Dayo Amusa – Mosorire (Official Video)

Dayo Amusa is a Nollywood actor and singer born in Ogun state Nigeria. She became popular by starring in Yoruba movies and later on venturing into music. Her song titled Mosorire is delivered in the Yoruba Language; the most spoken language in Southwestern Nigerian where the Yoruba’s reside. Mosorire translates into I am blessed. It is a powerful song full of positive affirmations. The kind of song that should start your day before you leave home.

With the rate at which people suffer from depression these days, songs like this may bring a relaxing sensation to your mind. Sometimes taking count of all the things that have been going well for you rather than dwell on the negatives is more medicinal than any doctors recommendations. If you are reading this piece, it means you still alive and hence you are blessed.

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