Catching Sunlight – Official Music Video – SayReal

SayReal is a music group comprising Naia Kete, Imani Elijah, and Lee John. They are on a journey to tell their story and offer their opinions to the world. 

I would describe their music and style as deep and conscious. Beautiful Lead Singer Naia Kete flows effortlessly and her voice is equally as beautiful. She is multi-instrumentalist playing guitar, keys, bass, and African Djun-Djun drums. Her leadership drives SayReal and inspires each member to continue a life dedicated to the pursuit of music and revolution.

Naia Kete’s brother Imani is a multi-talented drummer, singer, songwriter, guitar player, bassist, and keyboardist epitomizing a dedicated musician and leader in the band. The third member of the group Lee John is a drummer and contributes immensely to constructing lyrics and background vocals.

Catching Sunlight is the latest single from the group. It is a rebellious song asking people to live the kind of life they want to and not be subjected to living life like they in a prison. Be free, breath and catch some sunlight

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