Falz – Hypocrite (Official Video) ft. Demmie Vee

Falz releases visuals to Hypocrite, one of my favorite songs on the Moral Instruction album. In fact, the message of the song is so vivid that the video was already visualized in everyone’s mind. It is one of those videos that you can shoot with a phone camera and it would still be dope but for TV sake it better be shot with the right camera and in the right format.

Off his moral Instructions album, Falz continues to extend his relevance in the Nigerian music community as he deploys recent events and happenings around him as inspiration for making his content. The lawyer turned rapper is in a world of his own, combining activism and music on this one.

Let’s talk about these lines from the song for  a minute

What about even you voters /
Wey dey act like say you only see two jokers/
Recycle the same corrupt men/
Later you complain you say you hate the government/

This weekend someone was complaining to me about the fact that there are reports in the news that Fulani herdsmen are killing people in Zamfara State Nigeria. I replied to her “ Let them kill whoever they want ”.You all had the chance to elect a good Government.

It is painful and frustrating that people will complain all day but when the time comes to change the status quo, they support the same people who they have been complaining about. As a matter of fact, they carry firearms and dedicate their lives to installing well-known criminals. Then a few weeks later they return to complaining.

My question is Do Nigerians even know elections are for? It is really sad, we blame it on lack of education or enlightenment, but you will be surprised that highly educated individuals and those highly ranked in the academia are the ones who pave the way for this irrational behavior and thinking. How do we resuscitate our society? Once upon a time, Nigerians were good thinkers, Nowadays our IQ is rapidly on the decline.

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