Jeremiah Hartman best known by his stage name “Dierre” is an artist and songwriter originally from Detroit, MI but raised in Indianapolis, IN. With over 1.3k followers on Instagram and over 6.1k Apple Music streams since May 23, 2019, Dierre has had an excessive rise in his fan base. He’s collaborated with artists and producers such as Aura, Rock Tc, Fredo and many more. He currently has one EP out titled “Chosen Few” and 2 Singles titled Heart N Soul and Marvelous all with respectable numbers on all platforms.

“Learned to channel the resentment I had towards my father into my writing and the rest became history” __ Dierre.

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ReDkAd, a super lyricist rose to prominence in 2011 with d release of his critically acclaimed Mixtape Hip-hop dead and alive Mixtape on social media and top internet blogs. This month marks its 9th year anniversary.

ReDkAd - HiPhOp DeAd Or aLiVe MiXtApE

The original release contained tracks 1-18 . The rest of the tracks 19-23 are bonus tracks.

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These guys are relentless, their music is cutting edge and their visuals are breathtaking . ATWH is the acronym of Another Third world Hussle , the brainchild of M.Olaitan (eNaledge) – A Nigerian who resides in Toronto Canada . The movement has been a work in progress since eNaledge was deported from Canada to Nigeria in 2006. After spending 6 years reacquainting himself with his roots, he returned to Canada with a new sound and determination.

Last Night the movement released visuals to their Single, “ That’s all ” . You will love it . I have kept the video on repeat since last night.

In anticipation of the release of his sophomore project: Totally Xperimental II , Nigerian Born rapper / Producer Kene ( Formerly known as KAY X ) re-introduces us to his fresh Hip-hop / Afro-fusion sound in the new song titled ” Dripp ” .

DRIPP art.jpg

Kene is one of those people i have known for a while . We crossed path at the University of Port Harcourt  where he was mostly producing for the likes of Timi kay and co. I have always admired his work ethics especially when it comes to dealing with music. Although , there was a moment when he left the scene due to some issues with school , i would say he has been relatively consistent. Kene has paid his dues in the game and i am happy all of  his issues are behind him; now he can now focused on his music.


Sprove and NorrieTheGoat collaborate to bring you a new, fresh Indy sound!. Sprove is Albanian for “Flyer than”. Moral behind the meaning is being the best in anything that you do.  He is the founder and creator of Nap town revival; a friendly competition between  local hip hop artist in Indianapolis that aims to showcase the amount of talent present in the city .

On Food for thought, Sprove and NorrieTheGoat remind the female fans of  their credibility and brag about how much money they got. He is definitely one of the class acts in Indianapolis and i commend the work he is putting in.

Food for thought was shot by Wayne Highfield


Grimass is an independent rapper, writer and actor from Miami, FL. Born Carlson Pierre, Grimass started rapping at the young age of twelve and has since fell in love with music. Over time music has become his number one obsession.

The name Grimass is the Creole word for “Grimace” which is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “A facial expression usually of disgust, disapproval, or pain.” He received the nickname name from his mother because as a young child, he was always running around making funny faces and entertaining everyone around him. Being the third of four children and growing up in the poor neighborhood known as “Little Haiti”, he did not always experience the best that life has to offer. However, he always believed that through his music and talent, he would make a better tomorrow for his family.

His new video for his single Destined is a joy to watch

First of all i want to say shout out to rappers in Canada . They have contributed a lot to the hip hop community in recent years especially with artist like Drake , K’naan , Cardinal official , Saukrates and the list is endless .

Let me introduce you to another Canadian movement that is gaining real momentum. ATWH is the acronym of Another Third world Hussle , the brainchild of M.Olaitan (eNaledge) . The movement has been a work in progress since eNaledge was deported from Canada to Nigeria in 2006. After spending 6 years reacquainting himself with his roots, he returned to Canada with a new sound and determination. Over the years he has been involved in the hip hop community of Toronto shooting a documentary series called TNH (The Northern Hussle).

Watch Do the same official video below


I was privileged to come across eNaledge in Lagos and i experienced his rise , fall and rise again first hand. It is a truly inspirational story of how one can lose everything in the blink off an eye , but still be motivated enough to focus on what you love .  Life in Lagos is really tough especially when you have experienced life in a foreign country.  Instead of being depressed eNaledge focused on his music as a way to get by . Today , Naledge ( as he is fondly called ) has weathered the storm and is back in Canada doing what he loves to do best. Watch out for ATWH ..

Amerikkken drops the visuals to her debut single ” The come up ” . She is from Indianapolis Usa and the song talks about her day to day struggles .

She raps ” Born rich niggas are the type of niggas  i hate, cos they aint never had to pray as much as i had to pray, and they don’t work no 9 to 5 cos they can sleep and get paid or blow my college tuition just cos they bored for the day

She is very lyrical and creative and i can not wait to listen to more of her projects. She is definitely on top of my playlist and on my radar.


I was reached out via Instagram by a very cool battle rapper by the name Dead Silence. I requested for his content and right from the moment i hit the play button i began saying to myself ” this is exactly how hip hop should sound ” .

Dead Silence starting exploring his talent at the age of 9 and began writing at 15. He knew that he had some potential behind the mic after completing his first performance by being the opener for Zapp & roger by the age 15. Currently he’s a dominant battle rapper, film scorer, and still remains as an unique lyricist.

The sacrifice is a song that narrates what goes on in the mind of a young hustler in Naptown.

Dead silence

I am happy that some artists are still lyrical in their approach and have substance in their music. I can not wait to see Dead silence blossom into something big in Indianapolis.

” At the moment i am focusing on battle till next year ” _  Dead silence