Still Shinin: The Documentary

There are many artists around us who are continuously making big moves and putting out amazing music, but a lot of us do not notice. This blog is dedicated to finding those amazing artists and exposing their body of work. Adisa Diop (The name sounds like a combination of Nigerian and Senegalese) gives me a certain vibe, I feel like this is another Nipsey hussle in Indianapolis and you all must pay attention now. He is preaching community, empowerment, Investment, love , honor, and respect. I have blessed today after viewing this very intellectual documentary titled Still shinin and I encourage you to do the same by reading the write-up and clicking the play button below.

Still Shinin is a film narrative about the process of artists transforming their trauma into art. This documentary explores how artists use their trauma to fuel their art, how the art heals their trauma, and how their art also empowers themselves and others. This larger narrative about the power of art as a form of healing was crafted through the lens of Diop’s own healing process while creating the album Still Shinin’. The artists also involved in the making of the album – Willis, Allison Victoria, Kidd, Baby Ebony – lend their personal narratives to highlight arts impact on their own lives and healing processes.

Diop – I Admit ft Allison Victoria, Baby Ebony and Willis

Diop – Still fine

This documentary features: –
Will Clark (Willis) – Hip hop artist, vocalist, producer, musician, photographer, and engineer.
Allison Victoria – Vocalist and musician.
Ebony Tubbs (Baby Ebony) – Hip hop artist and vocalist
Aaron Handley (Kidd) – Hip hop artist and filmmaker.
Diop Adisa – Hip hop artist and producer.
Keenan Rhodes – Co-director
Jamil Picture’Man Buchan – Co- director

Event made possible by a grant from the Create Indy Fund of the City of Indianapolis.

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