Highlights from The First Edition of The Afrique Entertainment Awards Indianapolis USA.

The Indianapolis local scene is booming with a lot of great African music and entertainment talents and it is so necessary that we begin to support and recognize talents to reinforce good behavior and appreciate hard work. As a community, this is not a choice it is an obligation. It will alsp ensure brand growth and development within the community. These are the main reasons for creating the Afrique Entertainment Awards.

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The 2nd Edition is already in the planning and we intend to make it a bigger and better event but this will require more African businesses, more sponsors, and also the support of the general African public in Indiana USA. We would appreciate if you support this initiative by clicking on the donate button below.


Thank you so much for deciding to donate to IAFF and helping movie production in Africa. You can increase the donation by increasing the number in the box


Check out pictures and full list of winners here

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