Jodeci Milhouse – PULL UP

Jodeci Milhouse is an American songwriter and recording artist. However, long before she stepped on stage with a microphone she entertained thousands through dance.

While Jodeci is a natural performer, her true desire was to combine her love for dance and music to become an entertainer. She first began singing at age 10 but did not start recording until age 14. Jodeci’s first EP entitled “My Own” was released January 2014.

Jodeci Milhouse released her first single distributed through Sony entitled “Free”; as well as her EP entitled “Wild” in 2015. Her latest project, “Manifest & Chill” is now available to stream on Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify. “ Pull out ” happens to be the 6th Track on Manifest & Chill and the video is simply beautiful . Well done Jodeci Milhouse !

There is no doubt that this powerhouse will take the world by storm!

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