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WWW.MAZIFEANYI.COM is an online platform established to promote ultra-talented artists from across the globe. It was established in late 2018 and since then, over 200,000 views have been recorded from all parts of the world, with USA, Nigeria and South Africa leading the way in viewership according to insights powered by Google.

We have a great following and our beautiful posts, Industry-leading technology, and well-planned strategies attract people to the website and also influence their views about a particular Song, post, or content.

Posting on the blog is often done for free, but we do recommend advertising and promoting on the website for a broader reach. Although, posting your song on the blog for free represents a major step in gaining new fans, influencing/promoting a post is the fastest way to have your music listened to and engaged with.

We also offer services like Adverts placement for businesses starting at $200 a month, Video directing services, Mix and Master of songs, Video editing, Promotional fliers. You can also place Adverts on the site for your events, weddings, movie premiers, products and services, Political campaigns, album launch, Book launch, and birthday parties just to mention a few.

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