Exhibit A Brand Attendance form

Exhibit A
Thank you for requesting to showcase your brand on Exhibit A. Please go ahead and tell us a bit more about your brand. We will review it and get in touch with you as soon as possible to schedule your company for one of our events. Every 3rd Sunday of the month, we invite you to come and listen to some alternative music and network with important brands. It's an opportunity for musicians, creatives, brands, and businessmen to get up close and personal. Exhibit A will feature an artist showcase (one artist per Sunday), red carpet Interviews, poetry, EPs and Album release parties, comedy, book launch and reviews, merch sales, movie premieres, art display and exhibitions, high fashion, makeup, cosmetics and hair brands, and an after-party. This event is brought to you courtesy Ronke Eko Entertainment and Eko African Cuisine 5210 W Pike Plaza Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46254. Powered by Mazifeanyi.com. The music policy is set by DJ Smart