Rebel Rae – We The People ft. Deante’ Hitchcock

This is probably the most powerful song you will listen to all month . Rebel Rae as her name indicates has lashed out on the system again via her new song titled We the people featuring Deante Hitchcock. It is not a secret that the system of Government in the United states of America is broken and has been designed to favor a greedy majority . Historical evidence proves that the system has been harsh on the Negro .  From the slavery era to post slavery, the African American community has been subjected to racial abuse ,unequal opportunity , and police brutality .  The video shows images of the black struggle from the slavery to date .

Rebel Rea draws inspiration from the songs of the spirituals during the slavery era. Her music has elements of the origninal music made by the slaves . As Christianity took hold of the slave population during the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, spirituals, a type of religious song served as a way to express the people’s new faith, as well as its sorrows and hopes. Some served as coded messages of secret meetings, of protest, or even of an intent to escape. An estimated 645,000 Africans were imported into the United States between 1650 and 1808 as slave labor. They came primarily from sub-Saharan Africa’s northwestern and middle-western coastal regions and worked under harsh conditions predominantly in the cash crop economy of the rural South. A lot of Nigerians were taken.

I encourage videos like this because it makes newly borns aware of their history and conscious of the political and econimic climate. Everyone needs to know who you are to understand your journey so far and to undertsand your purpose and plan. Shout out to Deante’ Hitchcock for providing such dope and well thought of verses on the Joint.

We all fighting against the eyes and a broken system / Twisted to favor of those who making the most of riches/ The wealthy the powerful those who sit in that one percentage / No love for the darker skin it don’t matter lil boy or girl / and them niccars promised us heaven to tske over the world __ Deante Hitchcock

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