Brainsrage is gearing up for the fall season

Indianapolis is home to many creative designers and fashion brands. One brand that stands out among many is “Brainsrage” owned by Creative designer Olanrewaju Gafar aka Brain – A Nigerian businessman and fashion enthusiast.

Born in the highly industrial city of Lagos Nigeria, Brain developed a passion for good clothes early on. The vibrant and colorful culture of Lagos helped him develop an eye for good fabric. “I come from Lagos; A place of fashion and creativity, a place where people take you for who you appear to be or in other words, you get addressed the way you are dressed. That’s why i learned to style people. I want people to be addressed properly”. Brian said. “The name Brainsrage simply means Brains passion. The word “rage” can be used in different ways to express how I feel. Most people would feel it’s a way of showing anger, but we actually mean is “a vehement desire or passion.”

“The goal is to allow us the freedom to express ourselves in what we wear and what we represent. We want to ensure that everyone around the world is comfortable wearing our brand”.

Brainsrage recently launched a line of fall Camouflage fatigues for the fall season and are expected to put out more merch in the coming weeks.



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