class acts in Indianapolis and i commend the work he is putting in.

Food for thought was shot by Wayne Highfield