Slim Brown – Nkem

It is my opinion that the yoruba culture is the god of party music . You may say this is stereotypical, but the yoruba people are known world-wide for partying a lot — a term popularly referred to as Owambe. Party music is fast tempo, energetic and full of life . On the contrary, I believe Igbo music is better suited for love songs, worship songs or break up songs; Slow songs that are meant to get you all teary-eyed or put you in a reflective mood.

Slim Brown’s song in a way is just an exaltation of the Igbo culture. I am in love with the Igbo culture (Attire and music) depicted in this video. It is rich and buoyant full of color and pride. The video depicts Igbo traditions such as parenting, marriage rites, and mostly lifestyle. Nkem is an Igbo word that means My Own, and is dedicated to people who have been together forever since childhood. Many people find their life partner so early in life, both parties grow up together for years and end up starting a family. This is everyone’s dream but only a few of us are that lucky. Life happens …

Love is a beautiful thing, and it is even more beautiful when you find your better half early in life. Although it also poses its own challenges like immaturity, the advantages may outweigh any disadvantage if both parties are mature.

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