Czure is a Nigerian born and raised producer/songwriter who currently lives in Houston Texas — home to some of the most talented Nigerians in the USA. Growing up in a music-loving household exposed him to the sounds of everyone from Fela to Dr. Dre from an early age. This without a doubt influenced his keen ear for, not just music, but “sounds” in general.

The ability to pick out the right tones is the hallmark of every producer’s sound and Czure definitely does this well! With over ten years of “music-making” experience tucked under his belt, its no wonder he is able to curate music that anyone can relate to.

Recently stepping into the spotlight as an artist himself, Czure has dropped a few singles that are actually rather impressive. The ability to wear numerous hats while creating gives him an unfair advantage if you will.

Listen below to his newest Afro-beat offering titled Dumb, I am hundred percent certain that this will move up the charts quickly.

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