Dee Moneey – ATSE ft. E.L (Official Video)

Occasionally I discover awesome acts on social media, their songs pop up on my timeline. Other times, I find email attachments in my mail and post them to social media if the songs are legit.

The first time i Saw Dee Moneey’s content, it popped up on my timeline on Instagram. I reposted it with the caption ,“ he is a mix of Akon and Loso

Born Desmond Kwame Amoah, Dee Moneey is a gifted songwriter, rapper and performer who started making music at a really young age. For a generation raised with hip-life, hip-hop, and pop music, Dee Moneey has created a style that blends hip-hop, techno, dance, house cadence, and Hip-life inflection to make such a unique sound. He is going to be a force to reckon with if he keeps spitting these fire barz. E.L also comes correct on his verse. This is some heavy tune

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