Roisee – Don’t Question

Roisee’s new video caught my attention . Very well shot and well directed , I am expecting big things for this super talented artist . I love her personality and the vibe of her music . I urge you to follow her on social media .

On instagram Roisee wrote about how her anger and emotions inspired her recent project . Roisee wrote, “ Being a Aries😈 (imma blame it on my horoscope sign yup) 😂😂 I struggled with my anger a bit growing up…and couldn’t really express how i felt properly so i turned to aggression. 👊 So my 4-5 song mixtape/project (ON-SoundCloud) “koozbane” is basically me killing off that negativity i once had in me.. i had to just get IT out and i used music to do that.. so thnx for rockin w/ my crazy ass. Listening & supporting my creative journey!! Imma emotional lil bih lowkey n if you relate you relate if not …idk bye. ”

Y’all should enjoy this superb video from an amazing artiste.

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