Steven Malcolm – The Second City (Official Music Video)

Reggea music is freedom music . It is arguably the most rebellious genre of music of my generation. Definitely the most highly spiritual, reggae artistes are always talking of love , peace , reform , Haile Selassie , Jah , Babylon and ganja . Reggae originated in Kingston Jamaica and spread to other parts of the world reaching it’s peak in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

Although it is Still one of the most listened to genres in Africa , reggae music sort of lost it’s status in Africa and the world after the death of Bob Marley and Luck Dube . Hip-hop at the time became the most popular music for black people around the world, leaving reggae music in need of a revival or a messiah. Over the years the likes of Damien Marley have done a great Job in keeping reggae music relevant in the main stream.

I am very excited to find an act by the name Steven Malcom who seems to be carrying on tradition . His music is soulful and intelligent and his videos are bright and positive . He is a rapper for the most part but delivers an astounding reggae vibe on this one. Listen below

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