Squalle – Coolin’ (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Squalle is the C.E.O of Black Liaison ATL, a clique of dope individuals. According to the description on his page , “ A Dope Soul is one who chases their dreams in an unapologetic form! Daring to be different; not following the trends of the culture but creating their own. A Dope Soul is a person who is free from dwelling on others opinions! Free to be whoever, however, whenever ”.

Squalle is definitely different . His music comes from deep inside just like the good all days when rappers had a pen, a rhyme book , and a bunch of life lessons to share . On this video,  It feels like Squalle was telling a story of Nigeria from the narrative of  Eddie Murphy’s movie – Coming to America , because his Instagram post about the song made reference to Nigeria. It leaves me wondering if the rapper has ties to Nigeria. Anyways , Coolin is a feel good hip hop song , the type that the older folks will definitely vibe to.  Younger folks seem to be obsessed with mumble rap

Watch coolin below . The video was directed by Yinde ..

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