T-ME Singsong releases one of the most anticipated and the most important singles of his catalogue . The Agege bred singer came to the USA a few years ago and since had a fair share of life. This is actually the first single of this year after what seems to have been a very rough year. A lot of questions have been asked about his whereabouts , if he still does music , and what he has been up to. However, Life has been filled with highs and lows, from putting out some massive singles to push the Afrobeats culture in the USA , to shuting down shows in Lagos and Usa to feeling a bit stuck in the U.S system.

Recently T-ME hit an all time low in recent runnings with the law over alleged domestic violence charges . He was arrested , jailed for a few weeks over an altercation with his parter. Accused of assult, Accusations the singer vehemently denies. “I have been at a very dark place lately, not able to live as freely as I want to , or put out the songs I want to, having to go to court everyday is not the kind of life I wish to have. People always think the USA is closest to heaven , yes it can be, but it can quickly turn into hell on earth. I am basically watching my dreams getting taken away from me”.

This song serves as a reminder , I am a King , I’v been a King, and those people who have taken me for granted over the years should watch my renaissance . Everything about this single is spiritual to me , even the artwork ; a broken tape being stitched together signifies how I am working hard to get my life back on track. I hope that this single puts me back on the path I used to be “ No dey use me play rara, Oba ni I wo Agbada”. King Fahd also happens to be the name of his upcoming album and it stems from one of his names.

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  1. Wow!! God will see you through bro. Do not give up on your dreams no matter what….Stay strong 💪 and I pray whatever you are going through at your darkest moment turns to Joy for You Ijmn ✨ 🙏🏾❤

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