DR. BARZ – Get the Info (Justice for Chima)

Did you all hear about the death of Chima; the Mechanic that was Killed in Port Harcourt Nigeria by men who were said to be members of the Nigerian Police force? He was allegedly arrested and tortured to death just because he refused to offer bribe after he broke the traffic rule and drove on the wrong side of the road. The news sparked outrage in Port Harcourt and all social media platforms.

In the past few years, Nigerian youths have been harassed by some members of the Nigerian Police Force and given various unjust treatments including – illegal detention, torture, and false accusations. This has prompted the famous rapper, DR. Barz, to start a movement for youths, standing against all forms of human violence. “We are the voice to the voiceless youths, through music, art, and drama. We stand against all forms of Police Brutality in Rivers State and demand Justice For Chima and the Ikoku 4 as the law permits.” Dr. Barz also narrates the incident in a one minute video he put out on social media

They were allegedly tortured in police custody which led to the death of Chima. We hope with this video we have been able to tell the story of Chima Ikwunado, and the illegal detention of four others who were arrested alongside the deceased by the men of the Eagle (E) Crack for alleged car theft on December 19, 2019.

Read about the death of Chima the mechanic on  Sahara Reporters here

This is very Courageous and we want to commend DR. Barz for this. This is a way that music could be used to educate, spread information, sensitize and bring positive change. More artists should follow this lead to bring issues that have been swept under the carpet to the surface so that it could be addressed accordingly.

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