Johnaye – UNSURE (Official Music Video)

They say when a good girl goes bad she is gone forever and when a woman is fed up there is nothing you can do about it. Most relationships suffer because one person is putting in everything but the other party feels reluctant to reciprocate. People cannot handle genuine love and care. It takes them to a place where they feel too comfortable and believe the world revolves around them.

Could it be human nature to be in love with people who do not want you in their lives? Looks like people are attracted to people who treat them badly. Yes, good girls love bad guys and good guys love bad girls even though they may not admit it. There may not be a conscious effort to be with a bad person but looking at the number of people hanging on to unhealthy relationships it looks like there is something attractive about being promiscuous, mean and dishonest. Most people are passionately in love with people who are trying to let go of them. Like pain is love, so the more it hurts the more the love. The more you are being pushed away the more effort you want to put into making a better impression to change the situation. This cycle continues until people become completely exhausted and sometimes needing help.

Johnaye Thank you for this beautiful song and lyrics, it got me thinking. My train of thought was set in motion. She is super beautiful.

The part of the video shot in the bathtub is super hot! Intense!

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