Dope vibe !!! This song addresses a situation that most of us have experienced. When you lovers with a girl but in public Y’all act like Strangers. We have all been in this secret relationship thing before, where for some reasons you both only meet in bed at a secret location.

This happens because keeping the relationship is not the right thing to do at that point in time, there are some type of restrictions or the society wouldn’t permit or accept that kind of behavior, so there is need to hide it.

Amazing song and an amazing narrative by IAM3AM. His voice is phenomenal but beyond the voice, the direction of the song is what does it for me. He comes with a narrative a lot of songs have not told and from an angle, people have not explored. It is a popular story but sang in a unique way.

This kind of love is usually the fieriest love. It is only a matter of time before everyone finds out.

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