Promo Goddess presents ; Set The Tone R&B Cypher

I told you all to focus your energy on Indianapolis right ? Indianapolis got some fire artistes . Anyways , have you ever heard of an R&B CYPHER ? Honestly , I haven’t . I have watched so many Rap cyphers in my life time but never have i seen an R&B cypher .

Promo goddess brought the best of the best R&B acts from Indianapolis together to make  an amazing freestyle music session titled “ Set The tone R&B cypher ” . The acts are Yadin Kol, Keiana Whatley, J Murph, Allison Victoria, Terrance Anderson, & Telle , many of whom have already been featured on this blog and talked about as acts who are expected to grow bigger and blossom in 2019 because of the amazing music they make.

This is not just beautiful music but it is also very creative and authentic. This may be an idea the B.E.T may want to consider this year. If they do , you know where the idea came from right? I would love Promo goddess to keep building on this idea, invite more R&B artiste from Indianapolis and environs to make more Set The Tone R&B Cypher episodes . I was really mesmerized watching this , every one killed it.



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