Keiana Whatley – QUEEN (Remix)

“Black woman , Black queen you are beautiful . Let them know you are royal and you are dipped in gold “. These are the powerful words of this song . It celebrates black women past , present and future and regards women with melanin as queens . Days are gone when you should be ashamed of your blackness or you complexion . Being black is a privilege , it is spiritual , it is strength and black women should wear their melanin with pride. The song is further evidence to the fact that when black women come together to create , it is always a beauty to behold .

The Queen (remix) is a hip-hop cypher spin off of the “Original” Queen song released in August 2018 by Keke Songbird feat. Mariah Ivey. The Queen (remix) features some of Indianapolis, IN best Femce’s — Syd Blane, Allison Victoria and Manon Voice. The song is directed by Eli productions and dedicated to black women around the world.


Now what’s better than a black queen ??? ..

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