PEABOD – Left Out (Official Music Video)

When PEABOD reached out to us and asked us to review his album, I was excited ! . I believe it is because I have not listened to many white rappers recently. Caucasian rappers are creatively different. The subject matter and issues they touch on with their music is way different from the black folks. Also, the opinions they express in their music are relevant and interesting, sometimes it is way in contrast to a black person views. Therefore, i always love to listen to a good caucasian rapper. PEABOD is dope, he reminds me of the first time i heard Eminem . I do not imply that he sounds like Eminem but the similarities lie in the storylines, the conscious lyrics, and the perspective.

He is a breath of fresh air in a genre filled with too many replicas. Peabod puts a new spin on the genre, his stories are positive and the wordplay connects with audiences of all ages. I am still listening to tracks off his album but so far I am in awe of his music .Y’all should check out this amazing video featuring Chad Mattson of Unspoken.

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