Amere – Efezino

Nigeria is blessed with numerous languages . The cultural diversity is beautiful . Nigeria and Africa can make a ton of money if we exploit our arts and culture . Many countries in Africa have failed to turn the cultural diversity into viable wealth.

Amere’ is the Isoko word for ‘sweet’. Isoko is the language spoken by the Isoko people found mostly in the South South part of Nigeria . They are riverine people and are mostly fishermen and farmers . The Title of the song is Sweet, and Sweet is one of the words that describe this sensational melody. It also accurately tells everything this new SMG artist, Efezino, is – sweet! Amere is an upbeat tune, with an exotic sound of the indigenous Isoko lyrics guaranteed to lift your spirits and get your body instinctively tapping into a hot cultural dance. Hope your eardrums are prepared, because you are definitely going to become obsessed with the beautiful, addictive sound that is Amere! Enjoy!

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