Rising Afro-Pop Artist T-Music Drops A Fire Single.

Aspiring Afro-Pop Artist from Indiana, USA, T-Music is releases a crazy new single, Forever. Afro lovers all over are dancing to the new single on all music streaming platforms. T-Music is a Malawian-American Afro-Pop artist from Northern Indiana who has created his own distinctive style fusing melodic harmonies with an afro bounce . T-Music style also offers a combination of Afrobeat, Pop, Acapella, and R&B.

Afro-Pop is an energetic wave giving you a combination of the rhythmic accents of afro-beat while asserting the melodic tones of Pop music.

Forever is about a person who is devoting time to someone they want for a lifetime. Play Forever at the next social gathering whether it be , date night, or wedding for the gentleman pursuing the most beautiful woman at the party. This song will get partners rolling to an upbeat tune. Statements like “You’re one of a kind, I’m loving the way that you shine, My African Queen, can you choose to be with me, are all pleasing to the heart.” Move to Forever by T-Music on your preferred music streaming platform.




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