When you find yourself in a situation where your relationship is not working because your partner is taking your feelings for granted, it is time to fly. Fly Blue Bird Fly 

He ain’t picking up your calls or replying your text, she Sexting all kinds of guys or you cannot have a meaningful conversation or spend quality time together, Fly blue bird fly. If the relationship gets physically abusive or mentally draining .. Fly blue Bird Fly

Hundred percent of the time, when you get rid of the pain and negative energy you will realise that your life is a lot more meaningful, your mind becomes clear and you can focus of attaining some meaningful goals .

Unhealthy relationships limit your potentials, it narrows your mind, fighting for love becomes you life objective and if love isn’t working it can lead you to depression. I know it is very difficult to let go of someone you really love and have invested a lot of time but sometimes it is the last resort for you to maintain sanity and be mentally healthy. Do not risk your mental health for anything, it is not worth it.

Veronica summarises it all –  it’s too late, your sorries will not work this time. Veronica is gorgeous, asides from having an amazing voice she is also a fitness instructor and damn she is drop dead sexy.

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