Trvp Gvn – Do My Thang

Good Morning America, Let me introduce you to Trvp Gvng

Trvp Gvng is/are a South African versatile Duo that use multiple musical styles whether it’s melodic hip hop , rock , or trap metal , They’re able to easily switch lanes to express Themselves .Trvp Gvng uses their music as a way to speak on their perplexing life experiences,  and evoke emotion. They sets out to provide great vibes with mood music while stimulating the listeners consciousness

They originated from Mbekweni in the Western Cape Province.They started rapping/trapping/singing at early stages of their lives.They look up to fellow South African artists like  Emtee, AB Crazy, Nasty C, Benchmark and many more African Artists and Global Artists . They stated that they were/are motivated by their work ethic.

They are self-taught amazing musicians with passion and spirit to achieve their goals to be successful musicians in Africa and world wide


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