Tyler Dumont – Don’t Mean It

Tyler Dumont is an outstanding singer from New York . She started singing when she was three years old, and at age seven she knew she wanted to be a professional singer. Nothing else really mattered – singing along with music played a monumental part of her upbringing .

I watched her documentary  “Who is Tyler Dumont” and i must say i am really impressed by her thought process, her work ethics , and her outlook on life. I encourage every independent artist to look her up . There may be a thing or two to learn from her journey.

Don’t mean it is a very emotional single and it reflects the struggles two young people in love go through in a relationship. Tyler if you are reading this, your music is going places and your work is paying off. Keep at it, the pinnacle is ready to receive you.

God gave me a gift and i know i cannot just sit there and ignore that. ” – Tyler said.

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