AK Songstress – “Operation Feed Yourself”

Ghana and Nigeria share many things in common. The commonality between the two nations has caused a lot of comparisons and rivalry. The rivalry is mostly healthy , but if you want to get Nigerians and Ghanaians going , simply mention Jollof rice or High life and you will start a social media war.

Ghana Jollof vs Nigerian Jollof ? or Who originated High life Nigerian or Ghanaian ? . These questions will always generate a heated argument between citizens of both countries. One thing is obvious though , Both countries push themselves to greater heights. Nigerian acts are inspired a lot by their Ghanaian counterparts and vice versa. I am in love with Ghanaian musicians and dancers .

AK Songstress is making her appearance on the blog for the first time . She is a young talented dance hall artiste from the Ashanti region of Ghana. Her song “Operation feed yourself ” addresses a sensitive issue of erectile dysfunction in men but she does so in a very ingenious way. I love the song so much it’s on repeat, and the video is even better .

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